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While yes, your niche does mostly encompass this old and frankly unfunny Reddit meme, you somehow make it work for yourself. Unfortunately, you overuse this and it has become more of a burden to your character. There are some times when you have posted the meme and it has genuinely made me exhale air from my nose but more often than not it is overwhelmingly dry. You must read the situation and post this meme when it is right to do so. You cannot let this be who you are entirely as a poster. Businesses with only one selling point will always fade into obscurity. I hope that this does not happen to you and I wish you the best of luck young one.
my niche is getting a disappointing amount of reacts
I was waiting for you to reply in this thread so I could give you insights young one. It seems my time has come to finally help you see what you can be as a poster. adamantazu, you have a lot of potential as do a lot of other budding posters in this thread. You made a good thread and you have made some mediocre posts. What you lack is the direction and this direction is something that I am here to help you with. As I mentioned in a previous post, not every post needs a reply. Your Ice Berg thread had great potential to become something more, however, it was ruined due to it being clogged. Even posts that are aimed at you do not need a reply. Back when I used to play PU and I was a competitive battling hopeful esteemed user MZ told me the same thing as I also failed to recognize this. It took me a little bit to think about and then I realized that he was right. I understood how to make meaningful replies that add to the conversation. You have the potential to be a good smogoff mainstay and I hope that this post has helped you understand that and given you the direction you need to accomplish that. I wish you the best of luck adamantazu.
Fusion Flare, I quite like you. You are currently stuck in purgatory between the hopeful poster and full-on smogoff posting commoner. This is very unique and I have only seen a few cases of it in my many years. While yes Tangrowth does encompass your character a little, I still think there is much more to you than just that fat blue bastard. You are a unique poster and I have no further advice to give you at this time other than to figure out who you are as a poster not just as a pokemon. Peace be with you, my fat blue friend.
The Tang Gang isn't a character trait, its a lifestyle
my niche is being able to triple post and noone can call me out on it, because of the year i joined or something
Cookie you have withstood the test of time as Smog/Bots Moderator. You have cemented yourself as a funny haha poster that lurks in the shadows and locks bad threads. You are the funny sheriff and it is up to you to keep your funny deputies in check. Unfortunately, your deputies have been rather lackluster as of late which I can understand. Smogoff is turmoil behind closed curtains and nobody really knows how to deal with it other than the best posters of the forum. You are one of those posters and you have taken the initiative to make Smogoff a better place. I salute you sheriff as you are back in action and doing right.
my niche is trying to think of some dumb way to rope nietzche into this
My dearest CaffeineBoost, you have come a long way since first posting. You have cemented yourself as a smogoff mainstay and your shitposts are mostly quality. Your niche is quite small not many users can claim to be in a low effort good quality shit post niche such as yourself. Your low effort shitposts make me exhale air through my nose and that is something to be proud of. While your shit posting is not top of the shelf you still deserve a medal for them as they set you apart from others. You are a true gem sir and I hope you continue on in upping your shitpost quality so that someday you may indeed become a top-shelf shitposter. Best of luck my dear friend.
my niche is being a primary consumer. i only eat autotrophic organisms and my population is kept in check by the other predators in the ecosystem.
my dear friend xzern, you are among some of the most qualified to lead this forum to greatness. You have cemented yourself as a smogoff great with your witty quips, great threads, and high-tier shit posts. You are a model poster and I know that if more followed in your footsteps smogoff would become a bustling humor-filled community where great content would be shared. You are not a troll and this is what sets you apart from other shitposters. You take initiative do what needs to be done to make smogoff a better place. See the Wells for example. Kala clearly could not run it as he is too busy or does not care etc. You give smogoff a hopeful future and I and many others thank you for that.


destined person
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the lurkers and gentleposters travelled from miles around to visit the esteemed smogoff sultan, so that the line carried on far down the mountain. a great procession of users from all walks of life, some with extravagant gifts, others with heavy burdens within

they all came to open their hearts, and in doing so became enlightened
i was literally about to copy paste the analysis about Rowlet in LC, but it said: "...leaving it with no viable niche to justify ever putting it on a team."
Just like me
VTaxi, I can see that you have only just recently begun your tenure here at smogoff. I can also see why you feel you hold no valuable placement in smogoffs community. I disagree with your claim that you are simply unviable and a waste of time. Users like you are quite valuable to smogoff as you are not badged and you are simply here for offtopic posting. Smogoff is not just a place to shitpost and troll, it is a place of wonderous enjoyment where many can participate in shenanigans and offtopic posting. You, my friend are here for that and while yes you may be new and have failed to become recognizable by most I recognize you as someone who holds a valuable niche as a promising offtopic poster. I myself have tried to offtopic post in the past creating threads like the Dragons Cave and Dragon Quest: Tactics but to no avail did they take off. I have faith that with a longer stay here in smogoff you could create some truly engaging offtopic content. Best of luck young VTaxi.

I think my niche is either wading into a random debate, trumpeting my opinion for everyone to hear (which is often different to both sides) or just making seemingly random posts about whatever catches my eye.
theotherguytm, you are spot on with your niche and I am quite impressed that you have the intrapersonal knowledge to understand this. You are an offtopic poster who hails from the dark and grim region of Cong. You have come here to see the light, but do not get too tempted young one. smogoff and cong are the Yin and Yang and smogon. Two opposite places that intertwine and share some of the same characteristics. I appreciate the fact that you are able to immerse yourself in both and not go mildly insane whilst doing so. You have my blessing theotherguytm and I wish you the best of luck in your postings.

my niche is not having a niche because i haven't posted enough for people to know who I am-
rubysapphiremerald, I would recommend a name change to just rse. This would help you become more recognizable to most users. I, however, am already quite familiar with you and your niche. Some may claim that Pokemon posting does not belong in smogoff to which I agree to an extent. If you wish to Pokepost here in smogoff with your own content and creations you must make it fit the smogoff environment. I do not pokepost here in smogoff as it is incredibly difficult to successfully pull off. You must be innovative to make a pokemon related thread, Lucario was able to do just this in his Pokemon drawing thread. It was unique, had a humorous aspect to it, and was high effort. I wish you the best of luck and I know you can become the poster you want to be.
Firstly, I apologize for quad posting as it is usually a cardinal sin to do so. I believe that I am fighting the good fight and I hope the funny police understand and do not merge these posts.

Thank you
my niche is posting. i am a poster and i like to post.
ahh yes, mf, you are another users that has withstood the test of time. You were once a great Fire*** lord and after a few years of laying low, you have migrated back to smogon to help build the new smogoff empire. I have had the pleasure of working alongside you during the smogoff era and crafting great posts. It is a honor to work at mf studios and I thank you for being so charitable. With that being said, mf you are so versatile that your niche can be anything you want it to be. The only thing you cannot do is be American because you are a silly brit. Other than that, there are endless possibilities for your postings and this is what makes you so great. Keep up the great work mf, you are the light that drives us all.

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