DC's List of RU Revamps

  • Lead set should be first
  • Sub + Encore to OO
  • Checks and Counters:
  • 1. Escavalier is a good check
  • 2. Cryogonal must be careful of Focus Blast
  • 3. Add Cofagrigus
  • Revamp?: no

  • Get rid of the Tank set (too similar to the wallbreaker)
  • Add Stealth Rock/other support moves to AC of the Wallbreaker set
  • Escavalier to Checks and Counters
  • Remove Ferroseed from Checks and Counters
  • Revamp?: no

  • I wrote this pretty recently so there are only a few updates
  • Mention HP Fire in AC of the offensive set for Escavalier
  • Checks and Counters: Escavalier
  • Revamp?: no

  • Drapion has changed A LOT since the analysis was written, but I'm sure c_l can handle it easily
  • Get rid of the Bulky Swords Dance set- mention it in the AC of Swords Dance
  • Poison Jab / Aqua Tail on move 4 in the All-Out Attacker set
  • Offensive Swords Dance: remove Aqua Tail, put Taunt in the last slot and make it: Taunt / Poison Jab / Pursuit
  • Remove the Choice Scarf set -> OO
  • Checks and Counters: mention that offensive Tangrowth must be careful of Poison Jab
  • Order of sets:
  • 1. Swords Dance
  • 2. All-Out Attacker
  • 3. Specially Defensive
  • Revamp?: yes

  • This was written in November and has changed a lot
  • Gallade should use Justified on all sets; it is now legal with Drain Punch
  • Set order:
  • 1. Offensive Swords Dance
  • 2. Bulky Swords Dance
  • 3. Bulk Up
  • 4. Choice
  • Get rid of Stallbreaker and Trick Room
  • OO is going to be massive with Trick Room, Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, etc.
  • Checks and Counters: needs a total revamp (CB Spiritomb, Cofagrigus, etc.)
  • Revamp?: yes

  • I wrote this recently
  • Heat Wave to OO
  • Mention Foul Play in AC/OO
  • Revamp?: no

  • Didn't get anything good from BW2, looks good
  • Slash Choice Band on the Life Orb set
  • Put Vital Spirit on all sets- lots of sleep users going around (Smeargle, Tangrowth, Lilligant, Amoonguss, etc.)
  • Revamp?: no


NU Pokemon

  • Mention Hurricane somewhere
  • Mention Escavalier, Magmortar, etc. in Checks and Counters
  • Basically just beef up the analysis with new threats
  • Revamp?: no
  • RU Worthy?: maybe

  • Skill Link > Technician on all sets
  • I can see Cinccino being a bigger threat now with Skill Link
  • It was written Nov. 6th and the sets all talk in depth about Technician so...
  • Revamp?: yes
  • RU Worthy?: yes

  • Written recently, didn't gain much from BW2 (Tailwind I guess??)
  • Mention Escavalier, but it must be careful of Will-O-Wisp
  • Spiritomb to Checks and Counters
  • Revemp?: no
  • RU Worthy?: yes

  • Written Nov. 7th, so it doesn't mention any of the mons that dropped down since then: Spiritomb, Escavalier, etc. (Doesn't even mention Cofagrigus anywhere)
  • Psyshock > Psychic for Cryogonal
  • Revamp?: yes
  • RU Worthy?: maybe

  • Lava Plume first slash > Flamethrower
  • Slash Heal Bell in the 4th moveslot
  • Revamp?: no
  • RU Worthy?: yes

  • Toxic Spikes is awful, shouldn't be the first move in the set.
  • Clear Smog should be on the set, not Body Slam or Payback (those 2 should go into AC at best)
  • Escavalier and Nidoqueen to Checks and Counters
  • Revamp?: yes
  • RU Worthy?: maybe

  • Remove the Sunny Day set -> Other Options
  • Escavalier to Checks and Counters
  • Revamp?: no
  • RU Worthy?: yes

  • First line: "Sawsbuck stands out in RU as one of the best choices for an offensive Grass-type" - no, and it's NU now
  • Maybe mention Substitute on the SD set
  • Checks and Counters: definitely needs to be beefed up; Haze Cofagrigus, Escavalier, Misdreavus, Steelix, Focus Blast Tangrowth, etc.
  • Written Oct. 29th (metagame changed a lot)
  • Revamp?: yes
  • RU Worthy?: yes

  • First line: "Seismitoad is the only BW Pokemon that possesses the ability Swift Swim, making it somewhat unique in that respect." - Tirtouga gets it as its DW ability xD
  • Seismitoad stayed the same; not much to add to the analysis
  • Revamp?: no
  • RU Worthy?: NO

  • Add to Checks and Counters: Escavalier, Magmortar, Emboar, Spiritomb, Cofagrigus, etc.
  • It's Shedinja...
  • Revamp?: no
  • RU Worthy?: NO

  • HP Ground slashed with HP Rock
  • Choice Scarf set to OO I guess
  • Revamp?: no
  • RU Worthy?: NO

  • Looks good; Tropius is the same as always
  • Remove Growth set
  • Revamp?: no
  • RU Worthy?: yes

  • Escavalier to Checks and Counters
  • Revamp?: mabye if SV writes it
  • RU Worthy?: yes

  • Written recently
  • Escavalier to Checks and Counters
  • Revamp?: no
  • RU Worthy?: yes

  • Escavalier to Checks and Counters
  • Revamp?: no
  • RU Worthy?: no


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About Clefable... Why would you remove the Tank set? It doesn't play similar with the Wallbreaker at all.

Tank Clefable can still act as a special tank, and switch into many special attackers or special attacking walls, or even weak physical attackers such as Ferroseed, Mandibuzz, Munchlax, Qwilifish, Spiritomb and Steelix and either support the team (SR, Wish) or hit hard whatever comes in. It is basically a special tank that hits hard, and can support the team.

Wallbreaking Clefable on the other hand can't come into almost anything offensive, only on special attacking walls, can't support the team directly, and hits way harder with special moves, while also having way better coverage. It is basically one of the best wallbreakers that one could have against stall teams.

If you believe that removing a set is necessary (i don't), then the wall breaking set would be the best to get rid off, as it is very hard to use, as it can't come into much and is slow as hell. However it is exceptional against stall teams, ignoring passive damage, and being able to switch into many common walls. It is also able to dismantle the TanKing core, along with Steelix and Camerupt, and is generally very hard to wall. I don't think it should be removed, honestly, but i think it is the less viable of the sets.

Finally why would you remove Ferroseed from checks and counters? It set-up on support Clefable, and walls Tank Clefable if it doesn't have a fire move.
Merge the Tank and Wallbreaker set then. It's just a bulkier spread with Stealth Rock > Fire Blast. I would probably change the EVs then instead of just going 252/252 for some specific KOs.

Ferroseed Gyro Ball: 30.45 - 36.04%
Ferroseed Leech Seed: 0 - 0%

Ferroseed lacks recovery, so Seismic Toss will easily 3HKO. I would not call Ferroseed a counter.

Also not really sure why Grass Knot is being used, Omastar isn't that common and Kabutops does upwards of 70% to Clefable. It should go to Additional Comments!


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It is not only a matter of moves and spread (which are already enough reasons), but also a matter of how each set plays, and as i already explained they play very different.

Yeah i guess you are right about Ferroseed, but it still walls the Tank set if it lacks a fire move and the support set if it has Double-Edge/Facade, so it is a check i guess. Whatever, you decide what to do with Ferroseed, it is not rly important.

Finally i guess you are also right about GK. Fire Blast is very important in this meta as Escavalier, Steelix, Ferroseed, and ghosts are very important targets. It can go to AC, as not giving a chance to Omastar to set-up, while also ohkoing Kabutops and Rhydon is nice.
Added NU mons. Most of them like Wormadam and Tropius don't need to be changed, as they didn't gain anything from BW2 and still perform the same shitty jobs. You can just add stuff to Checks and Counters.


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Sub + Encore to OO
You're a bad person. That set is the bomb, although the slashes are a little weird.

Slash Choice Band on the Life Orb set
Why? Has anyone ever actually used CB Primeape?

I doubt CM Duosion's viability. It was ok 9 months ago, but I don't see it accomplishing much in this meta with Drapion, Spiritomb, and Escavalier running around.

Garbodor and Vespiquen should be scrapped. They are bad mons. Your team will always be better with something else in that spot.
I'd argue that Seismitoad is RU-worthy. It is the fastest Swift Swimmer in the tier bar Kabutops, and can still outspeed base 100s with a Modest nature in the rain. It has STAB Hydro Pump and Earth Power, and while not as powerful as Omastar, it can really pack a punch. I'd say keep the analysis, even if it is never seen. It's one of rain's best sweepers, especially because of the Electric-immunity and lack of weaknesses.
Why? Has anyone ever actually used CB Primeape?
The Pros and Cons of CB are pretty obvious to everyone, plenty of Pokemon can viably use CB and LO. I don't see why Primeape is any exception. Besides, anything that can spam U-Turn always has a strong case for running a CB set, and while I don't have any calcs to indicate such, I'm sure the power increase with CB will show with a banded Close Combat. The lack of LO recoil im sure is a big plus too