5th Gen OU Analysis Index - 89 BW2 Revamps On Site!

I'd like to reserve the Zoroark revamp.
Its current page is rather out-dated and I've worked a lot with Zoroark over the past few months to better understand its place in OU.
I was actually planning to update Zoroark via SCMS.

I don't think it needs a revamp; I plan on removing sets / editing sets / emphasising some of its lower sets in the SCMS update. If you think i'll miss anything let me know via PM!
apparently, Virzion will be updated via scms. Please notify me if Bisharp will be updated in the same vein. I would love to do the analysis. Not reserving it yet due to massive school workload though


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Scarfwynaut's Slowbro and LucaroarkZ's Jolteon are up for grabs. Both Pokemon already have 2 QC Approvals, so you can immediately write either of them before the final QC check. Anybody want to take either of these analyses over?
I'd like to take over Slowbro. I'm not gonna have time to really address it (through purely writing or testing, and I haven't used Slowbro in a fairly long time) until Monday, though. If that's a problem, well... I'm not gonna know until Sunday night, anyway.

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After playtesting Bisharp a little bit more, I came to notice that I don't like the Pokemon in OU (amazing in ubers though). I would now like to reserve Nidoqueen and I will get the Skeleton up by Feb.8
Magikarp is getting Hydro Pump via a Japanese Event, but the Magikarp is only available at level 99, so it is illegal in LC. It remains legal in OU, its best tier.

STAB Hydro Pump in the rain (teammate's Rain Dance or opponent's rain, because Swift Swim + Drizzle is banned) is gonna plow through the biggest defensive behemoths in OU like Rhyhorn or Geodude, and even the unbelievably bulky Magcargo.

252 SpAtk Choice Specs Magikarp (+SpAtk) Hydro Pump in the rain vs 252 HP/252 SpDef Magcargo (+SpDef) : 189,47% - 223,03%
Guaranteed OHKO

Worth updating the analysis a little imo.

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I just wanted approval for this idea before I make the edit on SCMS. I think the Skarmory spreads on its analysis should have 224 HP EVs instead of 252 because that way, it regains Sturdy after SR + 2 layers of Leftovers. In my experiences, that has been much more useful than the almost irrelevant extra bulk max HP gives.

So the spreads on each set would be:

224 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD / 24 Spe


224 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD / 24 Spe