Where is your nick from?

About 11 years ago, My brother and I used to share a computer to play games on. At the time we were playing a Source mod called Zombie Master and my brother got sick of me using his name when I was playing. So, I had to come up with a new name on the spot and I chose The Cheese Lord. I've stuck with the name ever since.
I also just realized that my steam account is just over 10 years old, and I have always gone by some variation of The Cheese Lord on there.


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It all started ten years ago . . .

A day in 2009: I discovered Smogon.com while on a lunch break at work. I was immediately drawn to the competitive analyses, gobsmacked by the amount of care and effort put into a mode of playing Pokemon I had never thought of before. I devoured the dex like a good book, reading and rereading my favorite entries even though I wasn't battling competitively that often.

November 2009: After playing around on Shoddy Battle, The_Eevee_General was born so I could post about a bug affecting Magic Guard and Thunder Wave. How did I devise such an awesome username? Eevee was my favorite Pokemon or something, generally speaking. If only I had known the ramifications of my name at the time and the connotations with another user that would surface...

Later: I dropped the underscores and became the The Eevee General. By now people were calling me TEG.

2012-13 (?): At the behest of asterat iirc, I dropped The and became Eevee General, which was also the name I had registered on PS!. Now, the proximity to the other Eevee user was laid bare, still mostly unknown to me. Soon after, I was routinely called EG, and the Eevee(lution) Rank names (e.g. Vaporeon Admiral, a nick adopted by a notorious PS! troll and archenemy of mine) flourished.

2017 (?): Wanting to rid myself of any Eevee associations, I began shopping for a new name. I tested out a few, but knowing that I'd need approval to change my name on PS! and Smogon, I had to comprise with something that linked me to my old identity. Thus, I jokingly messaged Zarel asking for EV, fully expecting to be denied for such a "universal" name, but he liked it and let me reset it on PS!. Soon, the Smogon cabal approved and I was reinducted as a smod under the name.

A dark day in 2018: My best friend arhops and I were bantering on Discord when suddenly he referred to the website as "Discbonks." Finding it amusing, I nicked over to Discbonks on the Smogon server and instantly met a cascade of derision and mockery. Knowing full well I had struck gold, I kept the name, and used it exclusively on the server until my retirement from all positions earlier this year.

And that is the mostly true story of how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb with tippecanoe and tyler, too. And so can you! Thank you.
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I am a great lover of moons, I have always been passionate in this star, its phenomena, its colorations, its forms, its brilliance, everything on the moon impresses me today, it is the symbol of perfection without a real perfection. Mimas is one of the great moons of Saturn, known by "Death Star". It is the smallest body of the solar system able to take on a practically spherical shape. I just found this name beautiful and actually I use in a lot of websites, became my identity.


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Originally picked up the name back in middle school for my youtube channel. Was first majorly acquainted with the Pokemon Lucario back in Smash Bros Brawl. and wanted a cool name for the Youtube Channel around it since it was my favorite Pokemon at the time. Eventually decided on LucarioOfLegends and its history after that. I changed my channel to LucOfLegends recently to be slightly less associated with just Pokemon and my name on discord consistently gets shortened to "Luc" so it was a good fit.
Around 2012 or so, I played a game called Realm of the Mad God. This game had a random character/user name generator which jammed two nouns together into one name. In my case, it happened to select metal and mind, thus Metalmind. Since then, I've stuck with that as the basis of my usernames on various sites.

The 'Stats' portion is even older, coming from statsngeo as a part of my primary (though not any more) email address. The stats part was short for statistics, and the ngeo part short for National Geographic, two things I happened to like back then. I think it was around 2014-15 when I bolted the two together to form MetalmindStats.
Started as a joke between me and my highschool buds. Even though most of us were white, we joked about how I was whiter than Wonderbead, so I just started calling myself Breadboy online as a result of that.
In a book series I read, there's a type of snake called a patrik that can turn invisible by eating their tails, so I just tacked my favorite number on the end and voila!

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest songs of all time. It contains the lyric "I really don't care anymore / about all the Jim Jims in this town" which I thought would make for an excellent username.
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My first nickname was Pachisparky. For some reason I changed that into SnowCristal. People would call me Snow, so for a while I used the nickname -Snow. I wanted to use the same nickname I had in here on Pokemon Showdown too, so, since it wasn't free, I fixed the W into a U and here we are.
Well, it's a bit of a story.

You see, through elementary and middle school, I'd tricked my friends into thinking I was smart. Sure, I got good grades, but I'm actually a grade A doofus. Anyways, one of my friends at the time was really into fanfiction. She wanted to be an author when she grew up, and liked writing stories for the shows she watched (we were 12, give us a break).

Anyways, at some point it popped into her head that if I have an account, I'm more likely to read and comment on her stories (which turned out to be wrong btw), so she went and used my email to make me an account. What was the name of the account? Einstien, as a joke to me being 'smart'

She shows it to me, and I think 'cool I guess?' and continue on with life. A couple weeks later we both realize it's spelled wrong, but the real einstein was taken so we kept it. That's where the 'Einstien' comes from.

But what about the 74???

Well, a year late, being 13 and Minecraft being big as it was (I think it was still in the beta if I remember correctly...), I got minecraft and chose to use einstien as my name, as it had stuck. Except, another idiot who can't spell had already taken it, so I needed a number. One of the best lines in the entire show of Spongebob is when he's telling patrick how many good noodle stars he has (74). The stupid way he says 74 has made it my favorite number so it stuck.

From then on for the next... 5 years? I've used einstien74 as my username.

Then I realized it makes me sound like a prick who thinks he's smart, so I made a new username. It was too late though, I'd already made a smogon account, so I'm using Einstien74 instead of my new preferred Quemarco (which is a username story for another day).

Of course, Nice thing about a name like Einstien74 is it shortens quite nicely to Ein

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