Wyoming Domination (Challenge Cup Tournament)

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msn: gam_poseidon@hotmail and stuff
aim: gamekkah

EDIT: I can also be e-mailed on the gam_poseidon thing, but obviously Smogon PM will suffice!
I hope you realise that people signing up with e-mail addresses are probably doing so because they DON'T have AIM... That means we can only contact about half the peopole in the tourney. Bit stupid if you ask me...


mostly harmless
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EDIT: I'm sure you all would end up preferring Smogon Forum PMs, NB/IRC contact, or whatever. It's best though to get extra contact information. Some people don't have it setup to where they get a pop-up saying that they got a new PM. So, don't whine and complain about it please. :)
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