NU Index and Reservation Thread

Ok, newsflash:

Natu is now open for reservation. But since Omicron were the first one wanting to reserve it, I'm going to ask him if he still wants it, it's only fair.

Bronzor might also be tested by Oglemi in the future (almost in the same way tennisace will be testing Carvanha and Staryu in January, but Bronzor has no exact "date"), so it might end up on the priority list. But for now, it's not open for reservation.

religiousjedi requested Onix by PM, and was turned down by both Oglemi and tennisace, so it's on the NFE list now.

Updated with Quagsire as well.

\/ EDIT \/

You heard the man, Omicron has reserved Natu.
Meganium, Lanturn, Rhydon, Octillery, and Cradily skeletons are all up. I think this is all I'm allowed to post for now. Would like to do more, but I have analyses in other forums. Roll on Janurary, will write these up :)
Updated with Komodo's skeletons and Raseri's reservation.

@Thepokedudeman That's stupidest thing I've ever heard. Unless you've spoken to Demist, you can't have it.
I'll get started on Probopass, Beautifly and Stantler when I get back from my trip to visit family for Christmas. If anyone wants to snag any of the three from me please PM before the end of today.