5th Gen OU Analysis Index - 89 BW2 Revamps On Site!


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I'd like to work on Gastrodron, updating current available sets and adding specs sand force set for Sandstorm teams. Rotom-W is high on usage right now and Gastrodon is the best answer to it, but if Tornadus-I is finally banned to Ubers the first will get its usage lower.
I'd like to reserve a revamp on Sandslash.

I am aware that it's analysis is BW2, but having used Sandslash since its release, I've noticed multiple things that need to be revisited. I'll get my skeleton up this weekend.


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I'd like to reserve the Zoroark revamp.
Its current page is rather out-dated and I've worked a lot with Zoroark over the past few months to better understand its place in OU.
Well I already have Jolteon up, so I may as well take over Garchomp.

I've never taken over an analysis that already has GP checks, so do I just keep its current write-up except Scarf or re-write the whole thing?


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I would like to reserve an analysis for Expert Belt Keldeo. I'll comment and create this analysis myself after I've done more testing and actually have time to get to it.

Am I allowed to reserve this...? When I get the OK's to do so I'll begin working on EB Keldeo's analysis (I'm sure its not mentioned anywhere yet so no one could possibly have it on reserve...? :P)


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You don't actually have to reserve a specific set for a specific Pokemon; just make the thread (after you've tested it and have determined its success of course), come back here, and say that you've made the thread.


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Electrolyte is too busy irl atm to work on Gliscor. Anybody want to finish this? It went through the QC process so all that's left is writing it up.

Sure thing, thanks, DFA :D