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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Eppie


    Aug 26, 2008
    Pokémon Platinum Battle Frontier Double Battles.

    Streak: 16*
    Battles won: 112*


    Streak ended...
    Streak 16
    Battles won: 114

    Aipom used protect, Regirock used Explosion.
    Should've used the damn lists..

    Smeargle lvl 1 | Bashful | Own Tempo | Focus Sash
    31 HP | 31 Atk | 31 Def | 31 Sp.Atk | 31 Sp.Def | 0 Speed
    Effort Values: None

    Protect | Endeavor | Dark Void | Destiny Bond


    Dusknoir lvl 50 | Relaxed | Pressure | Lum Berry
    Effort Values: 252 HP | 6 Def | 252 Sp.Def
    31 HP | 31 Atk | 31 Def | 31 Sp.Atk | 27 Sp.Def | 0 Speed

    Protect | Trick Room | Night Shade | Rest


    Snorlax lvl 50 | Brave | Thick Fat | Life Orb
    Effort Values: 100 HP | 252 Atk | 156 Def
    31 HP | 28 Atk | 31 Def | 31 Sp.Atk | 31 Sp.Def | 0 Speed

    Crunch | Brick Break | Earthquake | Selfdestruct


    Regirock lvl 50 | Brave | Clear Body | Wide Lens
    Effort Values: 252 HP | 6 Sp.Def | 252 Atk
    31 HP | 31 Atk | 31 Def | 31 Sp.Atk | 31 Sp.Def | 0 Speed

    Rock Slide | Earthquake | Explosion | Protect


    Pokémon this team has trouble with:

    Quick Claw users, Damp rock Ability's, 1HKO moves
    and priority moves.
    Multiple Ghosts in the same team could give
    me trouble as well.



    Turn 1 always starts with Trick Room + Protect.
    Turn 2 mostly goes like Night Shade + Protect.
    From Turn 3 it all comes down to prediction.
    I can damage the slowest pokémon (under TR condition)
    and Destiny Bond the fastest (under TR condition)
    provided both aren't ghosts.
    Destiny Bond also helps against DT'ers and things that are immune to Night Shade.
    I also have the option to take out the biggest threat for the further battle when Smeargle is gone.
    (for example: QC users,
    1HKO users like Dewgong/Lapras etc, Pokémon with Damp ability etc)
    There's also a slight chance Dusknoir needs to rest off the damage in case of Critical Hits and stuff.
    If this is nessecary, Smeargle will always use Destiny Bond / Protect (To scout priority moves if the oponent could have it..)
    When Smeargle is gone, Snorlax is always coming in as first since Regirock runs protect in case I won't beat the AI within 5 turns.
    From this point on I'll usualy explode my way through the battle
    unless the AI ruins my fun with pokémon that could have Damp ability or Ghosts.


    Team change

    From this point on I'll use this over Regirock:

    Golem lvl 50 | Brave | Sturdy | Wide Lens
    Effort Values: 252 HP | 6 Sp.Def | 252 Atk
    31 HP | 31 Atk | 31 Def | .. Sp.Atk | 31 Sp.Def | 0 Speed

    Rock Slide | Earthquake | Explosion | Protect

    Don't say Wide Lens is not the best held item for Golem since Rock Slide will only be used when it HAS to hit.


    Reason for change:

    Golem has a base 10 higher Atk stat and a base 5 lower Speed stat then Regirock.
    It also get's a boost on Rock Slide ánd Earthquake.
    Sturdy ability allows me to absorb 1HKO moves which seem to hit 9/10 times when you face them in the Battle Tower.

    I hope this was enough information to put me on the list :)
    Note that my streak has not ended yet !

    Edit: Team suggestions and criticism are always welcome.

  2. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    well, my castle streak came to another premature end yesterday in the 840th battle, this time to a combination of hax and stupidity on my part. i dont remember the first two pokes, because it was an extremely routine battle (or should have been), but i ended up with my blissey taking on a level 55 jolteon. my other two pokes (salamence and milotic) were both still alive, but not healthy enough to survive a thunderbolt. i had used seismic toss twice against the jolteon, and was going for the final one when it decided that it would paralyze me with thunderbolt. i then watched in horror as i was repeatedly unable to move until when i was at about 90hp i decided i would have to switch out - so i sacrificed milotic, and then brought in salamence, hoping i could maybe survive thunderbolt by some miracle and deal a quick death to the jolteon, but no such luck. so it basically came down to hoping blissey would not get hit by a crit (which would definitely kill me) and also not get parahaxed. so i selected seismic toss and hoped for the best, which did happen - no crits, no paralysis. and then it dawned on me before blissey even moved - would this be enough? since i had levelled up jolteon, it had 154 hp and the horrible feeling came back as it hung on with a sliver of health, and proceeded to kill me next turn. i didnt save the match because (i) i was so annoyed at myself, and (ii) i had a far better battle saved (battle 806, where last poke blissey got frozen and didnt thaw out until i had 19hp left). i'll post pictures etc when i have my computer/internet set up in my new house. i put it down to a lack of concentration, because i had been playing too much (by my standards anyway). again, the streak ended because of a situation which shouldn't have happened - if i had selected softboiled, i would have ended that turn at 220ish hp, and been able to keep going bar another run of extreme hax. in any case, it might have even run out of thunderbolts before it could have killed me (it was the agility, baton pass, thunderbolt, thunderwave one).

    streak - 839.

  3. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    It's interesting that the most common way to lose is due to lack of concentration (reminds me of Jumpman's epic misclick in Battle 49 in the Factory, but he got lucky and won)... for example, my loss in the Tower could have been avoided with different move selection. Hopefully Peterko will take this on board and never play when it "doesn't feel right" or when he doesn't have full concentration. After all, we all want to see how far that streak goes.

    Oh, and Bozo, despite the loss being due to that mistake of not using Softboiled, I think you should be satisfied at making a new, awesome record that hardly anyone will be able to beat. I think 839 is an incredible feat in any Frontier facility (good luck to anyone who tries for that in the Fagtory). I might try and beat it if I can think of a good team that's not identical.

    And also, when I'm really bored I go back to Hell, aka the Battle Fagtory, to try and claim a Gold Print. For once I got a decent streak of 28 in Open Level, and it was the first time I'd beaten that cheater Thorton since I turned the hax on to him, and it felt good.

    Here's how much I haxed him:

    He sends out Cresselia (typical cheater, using legends when you can't choose any legends at that stage) and I switch to Magnezone (from Magmortar lead) due to resistances. After taking a second Psychic (now at less than 50%) I use Signal Beam (slightly more powerful than STAB Tbolt) and it does little damage, but confuses Cresselia, lol. She then hurts herself and I get another SBeam. Next turn still confused and chooses to be emo again, thus making my SBeam end her misery. Next is Thorton's Mr. Mime, which somehow KOs Magnezone with Psychic, so I send out Magmortar for a Flare Blitz easy kill (not much recoil due to Mime's pitiful HP). By the way, the physical Flare Blitz Magmortar is actually pretty good in the Fagtory. Because then he sent out a slower Shiftry which died to FB. It was fun to see Thorton say "Whoa! You sure showed me!"

    Conclusion: Beating the Factory boss with hax is deliciously ironic.
  4. AbSoL!


    Nov 7, 2009
    I just want to say that I hate the battle factory. I dont remember all what i was playing but my 1st poke died sent in my second kill theirs after takin' a hit. Next is Zapdos i hit it, it gets red hp then drill pecks to kill me. Oh crap! I send in Slaking. Zappy drill pecks for yellow hp. I return to KO. Next Thorton Brings in.............Umbreon. I was done for now I loaf off, Umbreon curses. I return its stays in green hp. It Curses 2 times I get real desprate and use Gunk Shot so I could poison It, It hits for barely any Damage. It uses moonlight. Next it uses payback.

    Lost on the 20 battle. :-( might try again later

    Anyways Im starting the battle tower with a trick lead team.It is,

    Uxie(Trick lead)@Choice scarf
    Stealth rock

    Garchomp@Lum berry
    252atk/252speed Naughty
    sword dance

    Iron head

    I dont know the natures of uxie right now or registeel, cant remember. im kind of lazzzzzzy i dont really feel like Ev trainin` Uxie and registeel so i used the medicine things. Iknow my Ivs suck but my streak is 42 right now. Havent had that much time to play the team alot. Im hopin` i will get motivated to Ev train
  5. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    HOLY S**T I just had an awesome idea for a new Tower team, so I'm now inspired to return to the Tower once the new team members are trained. It will involved a Trick lead that nobody on the records list has used yet, and one of its moves which I saw in its movepool has a lot of potential, and is a move no-one has tried on any serious Tower team, not even on a Trick team.

    I'm slightly excited.
  6. AbSoL!


    Nov 7, 2009
    Good Luck with your new team

    I had a close call on the Battle tower.
    Ok heres how it went. i send uxie in opponent sends in rapidash, use trick get a bright powder it uses horn drill hits and kills. Next goes garchomp, gets hit by horn drill. Urghh! Send in registeel Horn drill misses 3 times in a row and registeel sets up 5 curses and 3 amnesias. Next comes Whishcash. it uses Earth power i use curse, then heres the weird part it uses Fissure it misses cooooooooooool i iron head 3 times while it Misses all of its fissures. The last pokemon is probopass which i kill with no problem :-)
  7. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009

    Nice, looking forward to what you found! This reminds me, some time ago when I was getting bored with Trick leads I came up with this:

    Umbreon @ Leftovers
    Trait: Synchronize
    Nature: Bold
    EVs: 252 Hp, 252 Def, 6 Sp. Def

    - Torment
    - Protect
    - Flash
    - Yawn

    I never really got round to testing it out but it felt like a pretty decent non-Trick lead. Torment stuff, reduce their accuracy and put them to sleep etc... Umbreon looks like it has some fairly solid defences, Moonlight over Yawn may work better if it dies a lot. It seemed to offer a bit more versatility than the Trick leads which tend to work only once.
  8. kingbattlus


    Aug 24, 2006
    i've thought about something like that too, it really seems to have a ton of potential but i dont know how it will fare... torment skarmory seems awesome too, and maybe even tormet heatran.

    the problem would lie in SE moves for umbreon... even if you protect on something like heracross, the non-protecting turn will still blow you away. the same can be said for overly powerful things like infernape too. you'd need a surefire damn near 100% counter for fighting types (and preferrably bug types) with little to no set up... which doesn't leave many viable options.

    theoryman wastes so much of my time lol
  9. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
    Two SE moves would definitely be a major weakness on a strongly offensive opponent (or even SE + strong move to KO). Fortunately most pokemon in the Tower don't have two moves of the same type and Umbreon only has two weaknesses (Bug and Fighting). Umbreon does have some pretty awesome defenses so it should do okay against non-SE moves.

    With a Torment lead you can switch around a lot though, so you have options in working around those weaknesses. You might be able to chase a lot of those threats away with a Shedinja, bringing Umbreon back on the double switch. Maybe pairing Umbreon with Salamence could work. Bug and Fighting moves don't do that much to it and you can steadily bring down its Attack with Intimidate. These are just quick ideas off the top of my head though, there is definitely a lot of work to be done to make a strong team with this lead.
  10. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    crobat would be an interesting partner seeing as it has a 4x resistence to both bug and fighting, and can use brave bird to quickly deal with the opponent. but the problem is the opponent can just switch moves all the time.

    its also worth saying that yawn is extremely unreliable on umbreon since if it ever gets paralyzed/poisoned/burned it will give that to the opponent and they will then be immune from sleep.

    my opinion is that umbreon is really fun for a few rounds, but there are too many things that can kill it, and before long you will come up against a few of them on the one team - your backups had better be really good, because they will not be facing a scarf-locked opponent. i used it once as an attacker with curse, wish, yawn, payback and it was absolutely brilliant as a stand-alone player, and pretty much got through 1-49 without switching. but the whole yawn thing did fail on me a few times. then again, i hadnt really planned my other 2 pokes very well, so its possible you could make a great team around umbreon.

    found this just before - was checking out the "less arrogant" version of peterko's 1001 post and then followed the link to the 696 post. not sure if this has been discussed, but you can wait until it is about to struggle for the last time and then trick it again. it will have selected struggle before the turn, so it still uses it, even though it has its original item back. just make sure you dont use thunderwave on it, because of the risk of it being FP on the last turn and then being free to choose whatever move it wants.

    also, i've restarted the castle.... JUST KIDDING.

    but really, ive gone ahead with my latios/registeel/salamence team and it went past 100 yesterday (remember when that was quite an achievement). i'd already gone past 49 with it a while back. it's doing brilliantly if i may say so. a couple of advantages over garchomp:

    1. DD solves garchomp's speed issue (ie being outsped by a couple of threats).
    2. DD means adamant nature is used and the end result is way more power - 205x4=820 vs 182x4=728. to put it into perspective, +6 outrage does 185-217 to QCmetagross (his hp is 187) and 153-179 to all the others (their hp is 155). this means getting locked on outrage against a psychic trainer is not so much of a concern.
    3. intimidate helps often. eg latias dies to a crit before being able to charm - you can at least get one attack drop before sending registeel in.
    4. flying type gives it another check against fissure users.
    5. the types resisted between registeel and salamence now include fighting, ground, water. electric is the only type not resisted.
    some drawbacks:

    1. salamence now takes 7 turns to fully set up. this means you cant just use struggle. struggle will give you usually about +3/+3 with a sub, and that is almost always enough.
    2. the elec resist garchomp had is sorely missed here. thunderwave is a fairly popular leading move. what i have to do is paralyze the opponent back, then switch in salamence. i may get lucky with a FP so i get the sub up first, but otherwise i use up my lum berry, and therefore have to be careful with outrage (this morning i had a twave latios, so i charmed it 3 times and then just DD'ed again and again and let it struggle to death). this does not work against jolteon - i am still unsure what the best option is there - i could just let registeel or salamence set up with paralysis - the speed doesnt hurt steel but too many missed turns could, but even one missed turn could be very costly for salamence, and the speed drop means he is only at his original speed of 140 after 6 DD's. another option is to trick two more times, and get it locked on something steel can set up on (problem is, this is likely to be discharge which will probably paralyze you anyway).
    3. garchomp gets STAB on EQ and salamence does not. this has not been too much of an issue though - salamence usually attacks with several attack boosts, and will often be using outrage anyway.
    well, the good thing for me is that my existing record is kinda low (by modern standards) so hopefully i can pass that.

    EDIT: btw, i just made a new printout. something i know will be useful to me at least (without an encyclopedic knowledge of every technical detail of the game). here it is in case anyone else is interested. taken from serebii and edited a little:

    Move PP's
    Aerial Ace       20
    Aqua Jet     20
    Aqua Tail     10
    Arm Thrust     20
    Assurance     10
    Astonish     15
    Attack Order     15
    Avalanche     10
    Barrage     20
    Beat Up     10
    Bide         10     
    Bind         20     
    Bite         25     
    Blaze Kick     10
    Body Slam     15
    Bone Club     20
    Bone Rush     10
    Bonemerang     10
    Bounce          5     
    Brave Bird     15
    Brick Break     15
    Bug Bite     20
    Bullet Punch     30
    Bullet Seed     30
    Clamp         10     
    Close Combat      5     
    Comet Punch     15     
    Constrict     35     
    Counter     20     
    Covet         40     
    Crabhammer     10     
    Cross Chop     5     
    Cross Poison     20 
    Crunch         15     
    Crush Claw     10
    Crush Grip     5 
    Cut         30     
    Dig         10     
    Dive         10     
    Dizzy Punch     10     
    Double Hit     10     
    Double Kick     30     
    Double-edge     15     
    Doubleslap     10     
    Dragon Claw     15     
    Dragon Rush     10     
    Drain Punch     5     
    Drill Peck     20 
    Dynamicpunch     5     
    Earthquake     10     
    Egg Bomb     10     
    Endeavor     5     
    Explosion     5     
    Extremespeed     5     
    Facade         20     
    Faint Attack     20     
    Fake Out     10     
    False Swipe     40     
    Feint         10     
    Fire Fang     15     
    Fire Punch     15     
    Fissure     5     
    Flail         15     
    Flame Wheel     25     
    Flare Blitz     15     
    Fling         10     
    Fly         15     
    Focus Punch     20     
    Force Palm     10     
    Frustration     20     
    Fury Attack     20     
    Fury Cutter     20     
    Fury Swipes     15 
    Giga Impact     5 
    Guillotine     5 
    Gunk Shot     5     
    Gyro Ball     5     
    Hammer Arm     10     
    Head Smash     5     
    Headbutt     15     
    Hi Jump Kick     20 
    Horn Attack     25     
    Horn Drill     5     
    Hyper Fang     15     
    Ice Ball     20     
    Ice Fang     15     
    Ice Punch     15 
    Ice Shard     30     
    Icicle Spear     30     
    Iron Head     15     
    Iron Tail     15     
    Jump Kick     25     
    Karate Chop     25     
    Knock Off     20     
    Last Resort     5     
    Leaf Blade     15     
    Leech Life     15     
    Lick         30     
    Low Kick     20 
    Mach Punch     30     
    Magnet Bomb     20     
    Magnitude     30     
    Mega Kick     5     
    Mega Punch     20     
    Megahorn     10     
    Metal Burst     10     
    Metal Claw     35     
    Meteor Mash     10     
    Natural Gift     15     
    Needle Arm     15     
    Night Slash     15     
    Outrage     15     
    Pay Day     20     
    Payback     10     
    Peck         35     
    Pin Missile     20     
    Pluck         20     
    Poison Fang     15     
    Poison Jab     20     
    Poison Sting     35     
    Poison Tail     25     
    Pound         35     
    Power Whip     10     
    Present     15     
    Psycho Cut     20     
    Punishment     5     
    Pursuit     20     
    Quick Attack     30     
    Rage         20     
    Rapid Spin     40     
    Razor Leaf     25     
    Return         20     
    Revenge     10     
    Reversal     15     
    Rock Blast     10     
    Rock Climb     20     
    Rock Slide     10     
    Rock Smash     15     
    Rock Throw     15     
    Rock Tomb     10     
    Rock Wrecker     5     
    Rolling Kick     15     
    Rollout     20     
    Sacred Fire     5     
    Sand Tomb     15     
    Scratch     35     
    Secret Power     20     
    Seed Bomb     15     
    Seismic Toss     20     
    Selfdestruct     5     
    Shadow Claw     15     
    Shadow Force     5     
    Shadow Punch     20     
    Shadow Sneak     30     
    Skull Bash     15     
    Sky Attack     5     
    Sky Uppercut     15     
    Slam         20     
    Slash         20     
    Smellingsalt     10     
    Spark         20     
    Spike Cannon     15     
    Steel Wing     25     
    Stomp         20     
    Stone Edge     5     
    Strength     15     
    Struggle     1     
    Submission     25     
    Sucker Punch     5     
    Super Fang     10     
    Superpower     5     
    Tackle         35     
    Take Down     20     
    Thief         10     
    Thrash         20     
    Thunder Fang     15     
    Thunderpunch     15     
    Triple Kick     10     
    Twineedle     20     
    U-turn         20     
    Vicegrip     30     
    Vine Whip     15 
    Vital Throw     10     
    Volt Tackle     15     
    Wake-up Slap     10     
    Waterfall     15     
    Wing Attack     35     
    Wood Hammer     15     
    Wrap         20     
    X-scissor     15     
    Zen Headbutt     15     
    Absorb       25       
    Acid         30     
    Aeroblast     5     
    Air Cutter     25     
    Air Slash     20     
    Ancientpower     5     
    Aura Sphere     20     
    Aurora Beam     20     
    Blast Burn     5     
    Blizzard     5     
    Brine         10     
    Bubble         30     
    Bubblebeam     20     
    Bug Buzz     10     
    Charge Beam     10     
    Chatter     20     
    Confusion     25     
    Dark Pulse     15     
    Discharge     15     
    Doom Desire     5     
    Draco Meteor     5     
    Dragon Pulse     10     
    Dragon Rage     10     
    Dragonbreath     20     
    Dream Eater     15     
    Earth Power     10     
    Ember         25     
    Energy Ball     10     
    Eruption     5     
    Extrasensory     30     
    Fire Blast     5     
    Fire Spin     15 
    Flamethrower     15     
    Flash Cannon     10     
    Focus Blast     5     
    Frenzy Plant     5     
    Future Sight     15     
    Giga Drain     10     
    Grass Knot     20     
    Gust         35     
    Heat Wave     10     
    Hidden Power     15     
    Hydro Cannon     5     
    Hydro Pump     5     
    Hyper Beam     5     
    Hyper Voice     10     
    Ice Beam     10     
    Icy Wind     15     
    Judgment     10     
    Lava Plume     15     
    Leaf Storm     5     
    Luster Purge     5     
    Magical Leaf     20     
    Magma Storm     5     
    Mega Drain     15     
    Mirror Coat     20     
    Mirror Shot     10     
    Mist Ball     5     
    Mud Bomb     10     
    Mud Shot     15     
    Mud-slap     10     
    Muddy Water     10     
    Night Shade     15     
    Octazooka     10     
    Ominous Wind     5     
    Overheat     5     
    Petal Dance     20     
    Powder Snow     25     
    Power Gem     20     
    Psybeam     20     
    Psychic     10     
    Psycho Boost     5     
    Psywave     15     
    Razor Wind     10     
    Roar Of Time     5     
    Seed Flare     5     
    Shadow Ball     15     
    Sheer Cold     5     
    Shock Wave     20     
    Signal Beam     15     
    Silver Wind     5     
    Sludge         20     
    Sludge Bomb     10     
    Smog         20     
    Snore         15     
    Solarbeam     10     
    Sonicboom     20     
    Spacial Rend     5     
    Spit Up     10     
    Surf         15     
    Swift         20     
    Thunder     10     
    Thunderbolt     15     
    Thundershock     30 
    Tri Attack     10     
    Trump Card     5     
    Twister     20     
    Uproar         10     
    Vacuum Wave     30     
    Water Gun     25     
    Water Pulse     20     
    Water Spout     5     
    Weather Ball     10     
    Whirlpool     15     
    Wring Out     5     
    Zap Cannon     5     
    Acid Armor       40       
    Acupressure     30     
    Agility     30     
    Amnesia     20     
    Aqua Ring     20     
    Aromatherapy     5     
    Assist         20     
    Attract     15     
    Barrier     30     
    Baton Pass     40     
    Belly Drum     10     
    Block         5     
    Bulk Up     20     
    Calm Mind     20     
    Camouflage     20     
    Captivate     20     
    Charge         20     
    Charm         20     
    Confuse Ray     10     
    Conversion     30     
    Conversion 2     30     
    Copycat     20     
    Cosmic Power     20     
    Cotton Spore     40     
    Curse         10     
    Dark Void     10     
    Defend Order     10     
    Defense Curl     40     
    Defog         15     
    Destiny Bond     5     
    Detect         5     
    Disable     20     
    Double Team     15     
    Dragon Dance     20     
    Embargo     15     
    Encore         5     
    Endure         10     
    Fake Tears     20     
    Featherdance     15     
    Flash         20     
    Flatter     15     
    Focus Energy     30     
    Follow Me     20     
    Foresight     40     
    Gastro Acid     10     
    Glare         30     
    Grasswhistle     15     
    Gravity     5     
    Growl         40     
    Growth         40     
    Grudge         5     
    Guard Swap     10     
    Hail         10     
    Harden         30     
    Haze         30     
    Heal Bell     5     
    Heal Block     15     
    Heal Order     10     
    Healing Wish     10     
    Heart Swap     10     
    Helping Hand     20     
    Howl         40     
    Hypnosis     20     
    Imprison     10     
    Ingrain     20     
    Iron Defense     15     
    Kinesis     15     
    Leech Seed     10     
    Leer         30     
    Light Screen     30     
    Lock-on     5     
    Lovely Kiss     10     
    Lucky Chant     30     
    Lunar Dance     10     
    Magic Coat     15     
    Magnet Rise     10     
    Me First     20     
    Mean Look     5     
    Meditate     40     
    Memento     10     
    Metal Sound     40     
    Metronome     10 
    Milk Drink     10     
    Mimic         10     
    Mind Reader     5     
    Minimize     20     
    Miracle Eye     40     
    Mirror Move     20     
    Mist         30     
    Moonlight     5     
    Morning Sun     5     
    Mud Sport     15     
    Nasty Plot     20     
    Nature Power     20     
    Nightmare     15     
    Odor Sleuth     40     
    Pain Split     20     
    Perish Song     5     
    Poison Gas     40     
    Poisonpowder     35     
    Power Swap     10     
    Power Trick     10     
    Protect     10     
    Psych Up     10     
    Psycho Shift     10     
    Rain Dance     5     
    Recover     10     
    Recycle     10     
    Reflect     20     
    Refresh     20     
    Rest         10     
    Roar         20     
    Rock Polish     20     
    Role Play     10     
    Roost         10     
    Safeguard     25     
    Sand-attack     15     
    Sandstorm     10     
    Scary Face     10     
    Screech     40     
    Sharpen     30     
    Sing         15     
    Sketch         1     
    Skill Swap     10     
    Slack Off     10     
    Sleep Powder     15     
    Sleep Talk     10     
    Smokescreen     20     
    Snatch         10     
    Softboiled     10     
    Spider Web     10     
    Spikes         20     
    Spite         10     
    Splash         40     
    Spore         15     
    Stealth Rock     20     
    Stockpile     20 
    String Shot     40     
    Stun Spore     30     
    Substitute     10     
    Sunny Day     5     
    Supersonic     20     
    Swagger     15     
    Swallow     10     
    Sweet Kiss     10     
    Sweet Scent     20     
    Switcheroo     10     
    Swords Dance     30     
    Synthesis     5     
    Tail Glow     20     
    Tail Whip     30     
    Tailwind     30     
    Taunt         20     
    Teeter Dance     20     
    Teleport     20     
    Thunder Wave     20     
    Tickle         20     
    Torment     15     
    Toxic         10     
    Toxic Spikes     20     
    Transform     10     
    Trick         10     
    Trick Room     5     
    Water Sport     15     
    Whirlwind     20     
    Will-o-wisp     15     
    Wish         10     
    Withdraw     40     
    Worry Seed     10     
    Yawn         10     
  11. AbSoL!


    Nov 7, 2009
    Finally I beat thorton. It was a very close match. My lead pokemon was the elemental fang Gliscor and Thorton played out Suicune. I use thunder fang and its wacan berry kicks in. Suicune uses surf and kills gliscor. I send in Manectric and i use thunderbolt Suicune survives and uses calm mind. I use thunderbolt again and kill it. Then Thorton sends out Blaziken. I use thunderbolt and it uses flare blitz, kills manectric but also kills Blaziken out of recoil damage. Next I send in Gyrados. Thorton sends in Zapdos. Zapdos uses thunder it misses. I use stone edge and survives with a sliver of Hp. Zapdos uses thunder and misses again and i usse water fall to win. :-)
  12. DrDimentio


    Aug 29, 2009
    HAX! This is madness!

    I was testing out Drapion to get used to using him (Jumpman is a genius), but on battle 90 I lost to a PI (aka Haxor):

    Garchomp managed to get the full setup (Sub and 3 SDs) but had to use Outrage on the first poke since it was something non-grounded (Flygon I think), then of course Forretress came next and barely survived with red HP. Double-Edge broke Garchomp's Sub. Garchomp stopped rampaging so I could have Subbed again, but I didn't feel the need to consult the Tower list and so chose Earthquake. I was expecting another Double-Edge, that's why I didn't Sub again. But no, I missed due to Lax Incense and it Exploded. I forgot I was against a PI. Still, I wasn't sure if exploders at low HP always Explode, does anyone know if that's the case or not? Either way, the Lax Hax was to blame - my Drapion came out last and of course a Guillotine Kingler appeared.

    When purchasing Battle Armor, Drapion didn't read the fine print:

    [size=-2]*Does not protect against unwanted pregnancies, haxors or general (BAN ME PLEASE).[/size]
  13. AbSoL!


    Nov 7, 2009
    Two streaks came to an end today. My battle tower streak ended at 58 because the opponent kept getting critical hits on me.And my Factory streak ended at 28 i lost to a hippowdon and i misplayed my pokemon. I had a blissey and used calm mind instead of Ice beam and my last pokemon was choice scarf rampardos. Giga impact didnt even half hippowdon's Hp. I was flipping through one of my guide books and i saw this combo that can force struggle its a Gardevoir with Trick And Grudge. Then I can play Garchomp and have an easy setup. There are a few things I want to ask if I play this set.
    1.What evs should i use on gardevoir?

    2. What other moves should i use on Gardevoir?

    3. Is this a good idea?

    4. What should I play as a last pokemon?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. Calisto


    Jun 11, 2009
  15. TEzeon

    TEzeon I'm a ramblin gamblin dude!
    is a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Feb 26, 2009
    My best record in the battle tower was 62 wins on level 100.

    The computer mega super ultra awesome hax'd me with a quick claw Lapras that went first every turn and hit me every turn with sheer cold...
  16. Pipko


    Nov 26, 2009
    Interestingly enough, Gardevoir has access to that Spiritomb's exact moveset (plus some other interesting options) but with a higher speed, hp, and special defense (at the cost of defense and typing). At level 50, a Timid Gardevoir with 31 Speed and 236 speed IVs has a speed of 143 - that's 214 with a scarf, just outspeeding the fastest non-scarfed pokes there. While not as bulky as Latias or Cresselia, it might still be a viable lead and since it's breedable there's no need for SRing or RNG exploiting - just old-fashioned breeding.

    Any thoughts from those more experienced?
  17. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    lol and thanks for the compliment, and yeah this was a pretty lame battle, sorry for your loss (to hax). that said...what are you leading with? i'm always able to keep mesprit alive against flygon if that is indeed what you lead off with, and even if it uses a thunderpunch that if you're in "im not losing this battle" mode you set up drapion on (17 turns is good enough against a PI poke unless you dont boost speed at all and only boost attack twice i guess, getting PARed is a bigger problem). mesprit doesn't die to CH thunderpunch though (or two ches for that matter) and that's flygon's strongest move against her (mesprit is a girl ok mystery dungeon says so) and there's obviously no reason to not go right out to garchomp when you lock flygon into TP even if getting drapion set up is a little more secure (would be even more if flygon weren't immune to thunderwave), so i'm wondering what you're leading with that wasn't actually alive after being able to set up chomp.

    looking at the ground-immune PI pokes:

    gliscor would have to have killed your lead with guillotine hitting twice in a row with guillotine (focus sash) for your lead to not be alive after getting gayed by forry, regardless of the almost certainty that you would have made note of setting up garchomp against a faster guillotine that had already gone 2-for-2

    articuno would have to have killed your lead with sheer cold for your lead to not be alive after getting gayed by forry, regardless of the likelihood that you would have made note of setting up garchomp on four sheer colds, not to mention it's dissimilar enough to "flygon" that you probably didnt face it even though you're not 100% sure

    weezing according to the list can only be weezing 3, which has lax incense, making it impossible to have faced in hindsight (though lol only now do i realize that destiny bond is no longer considered a "risky strat" like it was in DP, whatever [weezing four has QC and DB])

    claydol can only be claydol 4 which has lax incense, making it impossible to have faced in hindsight

    bronzong i doubt you faced since it's so dissimilar to the "flygon" you probably faced and it probably used IH which i'm pretty sure you'd set drapion on, unless it exploded first turn which would explain why your lead was dead but wouldn't explain why you wouldn't mention it

    drifblim i doubt you faced since it's so dissimilar to the "flygon" you probably faced and it probably used SB which i'm positive you'd set drapion on, unless it exploded first turn which would explain why your lead was dead but wouldn't explain why you wouldn't mention it

    so yeah it was probably flygon and maybe gliscor (the most similar of the possibilities, similar in that both are ground types immune to ground and are quad weak to ice beam)

    well that was kind of unnecessary lol but still, your lead should probably have been alive, what are you using if not mesprit? if mesprit had stayed alive it would have been able to paralyze kingler (132 > 127) unless you'd gotten paralyzed by flygon's thunderpunch and it hit with guillotine before you could par it. i have actually had to set up drapion on unlocked kingler before because it was a lead and i paralyzed it (as you're supposed to), it was kind of a dick not using its last two guillotines on subbed drapion for a while and then using flail and endure at 100% instead of crabhammer and not breaking my sub so i could use acupressure before it struggled to death, i finally had to dent it so flail did enough damage to break my sub lol =/. but this would have applied to you because you could have actually attacked with crunch behind your sub because it would have been the last pokemon and it would still have been slower after the eventual salac
  18. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    yes they do explode
    +6 garchomp does 128-151, with min damage he had 22 HP left
    after he broke your sub with DE, he lost 15 HP due to recoil (this is against my chomp, don´t know what your sub is)
    sub was the right move to make there dr.d, even if forry didn´t explode, the next DE would´ve killed it

    kingler is jolly and has 139 speed not 127
    gliscor has yet to use guillotine in platinum against me, it´s always counter (now that I think about it, I´ve faced one today among the 5-6 PIs)

    “unusual” stuff
    hariyama missing 3/5 stone edges (no CHs), but then getting 3/5 struggle CHs, the last two in a row leaving me naked at low health to face the next 2 … struggle >>> stone edge
    paralyzed zapdos getting 3 struggle CHs, which went like this CH-para-CH-CH
    another pokémon with a double struggle CH…whatever, yeah and double trick miss on flash cannon luca, also a lead rhydon tried a QC drill but failed for a little shocker…

    other than that my fair share of CHs and freezes…actually freezes happen so often, it´s ridiculous

    hmm I don´t remember triple struggleCHs happening before though …but I tend to forget a lot lol

    2002 was last thursday (?), I did 42 last friday, 70 last saturday, 42 last sunday, 35 on monday, 28 on tuesday, 21 on wednesday, none on thursday, 21 yesterday…
    done a neat 84 today


  19. GoldoShivaa


    Aug 26, 2009
    Since I'm registered here I just did one post.. about the battle factory and if anyone could help me. No, the message I want to tell now is not that I bet this.. "competition" and that I got the gold print, no, I'm not sure if this would happen one day. This time I had another awesome streak of 43 battles but the 44st made my destiny, exactly that battle I bet one month ago, that day my record was 44 battles. Well, the Pokémon I got were really good from the moment I passed the 21 first battles. I had a team of a Zapdos (the worst one in my opinion, this physical one but still better than for example a Shiftry lol), Electivire (the best with the elemental punches and earthquake) and Cresselia (also the best with psycho, ice beam, signal beam and moonlight). With this I won all battles in the series without any big problem. The series with the best Pokémon was that one from 35-42 when I had an physical Heatran, the best Despotar and the best Latios (how ironic, the Pokémon I see in most battle videos of the battle factory is Latios) which was really exciting because I saw a lot of legendaries and I won very easy. But then in the next series I was so unlucky. All my team had an electro-weak and which Pokémon comes? Magnezone. Irocinally I had a Lavados without any fire-attack and the other ones, Crobat and Empoleon also didn't have any move to kill Magnezone. So my streak ended very unhappy.

    I don't want that any of the two streaks I writed will be posted on the list, I just wanted to tell you this "experience" and maybe anyone has any comentary to write.
    Well, today I will start a new streak and maybe this, or one of the next ones will be better. Ah, and please, not any comentary like "why do you play the battle factory..", "give it up.." etc. I know what I do and one time I started anything I'll end it.
  20. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    my streak is over!!! let´s celebrate everyone!!! ...ehm not (I know some people will, I probably would lol)

    I couldn´t do shit against it and each trick team would´ve lost if they tricked

    basically, I fell victim to my own statement from yesterday lol

    fixing this statement: it was always counter until today




    get it? you all know how that went...




    You are challenged by Bird Keeper Eliza!
    Bird Keeper Eliza sent out GLISCOR!
    Go! LILY!

    Turn 1:
    LILY used Trick!
    LILY switched items with its target!
    LILY obtained one Focus Sash.
    The foe´s GLISCOR obtained one Choice Scarf.
    The foe´s GLISCOR used Guillotine!
    LILY hung on using its Focus Sash!

    Turn 2:
    The foe´s GLISCOR used Guillotine!
    It´s a one-hit KO!
    LILY fainted.

    Go! IRON FIST!

    Turn 3:
    The foe´s GLISCOR used Guillotine!
    It´s a one-hit KO!
    IRON FIST fainted.

    Go! LEAH!

    Turn 4:
    The foe´s GLISCOR used Guillotine!
    It´s a one-hit KO!
    LEAH fainted!

    The tailwind put us over the top!
    ...As they say!

    - the fastest battle I had since I started using this team haha :(
    - for posterity sake, the other two pokémon were vespiquen and moltres according to the video I recorded

    Platinum Battle Tower Single Record: 2363

  21. Shelcario


    Nov 25, 2007
    Finally!!! It was bound to happen sooner or later and today it has, congrats on the streak Peterko, I doubt anyone will top it for awhile.
  22. darkseeker4


    Nov 24, 2008
    Congrats peterko,Craazzzzzzy is all I can think off and my first reaction to reading your loss : "Shit happens"

    Anyways trying to figure out a new stratergy for double arcade as no items can be hard.Anyways my 70* castle streak ended at 97 with 443 CP jolteon rapped my team apart and I was careless and crits played a role in my lose.

    Iv got a nice idea for the team and will be back with a 100+ streak even if it kills me!
  23. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    yeah that sucks, i commiserate with you even if i "secretly" wanted you to lose, mainly because gliscor is a "gay counter pokemon to my entire strat" as i said of my LLL over a year ago when you asked me what i would do. can't twave it, and the possibility of hyper cutter made charm a bad idea as well. the 2.7% odds were why i privately warned you about kingler, odds i said were "way too fucking high to put up with" when i was trying to break 330. gliscor's 3-for-3 in pearl before that was 164 or whatever, and when i lost to kingler in plat it was battle 127 (now that i think about it thats probably why i mistook 127 for its speed yesterday lol), which is why i wasnt too heartbroken about that loss, and also why i was baffled as to why you were still tricking kingler post-500 or whatever when you could do something about it. you cant do anything about gliscor though, and even if 0.8% odds are only slightly less than getting BPed twice in a row and it was bound to happen to your team it's still pretty weak

    ive always had one last "trick" up my sleeve with the trick teams ive used though, sweet kiss with LLL and Reflect with CLS, and wasnt afraid to use either after that loss to gliscor as i posted. now with flash on team drapula i can flash guillotine gliscor and be "comfortable" knowing that even if it hits mesprit and decides to EQ every turn garchomp subs (not likely) it can miss and even miss with counter later when i have to outrage (it will still have its sash).

    so i think that if i start playing again (im still dealing with columbia and duke's business school applications and also the tower is boring) the next time i trick a bird keeper or hiker's gliscor (or know its gliscor4) i will flash mainly because of the opportunity cost of tricking at battle 127 vs tricking at battle 1270, because if anyone is going to get swept again by ohkos, the third time would be the charm for me lol

    i think you should try and get the gold print in the factory now, let's see if i'm right to call you a lucky player =) (at least luckier than me)
  24. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    my plan was 3K before the end of the year, but I´m not (and wasn´t) mad, because I simply couldn´t do shit...maybe pray for a while...I simply said "PLEASE NOT 4", YOU CAN´T!" lol

    yeah you have to flash that thing...but seriously how come it never guillotined before? in the like 3500 battles with this team it never did (not even u-turned)...I had to face it at least 10 times

    was just my feeling, but the foes seem to change lead behaviour during such a high streak...or maybe it´s just that different kind of trainers do different things with the same pokémon and having such a high streak gives them more chances to show it...

    would have to be reaaaaaaly bored to get to factory...I simply won´t get gold there, just not worth my time (I´ll probably buy a new game or something, definitely won´t play factory)

    also, went to the hall to test, whether the "weak pokémon = weak oponents" theory was true, and I feel like it was someone´s bad joke or something

    seems like a myth to me at least

    I went in with sneasel and faced
    - altaria (336), latias (441) and salamence (436, rank 10) in the dragon group
    - steelix (410) and torterra (443, rank 10) in the ground group

    then I traded a gabite and bulbasaur

    gabite faced lanturn (307), rotom (373) and lost to manectric (329) at rank 9 or something lol (sash + signal beam confusion)

    bulba faced in the two runs
    - golem (283), rhydon (294), omastar (304), kabutops (305), lunatone (339) and probopass (469) in the rock group and
    - piloswine (315), camerupt (332), whiscash (341) and gastrodon (360) in the ground group (lost to gligar on my first try)

    those ground types are listed one after another and I faced them in that exact order lol (rank 7-10)

    I don´t know what to make up from this...at first I thought I wouldn´t face stuff after 300something (first run I met the first 4 I listed), but then on my second run I met probopass, which is the last rock type on the list ._.

    any ideas guys?

    EDIT: continuing with bulba on fire (lol untrained, with vitamins only, seed bombing stuff)

    rank 6 - whiscash (341)
    rank 7 - mantyke (268)
    rank 8 - slowbro (284) gogogogogogo overgrow boost with a CH lol (would´ve been enough without the CH probably as the first one did like 40%)
    rank 9 - sharpedo (331) gogog bulba! zenbutt 1 missed and didn´t flinch me with the second one haha
    rank 10 - empoleon ugh (445) last one on the water group list heh...needed cheating to beat me :( seed,yawn, bomb, yawn, sleep, flash cannon sp.def drop, sleep, cannon KO...damn

    but still, nowhere near "weak" foes (?)
  25. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    yeah i guess it's a myth then which is slightly disappointing but for me "fuck the hall". i did try medicham and may have posted about it earlier, tried it because it's a pokemon under 270 on the list that you won't see after battle 170 even though it's not an NFE but i still had to fight aerodactyl in rank 9 or 10 so i scrapped that. i would have tried light ball pikachu and one with sash for other types because i expected to see the under-270 linoone no matter what and that's faster and will ohko but i guess pokemon like electivire and regice would be bigger problems

    if gliscor never uturned you either then i can more safely say you were "lucky" because i definitely had to deal with it u-turning a few of the times it didnt counter, iirc you were afraid enough of zapdos and moltres u-turning even before 1,000 to TW them so i'm not sure why you wouldn't be afraid of gliscor using that if it wasnt going to guillotine you, but oh well. you don't necessarily need a 2,000+ streak to know that the trainers will change it up on you though, i posted how many times i've had to face weird things like lead explosions in DP and Plat but then again sometimes not even you read my posts so lol what can i say

    idk why you're already giving up on the factory though, and yesterday i figured that you must be reeeeeeally bored to still be playing 84 battles in a day when there's no one within like 1300 battles of you so i'd say the boredom thing is relative, lol. try to keep some perspective though—when you first started out with your latias trick team, did you honestly think that you would get to 2363? and even now, do you honestly think that getting to 49 in the factory would be harder? because lol im pretty sure 2363 in the BT is more difficult than 49 in the factory no matter how you look at it

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