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This poll will help pin down the flavor attributes of Tomohawk.

This will be an Instant Runoff Vote, meaning you may vote for as many options as you like, in the order of your preference. The options in this poll are Joeyboy, ShyGuy1221, Flarephoenix332 and The Other Doug.

Final Submission

Species: Chieftain Pokemon
Height: 4' 2'' / 1.27 m (Taller than Mandibuzz, smaller than Braviary and Archeops)
Weight: 82 lbs / 37.2 kgs (Heavier than Archeops, lighter than Mandibuzz and Braviary)

Black: It is rumored they once used their shamanistic powers to help an ancient civilization cope with life in the desert.

White: Until only a few years ago they were thought to be extinct. Now researchers believe they were merely mourning the lose of an ancient city.

~I really enjoyed the whole ancient desert civilization back story in Unova and I thought Tomohawk fit right in. Also the idea of Tomohawk helping the ancient peoples adapt to desert life is a reference to the Native Americans teaching the Pilgrims to cope with life in the new country.
Final Submission


Species: Tribal Leader Pokemon
Height: 4'03" 1.3m
Weight: 88.2lbs. 40kg

Black: Its feathers are actually hardened fur used for flight and defense. It protects its injured kin from scavenging MANDIBUZZ with its life.

White: Utilizing its mystic powers, it can manipulate air currents to fly gracefully through the sky. It has aerial battles against BRAVIARY over territory disputes.

Gray: There can only be one as the tribe leader. Any newly evolved PREHAWK must challenge the current leader. The loser must leave and form a tribe its own.


The height of Tomohawk is about the average size of the fully evolved bird pokemon of Unova. Equal to that of Swanna, larger than Unfeasant and Mandibuzz, and smaller than Sigilyph and Braviary.
The weight is about inbetween Mandibuzz's and Braviary's weight. Grass Knot and Low Kick result in a power of 60.
I felt that the pokedex entries should reference Mandibuzz or Braviary depending on the version. I also think that Tomohawk would not be able to fly without its abilities over the elements, do to it not technically having wings. The Black entry references the fur hardening into feathers. The Gray entry refrences aminals like lions in nature, where the alfa must fight any challengers for the right to lead, and must leave the group if they lose.
Final Submission

Tomohawk, the Hawk Pokemon
Height: 3'10"
Weight: 61.6 lbs, 28.0 kg

Flavour Reasoning: I see Tomohawk as roughly the same size as Strapator or Pidgeotto, so I think Tomohawk would be just shorter than Strapator, and between the two in weight.

White: The large head crest is a sign of dominance and power. It is used in mating rituals for both genders.

Black: It is said ancient peoples thought of Tomohawk as deities and often made sacrifices to them.

Dex Flavour: The first one is about the body design of Tomohawk and real birds' use of colorful plumage to attract mates. The second makes reference to an ancient history and a play on how Native American polytheistic religions deified animals.
Final Submission
The Tribal Feline Pokemon
Height: 4' 4"
Weight: 84.2 lbs (Grass knot & Low kick have 60 base power against 'Mohawk.)

-Conkeldurr is 4' 7"
-Sawk is 4' 7"
-Throh is 4' 3"
-Mienshao is 4' 7"
-Keldeo is 4' 7"
-Tornadus, Thundurus, & Landorus are 4' 11"
-Sigilyph is 4' 7"
-Archeops is 4' 7" (Holy cow, tons of Unovan Pokemon are this height!)
-Swana is 4' 3"
-Braviary is 4' 11"
-Mandibuzz is 3' 11"

Pokedex entries:

Ancient people believed that Tomohawk was a mischievous trickster that obtained it's flight powers by stealing the feathers of Sigilyph.

Black: A social Pokemon that leads a pack of [Pre-evo name]s. Working together, they can easily hunt down prey as large as Bouffalant.

Third Game:
It can use mystic powers to summon intense winds strong enough to send a truck flying.

Notes on my 'Dex entries:

I went with the word pack instead of tribe for my Black Dex for three reasons:
1) Tribe sounded too much like a human group, and not a group of wild Pokemon.
2) A group of animals that hunt in the wild are usually called packs.
Throh's White Entry:

When they encounter foes bigger than themselves, they try to throw them. They always travel in packs of five.
Mightyena's Black/White Entry:

It chases down prey in a pack. It will never disobey the commands of a skilled Trainer.
Here is our CAP so far:

Name: Tomohawk

Typing: Flying/Fighting

Base Stats: 105 HP/60 Atk/90 Def/115 SpA/80 SpD/85 Spe

Abilities: Intimidate/Prankster

[quote="capefeather, post: 3430467"]*bursts in with an epic [B]Final Submission[/B]*

* - Move is repeated in this or a previous list
. - Move is (almost) required by a different move
! - Move is (almost) required by typing or ability
!! - Move is absolutely required by typing or ability
[B]Bold[/B] - A VGM that is not repeated in this or a previous list
[hide=Level-up]00 Sunny Day
[B]00 Aura Sphere[/B]
00 Fury Swipes
00 Harden
08 Fury Swipes*
13 Harden*
[B]17 Aerial Ace
20 Morning Sun
23 Whirlwind
29 Rain Dance
33 Earth Power
37 Air Slash[/B]
42 Submission
[B]45 Heat Wave
49 Hyper Voice[/B]
50 Sky Drop
[B]51 Superpower
53 Rest
55 Hurricane
60 Healing Wish[/B][/hide]
Unique moves: 18
Unique VGMs: 13
[hide=Explanation]I've taken quite a few creative liberties with the      level-up movepool. This CAP is really breaking a lot of ground because      it's primary Flying and a Fighting-type with a poor Atk stat. I've      always wanted to do a "mage" type learnset, and the shamanistic nature      of this CAP has given me the perfect excuse to do so (though my    original   dream was to reference FF1's Chaos :P ). The "elemental"    moves here  are  Rain Dance, Earth Power, Air Slash and Heat Wave, with    Hurricane   eventually learned near the end as well.

This learnset is full of sneaky references, which is why I've filled it      to the maximum reasonable number of moves. I've incorporated a few of      the North American aboriginal creation stories involving the raven    (the   raven is originally white in Haida myths). It references a myth    about   the raven stealing the sun, moon, stars (Sunny Day), a  firebrand   (Heat   Wave, I guess), and fresh water (Rain Dance) to give  to the   mortal   world. Sky Drop is somewhat a reference to another  myth   involving the   raven dropping a stone into the ocean to form  land.   There's also a   legend about a seagull and the raven sticking a  thorn   into its foot, but   Spikes is disallowed, so... Aerial Ace and    Submission are also here to   reference the Street Fighter character  T.   Hawk. (The anime depicts   Aerial Ace as a low-altitude gliding  attack,   and Submission is similar   to the grapple that T. Hawk does.)

The progression is simple enough. I believe that Tomohawk should start      off with a "base" special move (Aura Sphere) because it's one of only      three special Fighting-type moves. The theme here is that it starts   off    using naive physical attacks like Fury Swipes and then  eventually    learns  to channel the energies of the spirits and use  them. Harden  is a    reference to Cartoons's original concept, with the  fur hardening  to   act  like feathers. I also need a move to fit with  Tomohawk's  name, a    reference to a light axe that is thrown. Giga  Impact doesn't  quite fit,    so Superpower has made it in. Finally, I  feel that  Tomohawk should get    some kind of mind-refresh before  getting  Hurricane, but Amnesia is    banned, so Rest is there instead.

Healing Wish is a cool move IMO; it's kind of a reference to FF6's Sabin      (not that anyone used Spiraler or whatever it's called now), but   more    than that, it just fits somehow with the whole shaman /   chieftain  deal   that this CAP is getting.[/hide]
[hide=Machines]05 Roar
[B]06 Toxic!!
08 Bulk Up!
10 Hidden Power!![/B]
11 Sunny Day!*
[B] 12 Taunt[/B]
15 Hyper Beam!
[B]17 Protect!![/B]
18 Rain Dance*
20 Safeguard.
[B]21 Frustration!![/B]
22 SolarBeam.
[B]26 Earthquake.[/B]
27 Return!!
[B]31 Brick Break![/B]
32 Double Team!!
[B]33 Reflect[/B]
39 Rock Tomb!
40 Aerial Ace!*
[B]42 Facade!![/B]
44 Rest!!*
45 Attract!!
46 Thief
48 Round!!
49 Echoed Voice.
[B]52 Focus Blast![/B]
54 False Swipe
56 Fling!
58 Sky Drop*
59 Incinerate!!
60 Quash
[B]62 Acrobatics[/B]
67 Retaliate!
68 Giga Impact!
70 Flash
78 Bulldoze.
[B]80 Rock Slide!
83 Work Up!!
86 Grass Knot.[/B]
87 Swagger!!
[B]90 Substitute!![/B]
94 Rock Smash!!
h2 Fly
h4 Strength!![/hide]
Unique moves: 38
Unique VGMs: 16
[hide=Explanation]Most of these are type-move and move-move (almost)      requirements. I want to avoid putting in too many Psychic-type moves      because I don't think that they fit with the concept (though Reflect is      there). Thief is another reference to the trickster aspect  mentioned     earlier, and a stronger reference to the firebrand is made  through     Incinerate and Flash. However, despite other Fire-type  moves usually     being required with Heat Wave, I've chosen not to put  them in because     I'm already breaking the Fire-type monopoly on  level-up Heat Wave.

I also don't have Cut because Tomohawk is an "axe", not a sword (Cut is      "Iai Cut", a reference to a sword technique) and this movepool has no      claw moves other than Fury Swipes.[/hide]
[hide=Breeding (Ground / Flying) (NO ILLEGALITIES)][B]Baton Pass[/B] (Eevee, Sentret, Furret, Aipom, Ambipom, Girafarig, Mawile, Buneary, Lopunny, Patrat, Watchog)

[B]Confuse Ray[/B] (Vulpix, Ninetales, Lapras, Umbreon, Mantine, Stantler, Spoink, Grumpig, Watchog)

Focus Energy (Rattata, Raticate, Nidoran-M, Nidorino, Nidoking, Mankey,      Primeape, Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken, Vigoroth, Numel, Camerupt,      Stunky, Skuntank)

[B]Haze[/B] (Zubat, Golbat, Crobat, Murkrow, Honchkrow)

[B]Memento[/B] (Stunky, Skuntank)

[B]Nature Power[/B] (Seedot, Nuzleaf, Deerling, Sawsbuck)

[B]Rapid Spin[/B] (Sandshrew, Sandslash, Donphan, Torkoal, Drillbur, Excadrill)

[B]Roost[/B] (Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Spearow, Fearow, Hoothoot,      Noctowl, Dunsparce, Wingull, Pelipper, Chatot, Pidove, Tranquill,      Unfezant, Ducklett, Swanna)

[B]Stealth Rock[/B] (Skarmory)

[B]Yawn[/B] (Wooper, Quagsire, Dunsparce, Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking, Bidoof, Bibarel, Hippopotas, Hippowdon, Pansear, Munna)[/hide]
Unique moves: 10
Unique VGMs: 9
[hide=Explanation]Also known as the level-up rejects, honestly. Most of      these are competitive moves that I really wanted on Tomohawk but      couldn't fit into level-up or the machines. You may in particular notice      my inclusion of Rapid Spin. Sorry, Delibird :( I think that this is  a     potentially great move for Tomohawk, and I'd personally like to  see    what  Tomohawk can do with it. Will it be devastatingly effective  like     Excadrill, or will it be kind of lame like Forretress?

I've put Roost into the egg movepool because Tomohawk isn't really a      bird (yeah, "Feather Rest", but still). But it still breeds with      birds...? -.- Best not to think about it.[/hide]
Total unique moves: 66
Total VGMs: 38

[B]Some general comments[/B]

I'll admit that my movepool is mostly based on flavour, but the      competitive theme here is a small but precise non-attacking movepool. I      didn't put in every non-attacking move that "seems interesting"    because   there are way too many of them and a lot of the good ones are      level-up/egg only. Let's be honest, here: [B]Do we really need a super-bloated non-attacking movepool?[/B]

I've made an explicit effort to limit or outright avoid moves of the following categories:

Psychic-type (e.g. no Psych Up or Gravity)
Poison-type (e.g. no Sludge Wave)
Moves that modify anything other than Atk or Def (e.g. no Hone Claws)
Moves that can disrupt move choice (e.g. no Torment/Disable/Switcheroo)
Physical moves (all of the physical moves in this pool are justified by flavour or move-move guidelines)

I absolutely do not believe that most Psychic- or Poison-type moves make      any sense on Tomohawk. In my view, Tomohawk should be using the    powers   of nature, not supernatural mind tricks or waves of garbage. (I    don't   quite get other people's justification of Mimic, either.    Tomohawk is   using a disguise, not copying others' actions.) I also    want Tomohawk's   Hurricane to get support entirely from rain or another    Pokémon's   Gravity, and not set it up for itself (other than with   Rain  Dance). I   also find choice-disrupting moves potentially broken   with  this CAP, so I   have excluded them. The movepool still does have   some  gems like bulky   Substitute, Healing Wish, Memento,  Roost and   Yawn  (arguably better  than  sleep if the opponent stays in).

You may have noticed that Baton Pass is this movepool's only switching      move. Screw Volt Switch -.- Only Electric-types and Steel-types learn      it. It doesn't make sense! Baton Pass is clearly the most effective      switching move to include here, so that's what I have done.

I've also completely ignored move-move guidelines for Stealth Rock and      Heat Wave. The main justification for this is that Tomohawk is not a      Rock-type (or mainly rock-dwelling creature) or a Fire-type, so I'm      violating "canon" a bit anyway by including these moves. I really   didn't    want to have to put in stuff like Sandstorm (doesn't make  much  sense   to  me) or Flame Charge (disallowed).[/QUOTE]
This poll is close in exactly 24 hours. Have fun!
The Other Doug

Agh can the spelling errors be fixed?
1: the lose of an ancient city. > the loss of an ancient city.
2: a tribe its own. > a tribe of its own.
4: obtained it's flight powers > obtained its flight powers
Agh can the spelling errors be fixed?
1: the lose of an ancient city. > the loss of an ancient city.
2: a tribe its own. > a tribe of its own.
4: obtained it's flight powers > obtained its flight powers
Seconding this.

The Other Doug

The reason I didn't vote for Flarephoenix was because I believe that Tomohawk is a lion or similar wild cat dressed in feathers, not a bird creature itself.
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