Most frustrating pokemon moments!

Definitely the former. At least if you've never seen one, you haven't botched the chance, which always sucks.
This. Before I encountered one, I always thought "Oh if only I at least saw a shiny I'd be happy"

but now I know that I missed what will likely be my only chance to find a shiny for a long, long time
I thought so, but imagine you go through your whole life never finding a shiny (idk, 6 or 7 years already down for me) where all of your friends have full parties of 6. It would be worse than finding one younger, messing up and never finding another one.

But to be sure I always carry at least 20 ultra balls when possible, I want that shiny dammit!
I thought so, but imagine you go through your whole life never finding a shiny (idk, 6 or 7 years already down for me) where all of your friends have full parties of 6. It would be worse than finding one younger, messing up and never finding another one.

But to be sure I always carry at least 20 ultra balls when possible, I want that shiny dammit!
I suppose in that case, where everyone around you is having such success, then yeah it would be nice to at least have seen one

And I usually keep around 50 ultra balls on hand at all times, lol


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Orange Islands
Shinies are designed to be frustrating...

Last time I found one... Was in a Emerald Randomizer and was an Exeggutor... @_@


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Trekking up Mt. Silver: a Shiny Golduck! Golduck's not that good, but it is my first Shiny of HG/SS so far, so that's sweet! Caught it, went back down to check on it, climbed back up.

In the very same area, I encountered ANOTHER. SHINY. GOLDUCK. I have no words.
Before the US release of gold and silver, I was trying to play through gold in Japanese. Since I didn't know any Japanese at all, this was probably the greatest challenge my 10 year old self had ever undertaken. Still, nothing was too frustrating. I was playing and progressing through a pokemon game that everyone else at school was still only dreaming about. Needless to say, I didn't realize I'd soon hit a roadblock that would stump me for what felt like weeks.

I had just gotten through the national park and done the bug catching contest for the first time. I had no idea whether I won or lost, but I got some prize, so I was content with that. I left the park and started on route 36 to head on to the next city. Before I knew it, I had run into that weird tree that wiggled when you pressed A on it again.

My first thought was it was another obstacle to use an HM on, but Bellsprout's cut couldn't touch it. Flash, of course, was useless. "Well, maybe it takes an item to cut it down!" I didn't know Japanese, so I methodically went through my bag and tried every single item I had on it. Nothing worked at all. I tried cut again. Nothing. I left the route and came back. It stood there, the unmoving guardian of the path. I had no idea what to do.

Lost for what to do next, I eventually went back through the Ilex Forest and Union Cave to see if there was any other path I had missed. Nothing. I investigated the tree from the Violet City side. It still wouldn't budge. I went all the way back to New Bark Town, scouring every route for any hidden path, any normal tree to cut, any passageway that would let me continue. Nothing. I went back to Goldenrod and investigated it from that side again. All it would do is waggle its branches at me, daring me to try and move it. Nothing was working.

I don't know how long it was until I finally just talked to everyone in Goldenrod City again. The flower shop girl gave me a new item, which she hadn't done the last time I had talked to her. I had no idea why she was giving me something new now. Honestly, at that point, I just didn't care.

With my newfound mysterious ゼニガメじょうろ, whatever that was, I went up to the tree, hoping that maybe this was the key. I managed to use it, the tree wiggled, and then, it attacked! And thus ended my weeks of frustration with dealing with illiteracy and a tree.
I posted this in the Funniest Moments thread, but my experience qualifies as frustrating as well:

That moment in Pokemon Crystal Battle Tower when my Lugia was flat out beaten by someone's freakin' Shuckle. It didn't help that the moves I had back then was Psychic, Fly, Recover and Giga Drain and held Gold Berry [Yeah, I was terrible]. I was spamming Fly at it [because i thought he was just Bug] while my Lugia was Toxic'd, Wrapped, and in Sandstorm, but the Shuckle's Leftovers just healed about a third of the damage I do. His frequent Protect just annoyed the hell out of me more, until I was using Recover every other turn just to compensate for max toxic damage. By the time I opted for Psychic it was all too late.

Every time I remember this moment I laugh at how a noob I was back then.

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I remember a very long battle in Orre Colosseum. I can't recall the exact details, but the battle was almost over and the opponent only had this Relicanth left, while I still had a healthy Gengar.

The freaking Relicanth used Protect 7 times in a row. I only won the battle because my very last Giga Drain landed a crit.

Which reminds me of another event in the same game. Something (maybe a Corsola) used Rock Blast against my Umbreon. The following happened:

A critical hit!
A critical hit!
A critical hit!
A critical hit!
A critical hit!

And after that, Umbreon was still alive with like 3 HP left. But that's not all.

I forgot all about that event, until I finished XD. Then, while trying to get the Lucky Egg, I faced the exact same situation but in reverse; this time I was hitting a Spinda that had a Focus Band. Guess what happened:

A critical hit!
The Focus Band activated!
A critical hit!
The Focus Band activated!
A critical hit!
The Focus Band activated!
A critical hit!
The Focus Band activated!
A critical hit!
The Focus Band activated!

And then the weather killed it.

I'm aware that the AI cheats, but could it at least try to be subtle?
Ahhh... Frustrating moments.... So many come to mind... But, I'll share this one for now.

So I'm playing through FireRed, and I just made it past Mt. Moon, with my Charamander. Then I head up to the Cerulean City gym, but then I remember that it's a water type gym. But I'm like pfft, forget those water types, my charmander can power it's way through this gym.

First trainer: Annihilated
Second trainer: Piece of cake...
Third trainer: Seriously, Brock's gym was harder

Then.... there's Misty....

I was actually doing okay against Staryu, beat it without having to use more than 1 potion... But then... There was... STARMIE… It ko'd my charmander with water pulse faster than I can even tell you something to say fast.

So then I trained, and got my Charmander to evolve. But I still lost to Misty's Starmie every time. I lost to her so much, that my charmander evolved into Charizard. Only then did I beat that stupid Starmie, 2 hit ko'ing it with wing attack. I wasted my whole week trying to beat Misty... But I guess it payed off because I then had a super-powerful Charizard that wrecked through everything else in the game.But man, that was frustrating, losing so much... lol
Enter battle with Haunter in SoulSilver.
I was using Pidgeotto with Gust, Twister, Wing Attack and Fly.
The Haunter had Curse, Mean Look, Lick and Hypnosis.
Was thinking Pidgeotto would be a good ghost counter.
Thing uses Hypnosis. It hits. Damn.
I use Full Restore (I was effing around on my SS replay so I coded in infinite medicine).
He uses curse. Half health is gone.
Use Gust. He's about one attack away from a faint now.
Next turn he uses Hypnosis. It hits again.
That's 2 hits in a row with hypnosis.
I'm asleep.
He uses Mean Look. Now I can't switch Pokemon.
I use another FR to heal the curse damage.
Now I'm stuck in a loop:
Uses Hypnosis
I'm asleep and take curse damage.
Haunter can't do damage to me in any way.
I use Full Restore. He can't hit me again.
Uses Hypnosis.

And this cycle repeated again... 20 times. Until Hypnosis' PP was zero. It didn't miss once. This is why, to this day, I believe that the AI hacks.


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Veteran Rhona, a trainer in Opelucid City, was extremely annoying.

Basically she was some random trainer in the 7th Gym in Black 2 who had a 2 Pokemon with movesets that are just "what the hell."

Fraxure @ Haban Berry
Ability: Rivalry
Dual Chop

Druddigon @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Rough Skin
Dragon Claw

The battle was the most annoying thing ever, but I don't need to explain it - the set should really speak for itself. Basically, for the Fraxure, it used Swagger, it used Protect whenever I pulled off a hit, and either attacked or used Substitute. Who uses a Substitute in game!? It maybe took me 20 minutes to get past that Fraxure alone, which is absurd for a somewhat random in-game trainer. I was lucky I got past Druddigon fast enough though, because Black 2 decides to not give you very many Ice-types before this gym, with the only one I think being Walrein?

And then as a kid, Articuno and Azelf took me literal weeks to catch. I gave up on Articuno, but Azelf was just such a pain. I wasn't even doing anything wrong - I had it low on health, it was paralyzed, and I kept chucking Dusk Balls, but I swear I maybe through at least 500 balls against Azelf alone. And it never used Struggle because it kept killing me with Nasty Plot boosted attacks. I also just ended up giving up on Articuno, but I caught a few later in XD and Heart Gold.
Just 5 days ago this happened.

Battle Factory in Platinum. Open level, double battles, had a Tangrowth, and I don't even remember the other two. Tangrowth seeds one of the opposing pokes. The other one is Walrein, physical variant. It uses Ice Fang on Tangrowth, doesn't kill, but freezes. There's a 9.5% chance of that happening. My other poke disposes of the Walrein before it can hit again. The opposing pokemon are now physically based, and I'm down to a Hippowdon and a frozen Tangela.

The other pokes then gang up on Hippowdon with Slack Off, but the seeded poke super resists Hippo's moves. Its an easy enough kill for Tangrowth, but it doesn't thaw out.

For 19 turns.

Not only that, but it actually survived til the end of the battle, with almost full health. It actually ended the battle frozen and killed another pokemon. Who knows how much longer the freeze would've lasted.

There was a one tenth of one percent chance of the events going that way, 0.1%.


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Back when I was like, 11 years old in early 2008, I was like the best Pokemon player around. I had an action replay rare candied team of Mewtwo, Darkrai, Rayquaza, Torterra, Swampert and Charizard. (This was Diamond)

I basically creamed all of the other 10 year olds at Church who didn't know how to play. I used stupid sets like Flamethrower/Blast Burn/Wing Attack/Fly Charizard, and Waterfall/Surf/Brine/Avalanche Swampert. (Those are literally the movesets I used) I was basically the coolest kid around. However, one day, I played against an older guy, who was like 18 at the time.

Imagine my surprise when he brought out a legit (at least, I don't think it was cheated) Snorlax, and with a RestTalk set, annihilated my entire team. I never even found out what his other five Pokemon were...

Looking back though, I kind of cite this as my first glimpse into competitive Pokemon...and I see really how much better competitive players are from "n00bs" such as I was.

One of the first things I did when I found out about Smogon was go to the Snorlax DPP analysis page, to see if Snorlax was actually good or if I was just owned by something stupid...fortunately for me, Snorlax is good ;D
Claire`s gym:
I had full HP Gyarados left. He was paralyzed.
Claire had seriously 1HP Dragonair left.
Gyarados was paralyzed, so it couldn`t move.
Dragonair uses Dragon Pulse.
A critical hit!
I never played HeartGold from that moment anymore >.>
My most frustrating moment was in the battle factory I had my salamence use fire blast to take down metagross and i was sure it would've because it's a SPECS FIRE BLAST from a MODEST SALAMENCE after STEALTH ROCKS damn you, light screen electrode, just damn you. Also electrode survived giga impact from +2 ninjask before that but after rocks.
You are all talking about Shinies, but what about Pokerus, I got it when i caught a poisoned Ponyta, I thought it was because it was poisoned, so I let all my mons retreat in the box -.-


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One of the most frustrating moments i had in Pokemon was trying to catch those dumb Beldum on that sand route in DPP. For reference, Beldum's catch rate is 3, the same as say Arceus and Giratina for some reason. You really couldn't hit Beldum too hard (and thus make it easier to capture) because Beldum's only level up move is Take down, meaning unless you have a ghost type (i didnt, and even if i did i'd have to waste at least some turns before i started struggling healing it from sand damage) Beldum will eventually kill itself from recoil before you can successfully catch it, forcing you to encounter another one until you finally do. A Pokemon with sleep powder would've been kinda nice, but i didn't have one with a high enough level to stomach the take downs from the level 50+ Beldums before dying ;_;). Because of a combination of Beldum's really low catch rate, recoil from either take down or struggle killing it off over time and punishing you if you hit it too hard, and my own bad luck, it took me hours and hours to catch even one of the things. I'm pretty lucky though, my friend didn't manage to catch a Beldum before the swarming Pokemon changed :/.