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CAP 15 CAP 4 - Art Submissions

Discussion in 'CAP Process Archive' started by Birkal, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. Espeon65


    Aug 12, 2012
    You are one of my favorites! I LOOVE this design! The only thing I see wrong with it is the color of the arms. they seem more fire/maaaaaaybe weird bug to me than psychic. And we don't want too weird of a bug. Maybe a lighter orange or even a reddish pink like the main body. You experiment with it. Other wise, loving it!
  2. Quanyails

    Quanyails Functionally dead!
    is an Artistis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 16, 2011
    Gah, I have sketches, variations, and ideas I want to upload, but there's so much for me to respond to and I need to think about my design more v.v. I'm thinking of making the design slightly more vivid, but changing the color scheme too much will have it lose the hag/mosquito duality (unless actual suggestions are made). I could make it more of a bug-like fortune-teller than a fortune-teller-like bug; warts, loop-earrings, and a mouth as additions, maybe. But maybe not.

    To those comments about what makes a psychic-type appear psychic, well--Nintendo doesn't have such a strict standard, as mentioned previously. I could have it be slightly more interesting than just a mosquito (mostly by adding actual hands, swooshier wings, and pointed, shoe-like feet). No explicit turbans, crystal balls, psychic glows, flaming purple everywhere... but that just may be my downfall.

    Show Hide

    • Yilx: As other people have said, less purple would be nice. Maybe even subvert purple as an 'expected' color. The eye and infinity markings on its face look a bit contrived; maybe have it as a headdress of sorts? I'm wondering over your design as a whole, as it's reminiscent in Necturna. D: The eyes, shape, cloak-thingy, puts too much similarity in my tastes. The design would be fine if it weren't so similar.
    • Birkal: I would like it a little less Kricketune-esque. I see conductor more than magician, even if it is quite a charming little fellow,
    • Calad: I did think of the multiple arms working for both bugs and Hinduism, but I never went with a full-scale design that could incorporate that. Glad to see something with yours that works so well. :) I'm a bit envious of your first design, actually. I just wish there wasn't that eye pattern on the wings, as I've gotten tired of it from Necturna.
    • aragornbird: Something about the proportions offsets me; it's mostly that the scarab is standing on those little nubs of feet alongside its general girth. The design itself is pretty interesting (even if other ancient civilizations feels recurring) and original.
    • Classical: The hair is pretty frayed as it is, and are you looking for an afro in particular? Wavy hair brings slight semblance to my intention. As for the antennae; I understand what you mean, as they and the hair look flat there. I'll see if I can change that.
    • CBMeadow: Ah, finally got to you! The limbs of the glowworm still look a bit mechanical because of the visible joints and steely color. The color scheme of the actual worm is quite fantastic and is a nice offset from purple while not being drastically out there. Artistically, I'd ask you to reduce contour shading (the Healing Wish drawing reduces that slightly), but that's beside the point. I think the entry is quite solid, even if others say it's a bit too unique.
    • fryfrey: I tried. I couldn't go too far in a direction without losing a humanesque aspect of it, though. You have any explicit colors? D:
    • GRs Cousin: Colors... hmm, look above. :/ I have a bunch of sketches that have head shape changes and bring the sliding scale of mosquito to fortune-teller closer to the center. What do you mean by thicknesses? The thickness of the mosquito or the lines that make it up? Your design needs to be a bit more visible for me to make any clear decision; I'm sure your description makes the design extraordinary, but the drawing doesn't appear so--at least, not as it is.
    • Furosuto: I see a bit of a dragon-type in there; color might make that up. Are the extra eyes meant to be all on its right side, or is just a concept sketch without perspective?
    • Mos-Quitoxe: Ah, yes, these. Curse your style or my interpretation thereof for thinking that they look mechanical more than psychic. I'll be expecting your amalgam design!
    • CyzirVisheen: Hmm, I don't get it. It's a fancy beetle with fancy, psychic-evoking designs, yes, but is that it? o.o
    • Darklatias92: Yeah, as said, really cool design with its shape and whirly wings, but it's too much Bug/Flying. If you used helicopters to help with that design, I'd love to see what you use to create a Bug/Psychic one. :D
    • akela: Well, we discussed this on IRC, and I mentioned to make it more psychic rather than just a poisonous purple and green and toxic. A little more variation in shape (big head and rear, skinny middle, or vice versa?) would break the caterpillar's/centipede's monotony.
    • Orivexes: Hmm, I like the fairy better; it's still at least slightly bug-like while keeping a good justification for psychics. The new design could do with less glued-on crystals.
    • DougJustDoug: Ah, yes; less contrived, as was mentioned. The antennae are great, though!
    • Asylum_Rhapsody: Oooh, Rorschach. Instead of having inkblot wings, how about an inkblot pattern on its body? You can leave the wings for maybe armchairs and have them rest, maybe. :D
    • KoA: It's a bit floaty for me. I've seen a lot of floaty fakemon from a certain deviant and they don't look like entities enough. I'd say to bring the pieces closer together. As for the Beelzebub one; if you want to pursue it, make it less Bug/Dark-like.
    • nov: I would like it to be less humanoid (unless you have a good reason for doing so, tell me). I'm rather untouched as Nintendo brought Reshiram and Zekrom as embodiments of those concepts. :/
    • RitterCat: Looks neat, but I've been seeing a few of those Arabic designs floating about. It's interesting that it gives off an 'evil genius' vibe. It's a bit like Calad's dark counterpart--not that that's bad, of course!
    • B.Reinquist: I do think proportion on that drawing could be worked on. Less geometry and more natural angles and such before anything on the design. :/
    • Empoleon Guru: Daaaaw, it resembles that smiley worm Yilx put on IRC for laughs. XD It's strangely adorable, but Calad's bug pulls off those ideas better. Maybe a genie instead?
    • TeraVolt: Ooh, cool. I wish it wasn't so cute for various reasons. D: But otherwise, cool! I don't have much to describe otherwise.
    • HAiGAizZ: I'd have to disagree. I will say that I've gotten inspiration from one, but comparisons are only, well, comparative. I could make it more so, but I don't want to slam 'psychic' with the things mentioned above. Again, Abra, Ralts, Solosis; they don't have mystic, mythological parts to them. Mewtwo is an oddly proportioned humanoid cat. :P Jynx is, well, Jynx. Floatiness and mystery does not embody psychics.
    • pekka1995: ?
    • Mari: Get rid of the drop shadow, first of all; there's no point to that in the submission. :P Second of all, the lines could be smoother. I'm focusing on the quality of art rather the design first. Perhaps you'd need something to sharpen the quality before any design comments. D:
    • Glacier Knight: Ah, that's nice. I fear it was too normal. One opinion of that caliber is nice.
    • WPS: The concept is neat, but the drawing looks like a brain with legs. I know what you're going for, but there needs to be more spider than skull. The skull can exist, of course, but there needs to be more than most of that.
    • Heroes and Cons: Like KoA's, it's a bit too floaty and detached for my tastes. I can just barely see bug in there, and not much of psychic. The colors and origin would make me think of ground instead.
    • NeLLY979: Simple. Not bad, but a bit lopsided in detail. The scythes are all fancy and such, but the tail is a lumpy yellow cloud. You're going for a physical psychic (with Psycho Cut, I would assume)? Well, it can work if we're going that way.
    • rockspet: Okay.
    • Eagle4: Oh, we're going backwards in the list. Glad you think that. You think it could be a little more human than 'just' a mosquito? I've been getting that sentiment.
  3. TeraVolt

    is an Artist

    Mar 26, 2010
    I was just fiddling around with the hue when I came across this:
    I kinda like it

    I kkinda liked your original design....
    It could work, try shutting the top eye lids about half way
    I think it'll give it a sort of calm/wise look
    And the posing of the arms too
  4. ToxicPhox

    is an Artist Alumnus

    Oct 22, 2007
    Still VERY much a WIP, extremely subject to change.

    Basing my idea off a Queen ant that psychichly dominates weaker pokemon/mindes/(it's Pre-vo). Hivemind sort of thing. Feedback/suggestions are highly appreciated!!!
  5. Arkeis

    Arkeis (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ (formerly aragornbird)
    is an Artistis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 8, 2005

    It's still sketchy, but I'm really busy right now.
    I just wanted to post this to get some feedback.

    Any ways, I removed the legs and made it levitate. The orb on its head is also levitating and has an eye design on it. In ancient Egypt, both the sun and the eye are symbols of Ra. In Pokemon, it could be a "third eye" used for doing various Psychic stuff like mind-reading and future sight.
    Also the thorax is designed to be like an Egyptian necklace.

    I'll be busy for the rest of the week, so don't expect anything more until Sunday. Feel free to give comments and suggestions in the mean time!
  6. Nyktos

    Nyktos Custom Loser Title

    Aug 27, 2008
    I feel like people should keep in mind that this is not a Flying-type and it probably won't have Levitate. There are a lot of flying/floating designs around and while there are some weird exceptions in Pokémon already (Beedrill, Magnemite) it "should" be something that stands on the ground based on typing.
  7. Birkal

    Birkal We have the technology.
    is a member of the Site Staffis an Artistis a Super Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a CAP Contributoris a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus
    Super Moderator

    Oct 12, 2010
    I'm still testing out some different designs; not sure what I like yet. If you like this one or the cockroach magician, let me know! Or if you think I should pursue something else, that's cool too. I have some more ideas I wanna ship out before I finalize something. Until then, have a hatbug :>


    I'm still gunning for a magical theme, but this time in the form of a magic hat. As you can see, the insect can pop out of the seam there. It also has six appendages that can squeeze through the six holes in the hat. The claws have eye patterns on them that can look quite intimidating when provoked. It obviously has some sort of magical abilities; it can shoot any form of magic out of its hat. It also can substitute out its parts at will, so it can even flip itself upside down, scurry on four legs, and peep through the hat holes with its eyes.

    I also drew a Magic 8 Ball Beetle because I was bored.

    More art! (open)

    He's kind of cute; I might flesh him out too =)
  8. meteor64


    Jul 30, 2008
    Favourites so far (in no particular order since I cant decide)-
    Yilx- Colour scheme is perfect IMO. Design is also stunning. Trying to find something I don't like about it but I can't.
    TeraVolt- I preferred it when it was red, but other than that, I feel that not only does this one have a perfect mix of cuteness and badassery, its also really creative.
    aragornbird- The egyptian theme is an awesome track to go along, and it looks kinda Shedinja-esque, but not so much that it infringes on it. Also, the pokemon world is severely lacking in dung-beetle mons to roll around Donphan manure :p
  9. nov


    Apr 28, 2012

    New idea. A celestial moth, with night sky wings and a fluffy scarf type deal on its neck. I'm not sure what to do about its plain body and legs (maybe more of a mystical pattern on them?), but I like the wings. They were designed to look almost like a cape.

    thoughts or nit-picks?
  10. Cartoons!

    Cartoons! !!!
    is an Artist Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Nov 2, 2007

    Ok, so, 'Lovebugs'.

    The power of love conquers all! This two-in-one Pokemon shares thoughts, emotions, and coordinate as if they had one mind and body. The idea being that they're hatched individually, but are telepathically linked to a 'soul mate' from birth, which they spend their lives seeking (through the help of psychic/wacko bug pheromone powers) until they find each other and that's when the evolution hits. I suppose the farther the two are separated at birth, the more powerfully their psychic powers develop as they struggle to locate each other amidst all the noise and confusion that would deign to keep them forever apart.

    As far as the theme of this CAP goes, is there anything riskier you can do...than to dare to love?
  11. Espeon65


    Aug 12, 2012
    I really like this! The idea, as I said, I love, and the design is fantastic. You did a really nice job, and I have no clue who I'll vote for when the time comes!

    Teravolt, I do really like that new Colorado scheme. It's s a little cutesy though. But don't just do whatever I say. For starters, I know less than nothing about art. And you do what you think is right. But your on the right track!
  12. Delta Nite

    Delta Nite

    Jul 10, 2009
    Color scheme and overall 'form' wise I preffered the old version. Not that this is bad, is that the other seems more like a tough bug, making it look Psychic but physical competent. This one seems more special-based.
    I'd suggest for you to keep both in development and pick one once stats are chosen, but I guess that would be too impractible.
  13. SilvanRaptor

    SilvanRaptor formerly Doran Dragon

    Apr 8, 2010

    Bug/Psychic. The reason I chose the ant as the insect to make into a pokemon is because of the whole Hivemind/Collective Consciousness. I also chose to base the concept on Buddhism, because they are enlightened (or so i think), and that correlates to the psychic typing. The hands are in a specific position. The top left on the heart is sign language for happiness, the top right with crossed fingers represents the kundalini, the bottom is sign language for balance, and they represent the Four Noble Truths. \

    I know sketchy looks like feces, but im more for the concept, the design at the moment rather than a clean look. Im not sure if religious ideas are allowed for cap, and since this is heavily inspired by buddhism, id like to know if its not allowed before i get laughed off out of the thread.
  14. Master of the Six Kings

    Master of the Six Kings

    Jan 2, 2008
    So many great desings! Just to comment on some of the newer ones that caught my eye:

    Bikral: I absolutely love the hat mon and all, but a Magic 8 Ball bug is the perfect embodiment of risk and reward. I'd say that you should try and make it a bit less cutesy. The hatbug will alwasy be cuter anyway :D

    Nov: :O It's pretty. Hard to think of critism.

    Cartoons!: I like it! I'd like to see a different posse to really sell that a pair of Pokemon can be sold as a single package, but an extremely creative idea.
  15. Weebos


    Nov 27, 2009
    I wouldn't necessarily say so. On bugs alone we have Beedrill, Venomoth, Dustox, Scizor, Shedinja, and Volcarona.
  16. meddle

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    May 29, 2005
    ToxicPhox: Just posting quickly to say that I am enamored of your Hive Mind concept. It fits perfectly with Bug/Psychic, and the art is looking great--keep at it.
  17. ShinyDreamer


    Jul 6, 2012
    I can't vote properly anymore - too many awesomes! Anyway, love the crystal wasp and seraphim idea (seraphim in particular), and also now I love that egyptian beetle, the concept for the intelligent web (art needs work), and that pink and purple psychic moth (and I don't think the colors are too harsh; KA-POW!!!). Way too much awesomeness for me to just pick one out of the crowd, hurry up and get to the voting stage!
  18. Lopz


    Jul 17, 2012
    My respect to all of you artists, but my two favorites:
    Asylum_Rhapsody: Your concept here is great, and the pose is fantastic. My suggestion is to maybe change the body-wings ratio, but only slightly. It may also help if you make the legs touch the ground somehow or ground it in some way to get rid of the "Flying/Levitate" appearance, though as has been pointed out many Pokemon do that already so it's not a big deal.
    Terravolt: Your concept is also wonderful and looks great in "walking mode" and "fortune telling mode", as was stated above it's a great blend of cute and awesome. I really like the new color and would definitely keep it!
  19. Base Speed

    Base Speed What a load of BS!

    Sep 16, 2012
    Hello CAP artists!

    I'd like to show you the current state of my WIP, as I desprerately need opinions on it. I'll also give what I hope will be constructive criticism on your submissions (though after seeing my work, you may wonder whether I'm qualified to comment).

    Here we go... This is my latest draft:

    I'm largely happy with it, except I'm having massive difficulties with its legs. So much so that I'm considering not giving it any legs at all. I want your opinions on this. For reference, here's an earlier draft that has the potential legs on it:

    If you look closely, you'll see the positioning of the legs is unnatural given the pose it's in, and this is what I'm really struggling to fix. So, are legs like that worth spending hours getting right, or does it look better as a floaty thingy without any legs?

    And lastly, here are some potential colour schemes. Which do you guys like best?

    Now, some feedback on other submissions:
    Show Hide

    Firstly, let me say that you're pretty much all better than me, and I adore all your submissions. If you feel like I'm insulting you, please know that my comments weren't intended that way.

    Let's go...

    Yilx: I was always in favour of the scorpion and I think it's a shame you went for the other one. That said, I still love what you've done with it. I'd agree with comments that the colours are a little too harsh in places and that's pretty much the only negative I can find.

    Birkal: Your two ideas are so quirky, it's brilliant. I prefer your second one though, if you're still trying to decide between the two.

    Calad: I can't put my quite figure out why, but I prefer the Clairvoyant to the UFO Cocoon. There isn't really much I'd change about either, though.

    Quanyalis: I mentioned in the IRC that I disliked the eyes on your design. That opinion hasn't changed, I'm afraid. I really love the hunched pose you've given it though - make sure you keep that no matter what.

    Aragonbird: Ah, the scarab beetle. I very nearly went for this myself, though I must say your execution is far, far better than my attempts. I love how majestic it looks. This may sound really hypocritical, given that I'm on the verge of ditching my design's legs, but I preferred yours with legs.

    CBMeadow: Don't you need an outline around that feather for it to be legal? It would be a crying shame if you missed out because of it.

    Furosuto: It's a little hard to tell what the finished mon will look like, but I'm a big fan of your progress so far. It's a great concept, keep it up.

    Mos-Quitoxe: Please, please, please go with the Sciencefly. I've loved it from the first moment I set eyes on it.

    CyzirVisheen: Very very cool, but it seems a bit too similar to Pinsir right now and I'm struggling to see much "psychic" in it. (The latter comment is not necessarily bad). When you develop it further, my comments will probably be invalid anyway.

    DarkLatias92: Oh damn, that's cool. I eagerly await a coloured version.

    Akela: Your concepts look like they have potential. I'll be interested to see what comes out of them.

    Orivexes: Yes, it does look a tad like Syclant. Hopefully, colouring it will resolve that issue.

    DougJustDoug: No negatives to find here really. I'm excited for the coloured version.

    Asylum Rhapsody: A Rorschach moth. That's so neat. I'd like to see more character in its body though. When animated, would the wings shift into different patterns (like the guy from the Watchmen)?

    KoA: I love this concept. It's one of my favourites. I appreciate the whole not-shoving-psychic-down-your-throat thing you're going for, but I'd still like to see a bit more vibrancy in its colour.

    Empoleon Guru: The face looks too human for my liking. Other than that, it's a really cool and quirky concept.

    TeraVolt: You're one of my favourites. I love your design. I don't know whether the whole Lunatone thing was deliberate, but I really love when pokemon reference one another in their designs and I really don't think it happens often enough. Even without that, your design is so cool. As for colours, I prefer the red to the pink, but the red makes it look a bit like Scizor. Are you going to experiment with other shades?

    Nov: Your first design is one of the strangest submissions, but that's not a bad thing. I really like it.
    As for your second design, I can't put my finger on why I like it more, but I do. The way it looks up at the sky just works so well for it.

    Mari: Cool bug, but I'm a little unsure what those spirals are meant to be. Are they patterning, or its eyes? If you could clarify that in your design somehow, I think it would be an improvement.

    WPS: God, that's so cute in a really weird way. And so original. I think it would benefit from more bug-like legs though.

    Heroes and Cons: While this is really cool and unique, I just don't see "bug" anywhere in your design. That sounds harsh. Sorry. Perhaps give it antennae or make its limbs more similar to bugs?

    NeLLY979: More detail (patterning on it's body, perhaps?) would make this design just lovely. At first, I disliked how it looks like it would have to drag it's abdomen around when walking, but now I think that makes it unique and cool, so thumbs up for that.

    Rockspet: I rather like the single eye you've got on your bug. It's very mystical.

    ToxicPhox: Another absolute favourite of mine. The whole body design. Just wow. It's so clearly "queen", it's so clearly "bug" and it's so clearly "psychic" without being in your face about any of it. Please, please don't change the body. I can't wait until you colour it in.

    Cartoons!: Aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww. So cute. Easily the cutest design here. Love it.

    Doran Dragon: If someone said they were going to make a meditating bug, I'd have been cynical, but I think you've pulled it off fantastically. It looks badass, frankly. I can't wait to see it as a finished piece.
  20. CyzirVisheen

    CyzirVisheen Am I poplar yet?
    is an Artist Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 2, 2007
    couple more ideas, a hive mind parasite and a worm in a wormhole
  21. pekka1995


    Dec 18, 2010
    those two are actually really cool Cyzir and I think that both of them would fit CAP4 since it's supposed to be both physical and special.
  22. Yilx

    Yilx Sad
    is an Artistis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 20, 2006
  23. KoA

    KoA The very best...
    is an Artist Alumnus

    Oct 26, 2007
    I like that color scheme much better Yilx. Much nicer in the eyes.
  24. nyttyn

    nyttyn Nueeeeeeeeeeeeen!
    is a CAP Contributoris a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Sep 8, 2010
    Hm, it might just be me, but I find it odd that its left eye is red while the other 'eyes', so to speak, on that side are blue.
  25. Orivexes


    Apr 10, 2012
    Hi everyone! Thanks for the suggestions and such--it seems like people prefer my less-buggy, fairy-looking wasp, so I've started on a digital-painted version of it. I'll have an updated picture of it soon!

    I also really like Cyzir's wormhole worm. That's... just a really awesome and original concept!
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