NU Index and Reservation Thread

November Blue

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Updated list:

[Reserved...] Absol - prem
[Reserved...] Alomomola - Windsong
[Reserved...] Altaria - Leman
[Reserved...] Amoonguss - happy endorphins
[Unreserved] Ampharos
[Unreserved] Arbok
[Unreserved] Ariados
[Reserved...] Armaldo - waterwarrior
[Unreserved] Articuno
[Unreserved] Audino
[Unreserved] Banette
[Unreserved] Basculin
[Unreserved] Bastiodon
[Unreserved] Beartic
[Unreserved] Beautifly
[Unreserved] Beedrill
[Reserved...] Beheeyem - Raseri
[Unreserved] Bellossom
[Unreserved] Bibarel
[Reserved...] Braviary - TropiOUs
[Reserved...] Butterfree - SilentVerse
[Unreserved] Cacturne
[Reserved...] Camerupt - tennisace
[Unreserved] Carnivine
[Reserved...] Carracosta - Windsong
[Unreserved] Castform
[Unreserved] Chatot
[Unreserved] Cherrim
[Unreserved] Chimecho
[Unreserved] Cinccino
[Unreserved] Clefairy
[Reserved...] Combusken - prem
[Unreserved] Corsola
[Reserved...] Cradily - Komodo
[Unreserved] Croconaw
[Reserved...] Cryogonal - Texas Cloverleaf
[Unreserved] Delcatty
[Unreserved] Delibird
[Unreserved] Dewgong
[Unreserved] Ditto
[Unreserved] Dodrio
[Unreserved] Dragonair
[Unreserved] Drifblim
[Reserved...] Druddigon - col49
[Unreserved] Dugtrio
[Reserved...] Dunsparce - Honko
[Reserved...] Duosion - MoltenKyurem
[Unreserved] Dustox
[Unreserved] Eelektross
[Unreserved] Electabuzz
[Unreserved] Electrode
[Reserved...] Emboar - Zurich
[Unreserved] Emolga
[Reserved...] Exeggutor - tennisace
[Unreserved] Exploud
[Unreserved] Farfetch'd
[Unreserved] Fearow
[Unreserved] Flareon
[Unreserved] Floatzel
[Reserved...] Fraxure - prem
[Unreserved] Furret
[Unreserved] Gabite
[Unreserved] Garbodor
[Reserved...] Gardevoir - waterwarrior
[Reserved...] Gigalith - col49
[Unreserved] Girafarig
[Reserved...] Glaceon - Alice
[Unreserved] Glalie
[Unreserved] Golbat
[Unreserved] Golduck
[Unreserved] Golem
[Unreserved] Gorebyss
[Unreserved] Gothitelle
[Unreserved] Granbull
[Unreserved] Grovyle
[Unreserved] Grumpig
[Reserved...] Gurdurr - Alice
[Reserved...] Haunter - Lady Salamence
[Unreserved] Heatmor
[Unreserved] Herdier
[Unreserved] Huntail
[Unreserved] Hypno
[Unreserved] Illumise
[Unreserved] Ivysaur
[Unreserved] Jumpluff
[Unreserved] Jynx
[Reserved...] Kadabra - November Blue
[Unreserved] Kangaskhan
[Unreserved] Kecleon
[Unreserved] Kingler
[Reserved...] Klinklang - November Blue
[Unreserved] Kricketune
[Unreserved] krokorok
[Unreserved] Lairon
[Unreserved] Lampent
[Reserved...] Lanturn - Komodo
[Reserved...] Lapras - DragonTamerChris
[Reserved...] Leafeon - Omicron
[Unreserved] Leavanny
[Unreserved] Ledian
[Unreserved] Lickilicky
[Unreserved] Liepard
[Unreserved] Linoone
[Unreserved] Lopunny
[Unreserved] Lumineon
[Unreserved] Lunatone
[Unreserved] Luvdisc
[Unreserved] Luxio
[Unreserved] Luxray
[Unreserved] Machoke
[Unreserved] Magcargo
[Unreserved] Magmar
[Unreserved] Magmortar
[Reserved...] Magneton - Texas Cloverleaf
[Unreserved] Mantine
[Unreserved] Maractus
[Unreserved] Marill
[Reserved...] Marowak - Jellicent
[Unreserved] Marshtomp
[Unreserved] Masquerain
[Unreserved] Mawile
[Unreserved] Meganium
[Reserved...] Mesprit - New World Order
[Unreserved] Metang
[Unreserved] Mightyena
[Unreserved] Miltank
[Unreserved] Minun
[Reserved...] Misdreavus - Zebraiken
[Unreserved] Monferno
[Unreserved] Mothim
[Unreserved] Mr. Mime
[Reserved...] Muk - happy endorphins
[Unreserved] Murkrow
[Reserved...] Musharna - kokoloko
[Unreserved] Nidorina
[Unreserved] Nidorino
[Unreserved] Ninjask
[Unreserved] Noctowl
[Unreserved] Octillery
[Unreserved] Pachirisu
[Unreserved] Parasect
[Unreserved] Pelipper
[Reserved...] Persian - MoltenKyurem
[Unreserved] Phione
[Unreserved] Pidgeot
[Unreserved] Pignite
[Unreserved] Pikachu
[Unreserved] Piloswine
[Unreserved] Pinsir
[Unreserved] Plusle
[Unreserved] Probopass
[Unreserved] Pupitar
[Unreserved] Purugly
[Unreserved] Quagsire
[Unreserved] Raichu
[Unreserved] Rampardos
[Unreserved] Rapidash
[Unreserved] Raticate
[Unreserved] Regice
[Unreserved] Regigigas
[Unreserved] Regirock
[Unreserved] Relicanth
[Reserved...] Rhydon - Komodo
[Reserved...] Roselia - waterwarrior
[Reserved...] Rotom-F - Alice
[Reserved...] Rotom-S - November Blue
[Reserved...] Samurott - kokoloko
[Reserved...] Sawk - Zebraiken
[Reserved...] Scolipede - New World Order
[Unreserved] Seadra
[Unreserved] Seaking
[Unreserved] Seismitoad
[Reserved...] Serperior - TropiOUs
[Unreserved] Servine
[Unreserved] Seviper
[Unreserved] Shedinja
[Unreserved] Shelgon
[Unreserved] Shiftry
[Unreserved] Shuckle
[Unreserved] Simipour
[Unreserved] Simisage
[Unreserved] Simisear
[Unreserved] Skuntank
[Unreserved] Slaking
[Reserved...] Slowking - kokoloko
[Reserved...] Smeargle - Lady Salamence
[Reserved...] Sneasel - TropiOUs
[Unreserved] Solrock
[Unreserved] Spinda
[Unreserved] Stantler
[Unreserved] Staravia
[Unreserved] Stunfisk
[Unreserved] Sudowoodo
[Unreserved] Sunflora
[Unreserved] Swadloon
[Unreserved] Swalot
[Unreserved] Swanna
[Reserved...] Swellow - Zebraiken
[Unreserved] Swoobat
[Reserved...] Tangela - Karpman
[Reserved...] Tauros - New World Order
[Unreserved] Throh
[Unreserved] Togetic
[Unreserved] Torkoal
[Reserved...] Torterra - kokoloko
[Unreserved] Tropius
[Unreserved] Unfezant
[Unreserved] Unown
[Reserved...] Ursaring - Texas Cloverleaf
[Unreserved] Vanilluxe
[Reserved...] Vespiquen - happy endorphins
[Unreserved] Vibrava
[Unreserved] Vigoroth
[Unreserved] Vileplume
[Reserved...] Volbeat - Lady Salamence
[Reserved...] Wailord - Omicron
[Unreserved] Walrein
[Unreserved] Wartortle
[Unreserved] Watchog
[Unreserved] Weepinbell
[Reserved...] Weezing - DragonTamerChris
[Unreserved] Whirlipede
[Unreserved] Whiscash
[Unreserved] Wigglytuff
[Unreserved] Wormadam
[Unreserved] Wormadam-G
[Unreserved] Wormadam-S
[Unreserved] Yanma
[Unreserved] Zangoose
[Unreserved] Zebstrika
[Reserved...] Zweilous - MoltenKyurem

Complete up to Alice.


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I'd like Glaceon :heart:

and maybe Rotom-F or gudurr as well...

EDIT: I think cotonee should be on that list, it has NU potential with eviolite.


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Seeing that we can have up to 3 skellies if we're involved with other parts of C&C, I'd also like to reserve Rampardos and Zweilous, if possible.

I like Trick Room, okay? Okay. I'll try to get the three skellies up within the next couple days :)
The index is now updated, thanks to NoBlue for making it easier for me.

I've also added tag descriptions, useful links, and Oglemi's previous message to you all:

"Just a clarification, these 4/3 skeletons all have to get through QC until you can reserve another one. From there you are only allowed 2 at a time."

Also, by request and talking to Oglemi, these Pokémon are now available for reservation:

Tentacool (requested by me)
Cottonee (requested by Alice)

And Jellicent, Zweilous was reserved by MoltenKyurem already. Please reserve another Pokémon instead if you want to.

Also, I will be looking thorugh this thread again, to make sure everything NoBlue psted is accurate.


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I don't actually understand how many I can reserve (that sentence is hilariously ambiguous and you've merely repeated it over and over again). I have two RU analyses in QC, so can I reserve 2?

Tentacool and Dragonair please.

And my god, TWO Zweilous noms already. Damn.
@jc104 It's not that hard to understand and don't put this on me either. Oglemi has written both statments, not me, but I'll explain it to you.

You are allowed to reserve 4 Pokémon if you have no other work in the other tiers. If you do have something else reserved in Uber/OU/UU/RU, you can only reserve 3. Only when these 4 or 3 NU Pokémon (depending on the above) are past the QC stage (3 checks), you can reserve more, but only up to 2 Pokémon. Get it now?

The index have been updated with the above posts.

And to you all, when you say a Pokémon's skeleton is up, please post links. I don't want to look for every thread each time you don't include it. So links please people. I've already taken care of your links Chrub Agent, but remeber them until next time please. Thank you.