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I just send out random stuff that I don't need, and I've gotten stuff like lv1 starters, an Adamant Honedge and Eevee (gonna become a Flareon 4 new Flare Blitz), a Zorua, and the aforementioned Yveltal.
I sent off a boat-load of wynauts, all carrying Elemental super-effective cut berries, and I named all of them "a smile" without the quotations. Wynaut's smile is just too adorable man.
Results from 90 wonder trades (Sorted by most common, then from least valueable to most valuable):
7 Pikachus (4 Japanese)
4 Fletchling
3 Pansears
3 Zigzagoon (2 Japanese, The English one is named "Thief" and knows Theif)
2 Panpours (1 Japanese, the other is named "Huehuehue BR"
2 Doduo (1 named "Big Pecks", the other named "GRRR")
2 Pidgey
2 Scatterbug (1 is named "Sean")
2 Bunnelby
2 Skitty (1 French)
2 Sentret (1 Japanese)
2 Oddish (1 Spanish, 1 Japanese)
2 Furfrou
2 Machop (1 named "Mike Tyson")
2 Woobat (1 is named "scarface", thought that was hilarous.)
Pansage (Japanese)
Male Combee
Bidoof (Spanish)
Gulpin (Japanese)
Ditto (I already have my brother's ditto to speed up breeding, and this one wasn't foreign....)
Litleo (Japanese)
Ralts (Japanese)
Snubbull (Japanese)
Mightyena (Japanese)
Riolu (Japanese)
Cubone (Sadly, no Thick Club.)
Dugtrio (Japanese)
Dwebble (Japanese)
Gyarados (Whoever sent this to me deleted all of his other moves, except splash. Sly one that guy.)
Audino (French)
Riolu (Seems to have been bred from the Lucario Katrina gives you)
Vivillion (Modern Pattern)
Geodude (Nicknamed "The Rock", is level 1, Not IV bred.)
Trapinch (Japanese)
Trevenant (Evolved)
Helioptile (I've been having trouble finding one, so I liked this)
Fennekin (Japanese)
Lairon (Spain, I'm playing Y so this was greatly appreciated
Garbodor (Appropriately named "Trash", I appreciated it though, since I didn't have its pokedex entry yet.)
Hawlucha (Female Nicknamed "Buena Girl". The Mucha Lucha reference was great!)
Wobbuffet (When you're trading Wynauts, getting a Wobby in return is hysterical)
Ferroseed (IV bred and has Sassy nature. One of the best things I got for sure. Thank you Xiao7, whoever and wherever you are.)

Oh, and 13 of them give me O-powers after the trade, and I got 5 "Nice" responses.


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After like 4 Wonder Trades that started off with a Cacturne I caught at the Friend Safari which I got a Fletchling for, I traded it a couple of times and eventually got a level 32 or 33 female Jolly Speed Boost Torchic, from Japan. And it was evident the guy bred this a few times and left it in the day-care to hatch more eggs. What threw me off is I almost forgot with the new breeding mechanics, that this can now be legal. I thought it was hacked for a second, lol.

Only thing is now I got an Adamant event Torchic I softresetted out of my mind for, and a Jolly one. Now all I need are some good IVs and we can start up our own fast food place
I just gave away a bunch of gen 1-5 fossil pokemon I found in glittering cave, and I enjoy the Wonder Trade idea. Notable pokes I've received are a Ditto and a Magcargo, which are easily catchable but I hadn't caught them yet. The GTS has given me far better luck; I've gotten bunches of version exclusives there.

The sheer amount of Bunnelbys being Wonder Traded is incredible, though. If you're going to Wonder Trade then catch something not on the first routes to trade.
Horrible trades.

They should have it based on catch rate or something. So the pokemon are somewhat searchable worthwhile or somewhat fair.

Combee,Zigzags, and the flower fairy all day
I think it'd have been nice if they were level-restricted, or if you could only Wondertrade a limited number of times a day. It's amazing, but also pretty broken in-game when you get a trade bonus AND might luck into an overpowered guy.
I've just been sending out tons of haunters over the last couple days because of how easy they are to catch with quick balls. Lets me collect IDs for the lotto. Haven't received anything notable though.
I got a level 1 Noibat at the start of the game and its now level 70 and the best on my ingame team. I love wondertrade
I've sent out so many binnacle's because I really like that pokemon he has a good evolution and I thought I might help out with peopłe getting them(you need to smash a whole bunch of rocks) and I only got 1 good poke but that was a charmander holding its X mega stone(I have Y and I chose venasaur) its nature was even modest:)

Stone RG

Megas are broke
After reading this thread i decided that from now on fuck the GTS, even though i completed my Kanto starter set thanks to it today.

Imma be Wonder Trading tomorrow, FIRST WAVE OF PIKACHUS LGI
I've been trying to send Pumpkaboos out of various sizes. I figured people with Y (though Pumpkaboo is still obtainable but just more rare) would appreciate both Pokedex entries for Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist. I seem to get a lot of "Nice!" in return. However, the only semi-cool thing I've gotten was a Golem, but I do like this feature. I feel like the further people progress in the game, the cooler things you are going to get in return. Once the transfer app comes, I expect we will see a bump in rarer egg pokemon.
The most notable thing I've gotten from Wonder Trade so far was a level 50 Abomasnow named "Blizzard".

I sent out a bunch of Impish Skarmory with Brave Bird the other night, and didn't get much on my end except for one person who ended up trading me a female Zorua in appreciation. This was great because I didn't have one in my dex yet.

I started to get better pokemon yesterday ... Am I lucky ?
I think as time goes on the trades will get better. The first week was pretty much just people trying to get things that were either late or post-game so they could dominate the main story. Granted, I still get Pidgey all the time, but the ratio of trash to decent is improving.
Traded out a Chespin for a Ledyba, been able to fill some dex slots relatively quickly thanks to people trading out slightly rarer stuff than what's on the first route.
I recently got a hold of some Pokerus, so after my my most recent breeding project has filled my PC boxes with well over 100 swinub and piloswine I've decided to infect and distrubute as many of them as I can. They also mostly have several perfect IVs and Icicle Crash, so whoever gets them is getting a pretty good deal.

I have gotten a number of things in return, but by far the most humorous is one from a guy named Red, who was dressed like Red. He's handing out Pikachus. I admit, I laughed.
I just spent some time sending out Charmanders, got mixed results. A perfect IV Timid Ralts, a Protean Froakie and Adamant Goomey were worth the trash though.
So far I've only done two and I've received a Level 9 Panpour and a Level 3 Pidgey... yeah. Though I have to admit the foreign pokedex entries are kinda neat.

Edit - Just got a Lv. 1 Honedge from WT.. Quiet nature, but hey, I never caught one so I'll just use it as Pokedex fodder for now.
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