NU Index and Reservation Thread


cardiac cats
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Actually I said people shouldn't be reserving joke Pokemon until everything else was done, I'll change the OP to accurately reflect this. Idk why people want to reserve the crap mons so much...
You heard the man. Just my misunderstanding. Tyranitarphantom's Dustox reservation has been removed accordingly. Those "joke" Pokemon that are marked reserved/skeleton right now were reserved BEFORE this change occured.

Index updated with these previous posts. And remember, DO NOT edit your posts (I'm talking to you Krasnopesky, luckily I spotted it).
Ok, a quick announcement (approved by tennisace):

If you feel a Pokemon absent from the priority list is viable for NU play, feel free to request it to be put up for reservation. Oglemi or tennisace will then determine if it is good enough for an analysis (examples of this are Cottonee, Tentacool, and Trapinch). If it is determined not to be viable, it will be put on the NFE list, so check that list before you request anything.

This have been added to the OP, with Bluecaptain's reservations.
che, I guess I might as well snag Beartic while I've got some kind of momentum. It's role doesn't really differ too much from it's one in RU, so it shouldn't take all that long