NU Index and Reservation Thread

Ok, newsflash:

Bronzor might also be tested by Oglemi in the future (almost in the same way tennisace will be testing Carvanha and Staryu in January, but Bronzor has no exact "date"), so it might end up on the priority list. But for now, it's not open for reservation.
I would like to add that Baltoy will also be tested by tennisace in January, in addition to Carvanha and Staryu. So Baltoy has been added to the NFE list as well.

Also, all "joke" Pokémon reservations have been cleared, so if you had one reserved, you are free reserve another Pokémon instead.
From the index:

Don't post that your analysis needs QC or GP checks if it already has the "Skeleton" or the "Written" tag in the index

Might as well update now. Updated with Tropius and Zebstrika (mine :) ) links.