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Platinum/HG/SS Battle Frontier and DP Battle Tower Records

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by Peterko, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Krul


    Feb 2, 2006
    You realise that he's playing Factory, so his pokemon are random, right?

    I'm giving HG Frontier a spin, trying to see how my luck fares at Arcade, then Castle.
  2. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    Platinum Battle Hall Single Battle Record: 220
    Pokémon: Blissey


    SERENA (Level 100 Blissey 1)
    Item: Focus Sash
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Nature: Modest
    IVs: 31/3/31/31/31/31
    EV Spread: 0-0-252-252-6-0
    Lv.100 Stats: 651-25-119-273-307-146
    - Psychic
    - Flamethrower
    - Counter
    - Protect

    Takes on (7 types): Bug, Poison, Ice, Electric, Fighting, Steel, Fire

    GRACE (Level 100 Blissey 2)
    Item: Focus Sash
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Nature: Modest
    IVs: 31/1/31/31/31/31
    EV Spread: 0-0-252-252-6-0
    Lv.100 Stats: 651-23-119-273-307-146
    - Thunderbolt
    - Ice Beam
    - Counter
    - Shadow Ball

    Takes on (10 types): Flying, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Ghost, Grass, Dragon, Normal, Dark

    Blissey 3 (version 1 of GRACE)
    Item: Focus Sash
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Nature: Modest
    IVs: 31/3/31/31/31/31
    EV Spread: 0-0-146-252-0-112
    Lv.100 Stats: 651-25-92-273-306-174
    - Psychic (orig. Thunderbolt)
    - Flamethrower (orig. Ice Beam)
    - Counter
    - Water Pulse (orig. Shadow Ball)

    Takes on Fire type Rank 1-8 Pokémon and Steel type Rank 1-10 before 170, so I don´t lose to Houndour, have an easier time with other fire types and hopefully don´t lose to Heatran in Steel (although IIRC it only occured in Fire so far).

    Who would´ve thought that I was going to use a Blissey, the Pokémon coming closest to being disliked by me (more like despised lol). My history with Blis is that I have never used it in the GSC era and I was a very good battler back then (started in ´02). I used a Blissey just two times total in my relatively long Pokécareer, in one German cross-generation tourney and then in one of the Smogon Tour tourneys, with Growl haha, that way gay. I had a similar history with Skarmory, for that matter, which I succesfully used in the DP tower in my 459 streak.

    So yeah, times and people change, here we are in 2010 and I bred five Chanseys already, 3 of which are trained, evolved and rockin´ the Hall at level 100. I always knew she was a great Pokémon, I just couldn´t accept that such a pink egg that is supposed to take care of my hurt Pokémon, is suddenly able to wall each and every special attack from everyone and their mother, oh well. Back to reality, I´m actually enjoying utilizing her skills now.

    Approach before 170:

    1-30: I did Fire, Fighting and Steel at the beginning, for obvious reasons...oh you haven´t read the rest of my post, sorry...they are Infernape, Heatran, Poliwrath, Machamp, Medicham, to name a few
    31-40: Water – mainly because of Poliwrath and because Waterfall flinches, but it´s generally wise to do this type as early as possible (the most number of Pokémon, lots of dual types and variety)
    41-50: Normal – because there are nasty pokémon I don´t want to face (like Togekiss, and this set has a wider coverage for Argenta).
    Ice – they freeze me and I´ve lost to those like 4 times already.
    Dark – dangerous dual types, I often rely on them being not lucky lol and I´m not kidding (Umby, Weavile, Sharpedo)
    Psychic – manageable, unless Wobbuffet shows its ass, also tough battles against Focus Blasters.
    Poison – most of them are easy, but things like Crobat and Drapion worry me.
    Dragon – at times I did this right after Argenta, when I lost to Kingdra twice, all other dragons almost never stand a chance (well, maybe dragon rush dragonair in the early stages :o).
    Electric – there´s always the chance to be (fully) paralyzed when it matters.
    111-120: Ghost – GRACE moveset has never lost to a Ghost.
    121-130: Ground – OK type that I have lost in once I think (against Steelix).
    131-140: Rock – pretty manageable type, but there are always some troublemakers (Aero and Probo, for example), I have lost to Solrock for being stupid once.
    141-150: Bug – group with Scyther, Scizor and Yanmega, but B deals with them fairly well.
    151-160: Grass – only a few Pokémon with a low chance to beat B (used the thrower one before, now GRACE handles Grass)
    161-170: Flying – dual types and some foes from this group are dangerous, but I have to battle one less and GRACE has a wider coverage and deals with Argenta (so far I´m 4-1 at #170)

    As my experience in the Hall grew, I changed the order of Types depending on how I felt about certain threats at certain times. Currently my approach looks more like this:

    Battle 1-10: Rank 1-8 Fire & Rank 1-2 Fighting – Blissey 3
    Battle 11-20: Rank 9-10 Fire & Rank 3-10 Fighting – Blissey 1
    Battle 21-30: Rank 1-10 Ice – Blissey 2
    Battle 31-40: Rank 1-10 Psychic – Blissey 2
    Battle 41-50: Rank 1-10 Normal or Water – Blissey 2
    then Dark ASAP
    Steel much later with Blissey 3

    Judging from my exp., Infernape occurs only in Rank 9 & 10, thus I do the first 8 with the Water Pulse set, then pray I don´t meet Heatran in battle #11 or #12 and that I can pass Medicham, which is more like a coin flip win than anything else. Ice early should be clear, they get on my nerves. Psychic only because of Wobba, Medicham is handled by Shadow Ball.

    Lower than RANK 10 Pokémon that are troublesome:

    Medicham: is the worst of them all and it is about 95% you will face one in both Fighting and Psychic. In Fighting I just have to hope my Counter connects because of Double Team and Force Palm 30% paralyze chance, if you look at my logs you´ll see how many times that didn´t work out. In Psychic I have OHKOed with Shadow Ball so far.

    Houndour: SERENA has no move to damage this lil´ nasty plotter, it always comes at low levels where Sucker Punch (it almost always uses it at least once, because the move choices at lower ranks are random) doesn´t do enough damage for B to OHKO with Counter. I lost against this many times, some of them due to chosing the wrong B for Dark.

    Wobbuffet: oh my, this holds a Sitrus Berry and I think the only safe way to win is a sD drop on the first Shadow Ball. Depending on the Rank I get to face Wobba, it acts randomly (and I win) or just Mirror Coats at the right time. Losing to this (and getting rid of Cham, for that matter) made me aproach Psychic much earlier than before, under 50.

    Magcargo: Light Screen and Recover, while I fire away with Psychic. I managed to lose against this, actually, lol.

    RANK 10 Pokémon:

    Abomasnow: Counter the Wood Hammer has always worked.
    Absol: holds a Sash, has high CH rate, bolt 2HKOs and I have a 20% para chance, therefore bolt > counter. I obviously rely on no CHs from Absol.
    Aerodactyl: it generally uses Sandstorm (or so I heard lol), so bolt seemed to be the better option, but as I already posted, close to min damage twice and I lost – now I´m using counter, it´s the safer option (I should win unless it CHs).
    Aggron: not sure about this one, I probably just Counter.
    Alakazam: Shadow Ball 2HKOs, Focus Blast 3HKOs, go figure – I should win unless zam gets accurate and lucky.
    Altaria: Ice Beam, period.
    Ambipom: tricky fellow whose move choices are not always clear to me, Counter should do the job, or I just attack directly.
    Ampharos: Serene Grace Psychic should get the job done.
    Arcanine: Counter I guess, I would calc. Psychic+Blitz recoil if I faced it above 170, to not be sorry afterwards...I hate when fire types Wisp me.
    Armaldo: Counter, easy one.
    Articuno: dunno if I faced one, but both movesets have SE attacks with 20% status inducing chances.
    Azelf: IMHO only Argenta can use the trio, as I only seen it once. I lost because I didn´t attack first turn (they will use Trick 99/100 times).
    Banette: Shadow Ball, Bane uses Bolt, occasinally Sucker P.
    Bastiodon: faced it many times, zero losses; Protect+Thrower or Bolt/Beam, Blissey HP > Metal Burst and it often just attacks instead of MB.
    Bellossom: Counter the Drain Punch.
    Blastoise: spams all of its moves, but my Thunderbolt should win in the end.
    Blaziken: Counter the Sky Uppercut.
    Blissey: hahahahahahahahahah...TRE says: You will never face the Pokémon you use. Go die in a hole ya pink biatch...wait I don´t mean you, Serena and Grace, you two are cool because I´m your trainer :p
    Breloom: Counter.
    Bronzong: against Steel I have a burning Flamethrower (yes I do know about the second ability), against Psychic I have Shadow Ball with a 40% sD drop chance.
    Cacturne: Counter.
    Camerupt: has only special attacks, I use whatever I have (Psychic / Ice Beam / Shadow Ball).
    Carnivine: I am faster and have SE moves, any other questions?
    Chansey: booo my pre-ev., I „should“ win (outdamage), unless she burns me; the 2-3 times I faced her I won, I think I froze her last time.
    Charizard: dunno if I faced it in Fire, but in Flying Thunderbolt fixes zard...yeah not a cakewalk on paper with just Psychic.
    Cherrim: oh no, I´m scared! 1HKO when I faced Grass with SERENA, now a 2HKO with Ice Beam.
    Claydol: I guess this one should lock itself into Quake, so it lives just for that one turn.
    Clefable: you better not get overconfident and freeze me or something; Counter.
    Cloyster: use.special.attack.
    Cradily: Ice Beam.
    Crawdaunt: I am faster and Thunderbolt 1HKOs.
    Cresselia: a combination of Shadow Ball and Counter.
    Crobat: I like bat, but what a pain in the butt. I should win if I hit first turn, that damage plus the recoil for trying to be a brave „bird“ should KO.
    Dewgong: stalls and freezes, dangerous bitch. In Water I have bolt, but this always comes in Ice and I rely on a Psychic sD drop (which once took 13 turns to get). This is one of those Pokémon I have a shot at losing against and I lost against this already, you know. Ice Beam freezes.
    Dodrio: Counter or Bolt/Beam.
    Donphan: Ice Beam, I guess.
    Dragonite: Counter Yeaah! Can´t lose.
    Drapion: I have to Counter, IIRC lost once in an early attempt, because it CHed or something when I was directly attacking.
    Drifblim: Bolt / Beam / Shadow Ball. Choose wisely (or not lol).
    Dusclops: Shadow Ball wins.
    Dusknoir: another tricky foe, I have (maybe surprisingly) yet to lose against noir. Shadow Ball 40% sD drop chance. If it drops, 2HKO. If it doesn´t, 3HKO. Noir uses Brick Break, it used Curse once IIRC. I have a much better chance to beat Dusknoir than it beating me.
    Electabuzz: Counter.
    Electivire: Counter.
    Electrode: Flamethrower (or Counter if Rollout starts).
    Empoleon: Thunderbolt in Water is good, Thrower in Steel is a bit ehm.
    Entei: Psychic and/or Counter on Fire Fang, depending on its behaviour.
    Espeon: Shadow Ball.
    Exeggutor: I use Ice Beam and it faints itself with recoil.
    Exploud: pure special attacker, Ice Beam / Thunderbolt it.
    Fearow: Counter.
    Feraligatr: Counter.
    Flareon: NFT. Nasty Fire Type. I don´t have a SE attack and have to Psychic. It gets close (burn + protect spam), but I should win.
    Floatzel: Counter. Hope it doesn´t use a flinching Waterfall instead of Brick Break.
    Flygon: Ice Beam OHKO.
    Forretress: Flamethrower OHKO.
    Froslass: SERENA Flamethrower, GRACE Shadow Ball. Both win unless Blizzard freezes and I never thaw out.
    Gallade: Counter OHKO.
    Gardevoir: potential bitch; sticky barb hurts + protect spam + Shadow Ball is a 3HKO unless the first one gets a sD drop) I think last time was very close.
    Garchomp: Ice Beam OHKO.
    Gastrodon: Lax Incense is like Blissey -20acc., Shadow Ball +/or just Ice Beam has worked for me so far.
    Gengar: Shadow Ball 2HKO, hypnonightmare is dangerous on paper, but last time GRACE just woke up and KOed (not to mention my Blisseys are generally so cute that the oponents miss them quite often, even with like 95acc. moves)
    Girafarig: Counter Return.
    Glaceon: Flamethrower.
    Glalie: Flamethrower. Dangerous because of Ice Beam´s tendency to freeze, at times.
    Gliscor: Ice Beam.
    Golbat: PSA (pure special attacker). Psychic or Boltbeam.
    Golduck: Thunderbolt, I think.
    Golem: Counter the Hammer Arm for the OHKO.
    Gorebyss: PSA. Thunderbolt.
    Granbull: Counter the Close Combat.
    Grumpig: Focus Blast is a 4HKO and can miss. My Shadow Ball should win.
    Gyarados: I think I haven´t faced this yet, but Thunderbolt OHKOs.
    Hariyama: Protect + Counter.

    Heatran: I simply can not beat this one. Had to decide between being able to beat Infernape 100% of the time with Protect and having a shot at Heatran with Water Pulse (which would ease my Fire type encounters in general as well). I decided in favour of Ape and it paid off so far, Heatran is rare, Ape is quite common.
    By the way, Heatran beat even version1 of Grace that I´m currrently using with Water Pulse/Thrower/Psychic/Counter to deal with Steel <170 and also Fire 1-8. It got a CH through confusion there, but still.
    The Infernape / Heatran dual type bitch commando caused me some serious headaches when I was building the 2 movesets. Infernape is pretty much the only Pokémon I need protect for, that´s very painful. As you will see from the streak logs, because I´m WPulse-less, fire types cause me the most trouble of all types.
    Something funny to add, I was doing the early Blissey theorymon with Surf in mind, it was a bit later that I figured Blissey couldn´t learn the move (which is ridiculous but whatever).

    Heracross: Counter the Close Combat.
    Hippowdon: Counter or Ice Beam.
    Hitmonchan: Counter.
    Hitmonlee: I managed to lose once against this LOL (I think it used reversal and HJK afterwards). Counter first turn and Protect on Bounce. Protect on HJK is instadeath for Lee :p
    Hitmontop: Counter this weirdo.
    Honchkrow: Counter this as well.
    Houndoom: locks itself into Crunch against Blissey so I win with Counter.
    Huntail: Counter.
    Hypno: classic Shadow Ball vs Focus Blast from a Psychic Type face off. I should win.

    Infernape: Blissey can not beat this without Protect. What an awful moveset, complimented by life orb. The main (and prolly only) reason for using Protect on a Blissey. Sucks badly, because with Water Pulse Over it I´d have a much easier life against Fire types. As I said above, this was a tough choice (between Ape and Tran). I went with Protect.

    Jolteon: Flamethrower.
    Jumpluff: Ice Beam OHKO.
    Jynx: Flamethrower against Ice, Shadow Ball against Psychic. Potential bitch with Lkeater, but Blissey is a happy and lucky Pokémon, most of the time.
    Kabutops: Counter the Stone Edge.
    Kangaskhan: Counter.
    Kecleon: Counter.
    Kingdra: seems to be the only Dragon in Rank10 that is dangerous for B. Yawn first turn that is. Boltbeam 3HKOs and Sniper Pimp is something that even the biggest sD wall out there can´t handle well. I lost to Kingdra twice IIRC.
    Kingler: because of the Battle Tower experience I´m scared of this cool Pokémon. The reason I ran 174 speed on my first version of Grace (the boltbeam set). After getting more and more experience in the hall with B, I have decided to breed another B to change the EV spread (you know about lv.100 boundaries), because I lost more because of the low defense instead of Kingler (in fact, I only faced Kay once at a lower rank).
    Lanturn: Lil´ headscratch in the early stages of B theorymon, but both my movesets are capable of dealing with it (Psychic / Shadow Ball) quite easily.
    Lapras: nasty ice type, no prob when faced in Water, troublesome in ice. I hope for an early sD drop and thrower afterwards.
    Latias: Ice Beam/Shadow Ball, you´re welcome cutie.
    Latios: haven´t faced yet, trouble on paper because of captivate.
    Leafeon: Counter.
    Lickilicky: Counter.
    Lucario: looks tricky on paper, Flamethrower fixes it though. ARGENTA pulled one on me at 50 once and I still won with the second moveset.
    Ludicolo: Shadow Ball / Boltbeam outdamages its Water Pulse
    Lumineon: umm really? Bolt.
    Lunatone: Shadow baby Ball.
    Luxray: bleh an electric type, they always t-wave. I Counter the Spark.
    Magmar: manageable Fire. Counter.
    Magmortar: Protect whoring on both sides, Psychic has won so far.
    Magneton: main reason (along with its evo below) that I uce SERENA against electric types, Thrower wins. Before, I beat this with a lucky decisive thunderbolt.
    Magnezone: Read above. Flamethrower.
    Machamp: now this dude is pretty much unbeatable on paper if it doesn´t mess up completely. The following statement is made in full awareness of how my Gliscor statement in the Battle Tower worked out (about how it always uses Counter and then like 2 days later it 4hitted me with guillotine at #2364) : Machamp is non-existent in the Battle Hall. I am facing fighters more than the other types and I never faced a Machamp. Good for me.
    Mamoswine: Flamethrower in Ice, Ice Beam in Ground (the latter is tad more difficult to take M out with)
    Manectric: PSA. Fire with direct attacks.
    Mantine: Thunderbolt OHKO.
    Meganium: Ice Beam.
    Mesprit: Shadow Ball.
    Metagross: Counter. Often uses screen turn 1 but countering the MM is the way to go.
    Milotic: dunno if I faced one, but I´d Thunderbolt / Counter this.
    Miltank: Counter.
    Mismagius: Shadow Ball.
    Moltres: Thunderbolt in Flying, Psychic+Protect in fire. I tried to Counter Sky Attack, well, it flinched me.
    Mr. Mime: Shadow Ball or Counter.
    Muk: Counter I guess, not sure. I´d calc. Psychic damage because I have a feeling it could spam Acid Armor, don´t remember. Counter is quite safe though.
    Nidoking: don´t attract my B, please, she´s not into the whole „horn drilling“ process, she´s a good girl. Counter or Psychic/Ice Beam.
    Nidoqueen: Psychic / Ice Beam depending on the moveset.
    Ninetales: NFT, of the worst kind. WoW, Confuse Ray, Overheat and White Herb. Open battle and I may lose this one. The Fox stopped me at #221.
    Ninjask: Counter.
    Noctowl: Boltbeam.
    Octillery: Counter.
    Omastar: Thunderbolt.
    Persian: PSA. Boltbeam.
    Pidgeot: PSA. Boltbeam.
    Piloswine: not as easy as it seems, Hail-Hide-Powder and Counter misses.
    Pinsir: Counter.
    Politoed: Thunderbolt, which misses sometimes.
    Poliwrath: is generally one of the most dangerous Hall Pokémon. 3hits B, who 2hits. Then there´s the Hypnosis matter and Zoom Lens. I have lost against this one in one of my early attempts, but I was able to beat it lately. Version 1 GRACE was faster, now I´m like 1 point slower. 60&70 vs 72&84 accuracy. Faster is probably better, so I´ll give my second GRACE (the one I´ll be using in HG) 148 speed.
    Porygon2: umm Counter.
    Porygon-Z: dangerous PSA and one of the few normal types that give me a hard time (on paper). Now I don´t recall facing this, but I´d definitely Boltbeam this and hope for some hax.
    Primeape: Counter.
    Probopass: Oh shi, this one´s pretty dangerous, because I don´t have a SE move. I managed to beat it everytime so far, in some cases it was quite close. It´ll sub or sandstorm, then flash cannon and I have to be the first one to kill before being killed, a freeze here and there helps J
    Purugly: Counter.
    Raichu: Counter.
    Raikou: direct attack or Counter. I think only Argenta used this on me once, and I beat it.
    Rampardos: direct attack or Counter, too lazy to calc. now, but I´m definitely faster so I should win.
    Rapidash: Counter or Psychic + recoil? Razor Fang means Flare Blitz could flinch me L Counter is quite safe.
    Regice: lost once against the block of ice, to fully para and a CH avalanche when I was about to Counter. Beatable, but I guess this is the main reason I approach ice types with SERENA (or simply because there has to be 7 types for one moveset and 10 for the other one). Ice Type is a borderline type for B.
    Regiggas: simply put, I don´t want to face this mofo and I hope GRACE won´t hurt herself while trying to Counter the Drain Punch. I haven´t seen this in the Hall so far.
    Regirock: faced and survived, Counter on Stone Edge after being Thunder Waved.
    Registeel: I would Flamethrower and then decide on a whim whether Counter through paraflinch.
    Relicanth: Counter.
    Rhydon: Ice Beam this (am faster), because I don´t want to be flinched by Rock Slide when attempting to Counter.
    Rhyperior: huh? unsure what this one uses, I think I would Counter, the other option is Ice Beam hmm. Maybe I did Ice Beam last time ...damn I don´t remember, but I know I won
    Roserade: attack directly, Thrower / Ice Beam should 2HKO
    Rotom: PSA, attack directly with Thrower / Shadow Ball.
    Salamence: Ice Beam or Counter, both are sure ways to win.
    Sandslash: Ice Beam.
    Sceptile: Counter the Leaf Blade.
    Scizor: Psychic then Flamethrower as B´s faster and I don´t want to give it an unnecessary Swarm boost. Argenta beat me at 170 with it (the only time I lost at 170), because I had the 92 def/174 speed version 1 GRACE and scissor+bullet finished me off (technician).
    Scyther: probably the same as with Scizor (or Shadow Ball and Boltbeam/Counter in Flying)
    Seadra: Thunderbolt.
    Seaking: Counter, Waterfall flinches though.
    Seviper: Counter.
    Sharpedo: bolting this dangerous mofo, Sash, Waterfall flinches, Crunch may lower def and last time it wanted to be a bitch at #67 and used ice fang turn 2 to freeze me ._.
    Shiftry: Ice Beam vs Focus Blast, I win.
    Shuckle: Counter.
    Skarmory: Counter the Drill Peck.
    Skuntank: Counter the Poison Jab.
    Slaking: Counter.
    Slowbro: no prob., PSA and I have SE attacks.
    Slowking: same as Bro´.
    Snorlax: Counter.
    Solrock: Attention!!! Counter this please!!! Twice I didn´t pay attention and used Shadow Ball, the first time I lost (it doesn´t OHKO) and Srock is faster (2HKOs), the second time (actually in the 220 streak) I won, because Stone Edge missed haha. SB is kind of an automatic reaction when facing it in the Psychic type and I SB Lunatone.
    Spiritomb.: weak PSA, just attack it directly.
    Stantler: Counter.
    Staraptor: Counter or Boltbeam, both will do.
    Starmie: Thunderbolt 2HKOs.
    Steelix: Flamethrower in Steel, Ice Beam in Ground. I lost once when I attempted to Counter turn1, lix cursed, then I ice beamed for 49%, he gyroed for 650, I ice beamed for 49% and lost that turn
    Suicune: I think I will Counter the Facade, bolting into a Sitrus Berry and Mirroc Coat seems risky. My approach will depend on how it behaves.
    Swalot: Counter or Psychic.
    Swampert: is one of those Pokémon I labeled as dangerous during theorymon. It creates 80 HP subs and Ice Beam does 71-84 damage. It holds BrightPowder and both of its damaging moves have 85 acc. on one hand, but 30% of the time lower my accuracy. I met it once, Argenta used it at #50 and I won thanks to special defense drop(s) from Shadow Ball.
    Tangrowth: PSA, Ice Beam it.
    Tauros: Counter.
    Tentacruel: dunno if I faced it, but I´d Counter it.
    Togekiss: booooooooo! Ice Beam is a 3HKO because of its EV spread and I have to face paraflinch hax. Probably on top of my Normal type list of Pokémon I´d rather not face. I did once (in the 220 streak) and I freaking froze it with my first Ice Beam mwahahahaha, it´s about who opts for serene grace hax first that lives to talk about it later ;)
    Torkoal: Counter the Stone Edge.
    Torterra: Lax Incense means I´m in „prayer“ mode everytime I face this. I have to hit with Ice Beam at least once in the 2 turns I get.
    Toxicroak: Counter.
    Tropius: Ice Beam.
    Typhlosion: Psychic, Eruption hurts.
    Tyranitar: Counter, pray that Stone Edge hits, because you don´t have a Sash turn2.

    Umbreon: our all time favourite battle-hall-streak-ending-machine. It uses Facade as its main attack, sometimes throws a Sucker Punch in between, of course Confuse Ray is the main problem. Sometimes it uses Cray turn 1, sometimes not. I use Counter on Facade then Ice Beam on Moonlight. It always Moonlights after being knocked to about 60-65% after lefties. Now it should be clear why an increased damage from umby helps my B. Countering a CH Facade brings Umby down to KO range from Ice Beam. Battles vs Umby are always open and depend on my luck with confusion and whether I´m able to live long enough to Counter-Ice Beam win. You see, on my 220 streak I froze the dark bitch at #180 and then at #200 got in a CH Facade Counter followed by a CH Ice Beam hehe. Blissey vs Umbreon above battle 170, score = 2-2. I lost two streaks to Umby and beat it twice to get my highest streak of 220.

    Ursaring: Counter.
    Uxie: Shadow Ball.
    Vaporeon: Thunderbolt.
    Venomoth: Flamethrower.
    Venusaur: Flamethrower in Poison & Ice Beam in Grass.
    Vespiquen: not sure but either Counter or SE direct attack, the Brightpowder worries me a bit.
    Victreebel: Flamethrower in Poison & Ice Beam in Grass.
    Vigoroth: Counter.
    Vileplume: PSA, Flamethrower in Poison & Ice Beam in Grass.
    Wailord: Thunderbolt.
    Walrein: attack then Counter the Dive.
    Weavile: Sash & physical Ice Type, I haven´t lost yet but an Ice Punch freeze and I will.
    Weezing: Psychic.
    Whiscash: stupid Lax Incense and I keep missing, which gets on my nerves. B „shouldn´t“ lose though. Shadow Ball or simply Ice Beam.
    Xatu: PSA, Boltbeam.
    Yanmega: tricky on paper and I was worried how it would behave. It has EndRev but all it ever does is Bug Buzz. I play it safe and don´t give it any reason to use EndRev by using Shadow Ball / Psychic turn 1 and then the SE Flamethrower / Boltbeam turn 2. I haven´t lost yet.
    Zangoose: Counter
    Zapdos: haven´t met yet, could be troublesome in Electric, which I take on with SERENA (psychotrhower)

    Well, that took a while.

    Copy-pasting all the logs I made of my approaches
    ATTEMPT No. 1
    #10 fighting – infernape
    #20 fire – magmortar
    #30 steel – forretress
    #40 water – gastrodon
    #50 normal – yanmega
    #60 electric – electrode
    #70 ice – abomasnow
    #80 poison – skuntank
    #90 dark – tyranitar
    #100 ground – piloswine
    #110 rock – lunatone
    #120 psychic – starmie
    #130 ghost – drifblim
    #140 dragon – kingdra
    ATTEMPT No. 2
    #10 fighting – toxicroak
    #20 fire – heatran
    ATTEMPT No. 3
    #10 fighting – hitmontop
    #18 fire – magcargo
    ATTEMPT No. 4
    #10 fire – ninetales
    #20 steel – lucario
    #30 fighting – poliwrath
    #40 water – slowking
    #50 normal (ARGENTA) – dragonite
    #60 dragon – kingdra
    #70 electric – ampharos
    #79 ice – dewgong
    ATTEMPT No. 5
    #10 fire – houndoom
    #20 steel – forretress
    #27 fighting – medicham
    ATTEMPT No. 6
    #10 fire – ninetales
    #20 steel – probopass
    #30 fighting – heracross
    #40 normal – clefable
    #50 water (ARGENTA) – azelf
    ATTEMPT No. 7
    #10 fire – camerupt
    #20 steel – forretress
    #30 water – floatzel
    #40 normal – exploud
    #50 fighting – cloyster ARGENTA
    #60 dragon – kingdra
    #70 psychic – uxie
    #80 ice – abomasnow
    #90 electric – jolteon
    #100 poison – lv.93 roserade (4 BP)
    #110 dark – lv.93 houndoom (4 BP)
    #120 ground – lv.94 steelix (6 BP)
    #121 – 130 ghost – lv.76 gastly, lv.78 shedinja, lv.80 sableye, lv.82 shuppet, lv.84 haunter, lv.86 banette, lv.88 dusclops, lv.90 drifblim, lv.92 mismagius, lv.94 spiritomb (6 BP)
    #131 – 140 rock – lv.77 bonsly, lv.79 larvitar, lv.81 aron, lv.83 nosepass, lv.85 graveler, lv.87 relicanth, lv.89 cradily, lv.91golem, lv.93 aerodactyl, lv.95 shuckle (8 BP)
    #141 – 150 bug – lv.77 wurmple, lv.79 silcoon, lv.81 kricketot, lv.83 volbeat, lv.85 ledyba, lv.87 ledian, lv.89 kricketune, lv.91 butterfree, lv.93 scizor, lv.95 yanmega (8 BP)
    #151 – 160 grass – lv.78 exeggcute, lv.80 bulbasaur, lv.82 bayleef, lv.84 oddish, lv.86 wormadam, lv.88 gloom, lv.90 bellossom, lv.92 grovyle, lv.94 tangrowth, lv.96 vileplume (10 BP)
    #161 – 170 flying – lv.78 starly, lv.80 taillow, lv. 82 doduo, lv.84 staravia, lv.86 combee, lv.88 mothim, lv.90 noctowl, lv.92 ledian, lv.94 vespiquen, (ARGENTA) lv.100 raikou (20 BP)
    #171 flying – lv.96 salamence ACE TRAINER YARDLEY
    #172 ground – lv.96 gastrodon RUIN MANIAC HENRIK
    #173 rock – lv.96 lunatone VETERAN COSTIN
    #174 water – lv.96 slowbro PI NEIL
    #175 psychic – lv.96 alakazam ACE TRAINER KIM
    #176 electric – lv.96 ampharos PI SERGEI
    #177 ghost – lv.96 banette PKMN RANGER ALMA
    #178 dark – lv.96 shiftry ACE TRAINER STAVROS
    #179 normal – lv.96 persian PI CHESTER
    #180 dragon – lv.96 latias PI RALPH (12 BP)
    #181 grass – lv.96 cherrim PICNICKER INGA
    #182 bug – lv.96 yanmega BUG CATCHER CAMUI
    #183 poison – lv.96 swalot VETERAN BECK
    #184 ice – lv.96 glalie ACE TRAINER KIM
    #185 fighting – lv.96 toxicroak BLACK BELT FERGUS
    #186 steel – lv.96 magneton CYCLIST KAYLENE
    #187 fire – lv.96 magmar PI RALPH
    #188 grass – lv.96 carnivine PKMN RANGER ALMA
    #189 bug – lv.96 ninjask PKMN BREEDER ADRIANA
    #190 poison – lv.96 weezing PKMN RANGER MENA (12 BP)
    #191 flying – lv.96 crobat ACE TRAINER KIM
    #192 ground – lv.96 whiscash PKMN BREEDER HOWARD
    #193 rock – lv.96 omastar PI NEIL
    #194 water – lv.96 starmie PKMN BREEDER DERREL
    #195 psychic – lv.96 exeggutor PKMN RANGER MENA
    #196 electric – lv.96 magneton PI RALPH – bolt3 CH/ my forelast bolt para
    #197 ghost – lv.96 dusknoir ACE TRAINER YARDLEY
    #198 dark – lv.96 umbreon ROUGHNECK RODNEY hurt itself 3 times out of 4 confusion turns, survived ice beam with a sliver, facade KO
    ATTEMPT No. 8
    #10 fire – lv.88 blaziken PKMN BREEDER ADRIANA
    #20 steel – lv.89 aggron ACE TRAINER KIM
    #30 fighting – heracross
    #40 water – huntail
    #50 normal – ARGENTA rapidash
    #60 dragon – kingdra
    #70 ice – cloyster
    #80 psychic – mr. mime
    #90 electric –
    #100 poison – (4 BP)
    #110 dark – (4 BP)
    #120 ground – lv.94 steelix (6 BP)
    #121 – 130 ghost – lv.76 gastly, lv.78 shedinja, lv.80 sableye, lv.82 shuppet, lv.84 haunter, lv.86 banette, lv.88 dusclops, lv.90 drifblim, lv.92 mismagius, lv.94 spiritomb (6 BP)
    #131 – 140 rock – lv.77 bonsly, lv.79 larvitar, lv.81 aron, lv.83 nosepass, lv.85 graveler, lv.87 relicanth, lv.89 cradily, lv.91golem, lv.93 aerodactyl, lv.95 shuckle (8 BP)
    #147 rock – #148 - lv.91 solrock stone edge + zen headbutt
    some losses in between
    ATTEMPT No. 11
    #170 flying – (ARGENTA) lv.100 bronzong
    #171 flying – lv.96 staraptor PKMN BREEDER ADRIANA
    #172 ground – lv.96 torterra PKMN RANGER MENA
    #173 rock – lv.96 cradily HIKER EVERETT
    #174 water – lv.96 blastoise PKMN RANGER GEOFF
    #175 psychic – lv.96 exeggutor PSYCHIC DENVER
    #176 ghost – lv.96 drifblim PSYCHIC ALPHA
    #177 grass – lv.96 bellossom PKMN BREEDER SONYA
    #178 dragon – lv.96 latias DRAGON TAMER HAROLD
    #179 normal – lv.96 ambipom ACE TRAINER KIM
    #180 dark – lv.96 umbreon PKMN BREEDER HOWARD:confuse-hurt, sucker CH–hurt, facade CH–hurt, sucker KO
    ATTEMPT No. 12
    #170 flying pinsir HALL MATRON ARGENTA
    #171 flying ninjask PKMN BREEDER HOWARD
    #172 ground torterra ACE TRAINER KIM
    #173 rock rhydon PKMN BREEDER ADRIANA
    #174 water slowbro ACE TRAINER CHLOE
    #175 psychic gallade PKMN RANGER MENA
    #176 ghost banette PSYCHIC DENVER
    #177 grass meganium CAMPER BERNARD
    #178 dragon flygon PKMN RANGER GEOFF
    #179 normal lickilicky YOUNGSTER ERROLL
    #180 dark shiftry PI CHESTER
    #181 bug scizor ACE TRAINER YARDLEY
    #182 poison crobat ACE TRAINER STAVROS
    #183 ice weavile ACE TRAINER PAMELA
    #184 electric luxray ACE TRAINER CHLOE
    #185 fighting heracross PKMN RANGER DOYLE
    #186 steel metagross CAMERAMAN HUDSON
    #187 fire ninetales VETERAN COSTIN
    #188 bug venomoth PI NEIL
    #189 poison golbat ACE TRAINER ZANE
    #190 ice dewgong ACE TRAINER DANIELA
    #191 flying aerodactyl ACE TRAINER CHLOE 146-172 / 284 (51,40845% – 60,56338%)
    #50 Infernape – I stupidly gave up as soon as I saw what Argenta pulled this fellow out of her ass and used thunderbolt instead of counter (the only hope), she indeed CCed right from the bat
    #50 normal heracross HALL MATRON ARGENTA
    #140 ground lv.95 steelix curse-counter, ice beam 49%-gyro ball 650, ice beam 49%-gyro ball
    #20 fire heatran pulse/magma, pulseC/Cmagma, pulse/C-END-magma CH
    #50 normal lapras HALL MATRON ARGENTA
    #70 ice dewgong 2nd ice beam froze
    #50 normal gengar HALL MATRON ARGENTA
    #71 dark houndour lol used the wrong Blissey


    #50 normal swampert HALL MATRON ARGENTA
    #170 flying charizard HALL MATRON ARGENTA
    #171 flying noctowl PI RALPH
    #172 ground camerupt RUIN MANIAC HENRIK
    #173 rock lunatone PKMN BREEDER HOWARD
    #174 water starmie PKMN BREEDER DERRELL
    #175 psychic espeon PSYCHIC ALPHA
    #176 ghost gengar PI NEIL
    #177 grass sceptile PKMN BREEDER ZORYA
    #178 dragon dragonite VETERAN COSTIN
    #179 normal clefable ACE TRAINER YARDLEY
    #180 dark umbreon PKMN BREEDER ADRIANA cray/counter, fac/cou, IB/moon, fac/cou, IB frz, frz, frz, frz
    #181 bug armaldo ACE TRAINER KIM
    #182 poison roserade ACE TRAINER YARDLEY
    #183 ice dewgong VETERAN BECK
    #184 electric raichu PI NEIL
    #185 fighting poliwrath ACE TRAINER MACY
    #186 steel bastiodon REPORTER DOT
    #187 fire infernape POLICEMAN HUGH
    #188 bug scizor PKMN BREEDER PETER
    #189 poison seviper SCIENTIST IRWIN
    #190 ice walrein ACE TRAINER GARVEY
    #191 flying tropius PKMN BREEDER HOWARD: ice beam 1HKO
    #192 ground torterra HIKER EVERETT: missed first ice beam
    #193 rock lunatone HIKER LYLE: shadow ball 2HKO
    #194 water sharpedo TUBER DAKOTA: waterfall no flinch / thunderbolt paralyzed
    #195 psychic metagross PSYCHIC AMELIA: meteor mash counter
    #196 ghost banette PSYCHIC IRENE: bolt/shadow ball, sucker punch / bolt
    #197 grass cherrim PICNICKER INGA: sunny day / ice beam, solarbeam / ice beam
    #198 dragon altaria PKMN RANGER DOYLE: dragon pulse / ice beam 1HKO
    #199 normal togekiss POKÉFAN SIMON: thunder wave / ice beam FRZ, FRZ / ice beam, FRZ / ice beam KO
    #200 dark umbreon ROUGHNECK RODNEY: facade CH / counter, ice beam CH KO
    #201 electric jolteon PKMN BREEDER ADRIANA: DT / thrower, discharge / thrower, discharge / thrower KO
    #202 fighting hitmontop PKMN BREEDER HOWARD: techni aerial ace / counter OHKO
    #203 steel bastiodon PKMN RANGER MENA: protect / blizzard, thrower burn / FB, protect / blizzard, thrower / burst, thrower KO
    #204 fire magmar POLICEMAN HUGH: brick break / counter OHKO
    #205 bug forretress BUG CATCHER LOYD: flamethrower OHKO
    #206 poison nidoqueen NINJA BOY ZACK: sludge bomb / psychic, earth power drop / psychic KO
    #207 ice glalie ACE TRAINER YARDLEY: protect / ice beam, ice beam / thrower burn lum, protect / IB, IB / thrower KO
    #208 electric rotom POKÉKID KYLA: bolt / thrower burn, bolt para / para, bolt / thrower KO
    #209 fighting toxicroak VETERAN COSTIN: psn jab / counter OHKO
    #210 steel steelix ACE TRAINER STAVROS: thrower / curse, thrower KO
    #211 flying noctowl PKMN RANGER MENA: air slash CH / bolt para, bolt / air slash CH, bolt KO
    #212 ground golem PKMN RANGER GEOFF: sucker punch / counter OHKO
    #213 rock regirock RUIN MANIAC SAMUEL: thunder wave / counter, stone edge miss / para, SE 365/651 / counter OHKO
    #214 water huntail PKMN BREEDER HOWARD: aqua tail miss / counter failed, aqua tail 369/651 / counter OHKO
    #215 psychic gardevoir ACE TRAINER CHLOE: trick sticky / shadow ball 49%, prot / SB, psych / SB 49%, prot / SB, psych 109/651 / SB KO
    #216 ghost dusknoir PKMN RANGER ALMA: shadow ball drop / curse, shadow ball KO
    #217 grass cherrim AROMA LADY ELISHA: sunny day / ice beam, solarbea / ice beam KO
    #218 dragon dragonite DRAGON TAMER HAROLD: outrage 188/651 / counter OHKO
    #219 normal ursaring PKMN RANGER ELISE: frustration 269/651 / counter OHKO
    #220 dark skuntank PKMN BREEDER ADRIANA: poison jab psn 446/651 / counter OHKO aftermath
    #221 fire ninetales POLICEMAN HUGH: protect / cray, cray / hurt, overheat / hurt, WoW / hurt, overheat / hurt,
    overheat / snapped out psychic burn 28/651, quick attack KO lost

    fire 8 + fighting 2, fire 2 + fighting 8, ice 10
    #38 psychic wobbuffet shadow ball / mirror coat, shadow ball / mirror coat
    50 flareon
    67 sharpedo crunch, ice fang frz
    12 heatran
    currently sitting at #50 and playing HG...umm, I actually finished HG already.
  3. Drathos


    Mar 7, 2010
    Happy one year anniversary thread! I don't have any records to report but my highest record in the Battle Tower so far is 70 so I'm getting closer to that elusive 100 win streak, I'm going to continue to try. I've been testing different weather teams but I don't know how successful they will be in the Battle Tower. Good luck to everyone who has a streak in progress!
  4. Cl0wn


    Jun 13, 2005
    Hello everyone,

    after seeing Jumps Drapula's set i decided to give it a try in the battle tower. Currently i am breeding drapion. (got a non rng'd Mespirit with 31hp/def 29 sdef and 28 spd ) I just hatched a 31 hp / 31 def / 28 att / x / 31 sdef and 22 spd Hardy nature. ( i am breeding with SS and using the HP / def items on the parents. Therefore i cannot pass natures, shall i continue breeding for a carefull or adamant or switch items and make sure i get the right nature meaning i will have drop the Def power item on the female?

    thanks a lot for the support!

    *just got an adamant female with 31 def / sdef =)
  5. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    Happy Anniversary!

    Platinum Single Battle Factory
    Team Rocket Elite (39) - various

    I don't remember much about the streak, I think I had Sceptile 4, Weavile 1, and swapped my third for a Bronzong, which I thought was Bronzong 4, but ended up being Bronzong 1. I was trying to go for Explosion, but ended up using Extrasensory, since it didn't have Explosion, it came down to Weavile against an Ursaring, and I had to bank on a critical hit to save me, which didn't happen.

    Platinum Single Battle Hall
    Team Rocket Elite (252) - Swampert + Swampert, Swampert and Swampert as side board


    Swampert A

    Lv. 100 Swampert @ Focus Sash
    Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -Sp.A)
    IVs: 31/31/26/17/25/31
    EVs: 146HP, 252 Atk, 112 Spd
    -Mirror Coat

    3 negative priority moves, and yet I add speed. 112 EVs gives Swampert 184 Speed allowings it to outrun Speedless Base 80s, which include things like Mamoswine which is a 2HKO with Mirror Coat or Earthquake. Being faster helps me avoid dealing with potential Snow Cloak. Aside from the addition of speed to something that has 3 negative priority moves, the swampert is pretty self-explanitory. Take in attacks and dish out double.

    Swampert B

    Lv. 100 Swampert @ Focus Sash
    Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -Sp.A)
    IVs: 31/31/30/00/31/31
    EVs: 102HP, 252 Atk, 4 Def, 152 Spd

    152 EVs gives 194 Speed, this Swampert also has just enough HP and Def such that it can take a max variant Iron Fist CB Sky Uppercut, and still put up a Sub, guaranteeing that Torrent activates allowing an OHKO without fail. The Speed allows Swampert to outrun Cresselia, making the battle a bit less problematic. The moveset is a straight-up attacking moveset. Substitute is used on a few occasions. It works surprisingly well against things like Uxie and Umbreon, who can't break the Subs, allowing Swampert to avoid Dream Eater, Yawn or Confuse Ray. It helps against things that are faster, barely survive Earthquake/Waterfall, and can KO Swampert in 2 hits. Sub allows me to force activate Torrent allowing an OHKO against these Pokemon. Lastly, it's somewhat helpful against things like Hypno and Poliwrath in case they try a Hypnosis attack against me.

    Swampert C

    Lv. 36 Swampert @ Focus Sash
    Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -Sp.A)
    IVs: 30/31/30/08/08/30
    EVs: 6 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Spd
    -Ice Punch

    For Pre-170 Battles, Since my other Swamperts can't deal with Shedinja. Since there is still a threat of grass attacks in Bug/Ghost, the Focus Sash is kept on. Laziness in not getting this one to level 100 is rewarded as the level difference ends up being a lot greater when using lower levelled Pokemon in early rounds of the Battle Hall. Fighting Pokemon between level 18 and 30 in early battles is similar to fighting things between level 50 and 83, as opposed to levels 70 and 90. Life bars also move faster so the first few rounds go faster as well.

    Swampert D

    Lv. 36 Swampert @ Choice Scarf
    Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -Sp.A)
    IVs: 29/31/25/00/27/31
    EVs: 252 Atk, 4 Def, 252 Spd
    -Stone Edge

    For Pre-170 Battles, After I got sick and tired of losing in the first 20 battles due to Ice type's inherit 10% loss per battle, and mass Focus Sash users in Dark. Also helps me get through Fire guaranteed, instead of fearing the roughly 1/8 chance of death by Infernape.

    Having only one weakness, access to Counter and Mirror Coat, coupled along with a decently powerful STAB Earthquake and Waterfall, Swampert ends up being quite a force, despite being a bit on the slow side. Fortunately, a lot of the Pokemon that have 200 speed or more are either relatively harmless or relatively frail (sometimes both). Ones that can actually pull off a 2HKO are often OHKO'd in return, by a single Earthquake, Torrent Waterfall, or CounterCoat.

    As usual, here's how the types were divided:

    Swampert A - Water, Ice, Normal, Grass, Bug, Steel, Flying, Dragon / Rock, Electric / Ghost, Fighting
    Swampert B - Ground, Dark, Psychic, Poison, Fire / Ghost, Fighting / Rock, Electric

    Here's the Strat list on all types:

    Fire (B)
    Waterfall against Moltres, Charizard
    Earthquake against the rest

    Threats: Ninetales, Charizard, Infernape

    Fire is a pushover. It would take a pretty large amount of luck for most of them to have a chance. With that said, I've managed to lose to Ninetales with Swamperts due to Confuese Ray. Charizard can pull a win if it gets some finch hax. And as stated earlier, Infernape will win about 1/8 battles.

    Water (A)
    -Counter against Kingler, Seaking, Crawdaunt, Gyarados
    -Mirror Coat against Slowbro, Seadra, Ludicolo, Golduck, Cloyster, Lapras, Kingdra, Suicune, Milotic, Walrein
    -Counter then Earthquake against Feraligatr
    -Earthquake against the rest

    Threat: Gyarados, Starmie, Poliwrath, Sharpedo, Floatzel, Blastoise, Kingdra

    Water is a bit of a pain, but fortunately there is a large variety in the Type pool, somewhat lowering my chances of seeing something I don't want to be.
    -Gyarados can be dangerous, but it tends to use Bounce instead of Waterfall, which has a lower chance of causing me a loss.
    -Sharpedo is the second biggest threat of everything in hall. it 3HKOs, but the sash means that I need to hit it twice to KO. If it gets a critical hit or flinches with Waterfall at any point, it's a loss.
    -Poliwrath is not guarateed to be 2HKO, and it has Hypnosis and a zoom lens, making it up to chance to beat.
    -Floatzel is unreliably OHKO'd by Earthquake or Counter and has a Liechi berry, flinches and criticals are thus problematic
    -Starmie can 2HKO Swampert with Hydro Pump, but fortunately(?) always starts off with Double Team spam, it ends up being down to luck though.
    -Blastoise can pull a surprise victory against me with Yawn+Protect if Swampert is fast asleep for 3 or more turns.
    -Kingdra can win if it plays like an idiot, surprisingly enough. It gets OHKO'd by Mirror Coat, but takes two Earthquakes, also it 2HKOs with Hydro Pump. If it's starting move is using Yawn twice, Swampert ends up losing.

    Grass (A)
    -Avalanche against Vileplume, Bellossom, Shiftry, Cacturne, Jumpluff, Cherrim, Sceptile
    -Counter against Breloom, Carnivine, Abomasnow, Exeggutor, Torterra, Leafeon
    -Earthquake against Venusaur, Cacturne
    -Mirror Coat against Victreebel, Ludicolo, Cradily, Tropius, Meganium, Roserade, Tangrowth

    *Use Avalanche against Snover and Abomasnow for pre-Rank 8.

    Threat: Tangrowth, Torterra, Jumpluff, Cacturne, Bellossom

    Pretty much anything here will KO in two hits, one if it wasn't for the Focus Sash. As such, the only dangers are the ones that can possibly dodge it or Cacturne who has a 30% chance to Flinch.
    It is possible to KO Cacturne in two Earthquakes instead, but it isn't guaranteed, and it may use Sucker Punch as its second move. So whether you use Earthquake or Counter/Avalanche against it is up to you.
    Also, for some reason, despite being able to "OHKO" Swampert, Bellossom uses Stun Spore.

    Humorously enough, Grass is a bit more threatening to go through before 170, because there are some Pokemon that have Swagger, and will use it to screw Swampert over.

    Electric (AB)
    -Mirror Coat against Rotom
    -Avalanche against Zapdos
    -Earthquake the rest

    -Waterfall against Rotom
    -Avalanche against Zapdos
    -Earthquake the rest

    Threats: None

    Electrics can't touch Ground Types.

    Ice (A)
    -Mirror Coat against Articuno, Lapras, Walrein, Regice, Cloyster, Glaceon
    -Counter against Abomasnow
    -Earthquake against Weavile, Froslass, Dewgong, Mamoswine, Piloswine, Jynx, Glalie

    Threats: Almost Everything has at least a 8% chance of Victory

    I've come to a conclusion that Ice Type is probably the most threatening type overall in Single Battle Hall. There are a lot of Pokemon that are easily able to take a hit, a number of them with Brightpowder, and there's Weavile. Unless you resist Ice, it's pretty likely that all the Pokemon have a 10% chance of screwing you over by Freeze Hax.
    Glaceon is particularly dangerous if it decides to start off with Hail first, due to Snow Cloak, and the need to use Mirror Coat to take it down.

    Dark (B)
    -Avalanche against Honchkrow, Shiftry
    -Substitute + Earthquake against Umbreon
    -Earthquake, then Waterfall against Cacturne
    -Earthquake against the rest

    Threats: Absol, Cacturne, Sharpedo

    Dark is a bit of a mixed bag of stuff. Ranging from things that have no chance to win to things that can get really annoying due to Focus Sashes and high critical/freezing/flinching.

    Umbreon is neutralized by Sub.

    Dragon (A)
    -Mirror Coat against Kingdra
    -Avalanche against everything else

    Threats: Kingdra

    Avalanche destroys Dragon as they have little to no way to disrupt my attacks. The only problem I might have is from Kingdra.

    Steel (A)
    -Counter against Forretress, Skarmory
    -Earthquake against Bronzong, Mirror Coat if levitating
    -Avalanche, then Counter against Scizor
    -Earthquake against the Rest

    Threat: Scizor

    Earthquake makes quick work of Steel Type. Skarmory, and Forretress will kill themselves from Counter before they kill me. Bronzong can be a bit of trouble sometimes, but I have plenty of tries to KO with Mirror Coat. Scizor, on the other hand, is a bit of a pain. Earthquake can 2HKO it, but if it uses Counter Swampert would lose. In the end I determined that Avalanche, then Counter would be best. Banking on the Opponent not using Swords Dance on Turn 2 if it used X-Scissor on the first turn.

    Posion (B)
    -Substitute -> Torrent Waterfall against Gengar
    -Waterfall against Venomoth, Weezing
    -Avalanche against Golbat, Crobat
    -Earthquake against the rest

    Threat: Gengar

    Another Type destroyed by Earthquakes. Of the ones that don't, Venomoth triggers Torrent Waterfall when attacking me, getting itself OHKO'd. Weezing can't break Subs. Golbat and Crobat are dealt with easily with Avalanche. Only Gengar can be a problem with Hypnosis, but shouldn't be too much of a problem unless Swampert gets 4 turn sleep'd.

    Bug (A)
    -Counter against Forretress, Armaldo, Heracross, Pinsir
    -Avalanche against Ninjask, Vespiquen, Scyther
    -Mirror Coat against Yanmega
    -Earthquke against Shuckle

    Threats: Scizor

    CounterCoat makes Bug pretty easy to deal with. Having non-31IV def and sp.def allows for a guaranteed Counter/Mirror Coat KO on Pinsir and Yanmega. Scizor is once again dealt with in the same was as before.

    Psychic (B)
    -Substitute + Waterfall against Uxie
    -Substitute + Earthquake against Hypno
    -Waterfall against Grumpig, Solrock, Lunatone, Claydol, Cresselia, Mesprit, Azelf
    -Avalanche against Xatu, Exeggutor, Latios, Latias
    -Earthquake, Waterfall if Levitating against Bronzong
    -Earthquake against the Rest

    Threat: Starmie

    Psychic has a wide variety of things, and thus a couple a couple ways are needed to handle them. But overall, Starmie is the only real danger.

    Rock (AB)
    -Counter against Solrock, Armaldo
    -Mirror Coat against Lunatone
    -Avalanche against Cradily
    -Earthquake against the Rest

    -Waterfall against Golem, Rhydon, Lunatone, Solrock, Armaldo, Shuckle, Aerodactyl, Rhyperior
    -Avalanche against Cradily
    -Earthquake against the Rest

    Threats: None

    Whether Swampert has Waterfall or not, not much trouble is had here.

    Ground (B)
    -Earthquake against Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Steelix
    -Waterfall, then Earthquake against Gastrodon
    -Avalanche against Flygon, Torterra, Garchomp, Gliscor
    -Waterfall against the Rest

    Threats: Torterra

    Lax Incense dodging Avalanche is probably the only way I'm going to lose here. Or Lax Incense + Muddy Water Acc drops, but that's almost negligable in chance.

    Normal (A)
    -Counter against Clefable, Kangaskhan, Tauros, Girafarig, Granbull, Miltank, Staraptor, Snorlax, Ursaring, Slaking
    -Mirror Coat against Exploud, Porygon2, Porygon-Z
    -Avalanche against Dodrio, Noctowl, Pidgeot, Fearow, Togekiss
    -Counter then Earthquake against Lickilicky
    -Earthquake against Persian, Chansey, Stantler, Vigoroth, Zangoose, Keckleon, Ambipom, Lopunny, Purugly, Blissey, Regigigas

    Threat: Togekiss

    Togekiss is the bane of the Swampert strategy. It has a 3/16 chance of survivng 120 power Avalanche, and even higher chance of surviving Mirror Coat. Although my Swampert is actually faster than it (by one point of speed in fact), I have to use negative priority moves to hit it. At least half of my battles beyond 170 were ended by these things.

    Flying (A)
    -Counter against Skarmory, Staraptor, Gyarados
    -Mirror Coat against Articuno, Yanmega, Moltres, Mantine
    -Avalanche against the rest

    Threat: Togekiss, Gyarados, Charizard

    Pretty simple to beat unless Swampert gets mass fliched by something with Air Slash.

    Fighting (AB)
    -Earthquake against Blaziken, Infernape, Lucario, Toxicroak, Hitmontop, Machamp, Poliwrath
    -Counter against the Rest

    -Substitute -> Torrent Waterfall against Heracross, Hitmonchan
    -Substitute + Earthquake against Poliwrath
    -Avalanche against Breloom
    -Earthquake against Primeape, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, Hariyama, Toxicroak, Machamp, Lucario, Gallade

    Threats: Poliwrath, Machamp, Infernape

    It's not too difficult to get through fighting, either by Earthquake, Counter or Torrent Waterfall. Machamp poses some threat with DynamicPunch, but there is a chance it may just use Revenge instead. Still need to watch for Poliwrath's Hypnosis.

    Ghost (AB)
    -Mirror Coat against Mismagius, Gengar, Rotom
    -Avalanche against Drifblim
    -Earthquake against Spiritomb, Dusknoir, Dusclops, Banette, Froslass

    -Substitute -> Torrent Waterfall against Rotom, Gengar
    -Waterfall against Mismagius
    -Avalanche against Drifblim
    -Earthquake against Banette, Spiritomb, Dusknoir, Dusclops, Froslass

    Threats: Gengar

    They are mostly slow or frail, making them pretty easy to deal with. Once again Hypnosis can be a danger.

    Unlike Kingdra and Gyarados in Doubles, Swampert actually ends up with quite some troubles in getting past 170. So the order ends up being quite relevant.

    1 C Bug
    2 D Ice
    3 A Water
    4 C Ghost
    5 A Grass
    6 D Dark
    7 C Psychic
    8 D Normal
    9 A Flying
    10 A Steel
    11 B Poison
    12 B Fighting
    13 A Dragon
    14 C Ground
    15 D Fire
    16 B Rock
    17 A Electric

    18 A Ice, Flying, Rock, Steel Grass, Normal, Water, Electric, Bug, Dragon
    19 B Ghost, Fighting, Ground, Dark, Psychic, Poison, Fire, Ghost, Fighting, Ground
    20 A Water, Ice, Grass, Normal, Steel, Rock, Flying, Dragon, Bug, Electric
    21 B Dark, Psychic, Poison, Fire, Fire, Fighting, Ground, Dark, Psychic, Poison
    22 A Water, Ice, Grass, Normal, Steel, Rock, Flying, Dragon, Bug, Electric
    23 A Ghost, Water, Ice, Grass, Normal, Steel, Rock, Flying, Dragon, Bug
    24 B Electric, Ghost, Fighting, Ground, Dark, Psychic, Poison, Fire, Ghost, Fighting
    25 A Water, Ice, Grass, Normal, Steel, Rock, Flying, Dragon, Bug, Electric
    26 B Ground, Dark, Psychic, Poison, Fire, Ground, Dark, Psychic, Poison, Fire
    27 A Water, Ice, Grass, Normal, Steel, Rock, Flying, Dragon, Bug, Electric
    28 A Ghost, Fighting, Water, Ice, Grass, Normal, Steel, Flying, Dragon, Bug
    29 B Rock, Electric, Ghost, Fighting, Ground, Dark, Psychic, Poison, Fire, Ghost
    30 A Water, Ice, Grass, Normal, Steel, Rock, Flying, Dragon, Bug, Electric
    31 B Fighting, Ground, Dark, Psychic, Poison, Fire, Ghost, Fighting, Ground, Dark
    32 A Water, Ice, Grass, Normal, Steel, Rock, Flying, Dragon, Bug, Electric
    33 B Psychic, Poison, Fire, Ghost, Fighting, Ground, Dark, Psychic, Poison, Fire
    34 A Water, Ice, Grass, Normal, Steel, Rock, Flying, Dragon, Bug, Electric

    The 252 Record ended due to Infernape. Infernape used Fake Out, Critical Hit! Infernape used Close Combat, KO!

    Platinum Double Battle Castle
    Team Rocket Elite (308) - Bronzong, Duskull, Dusknoir


    Bronzong @ Lum Berry/Life Orb/White Herb/Wide Lens/Focus Sash/Occa Berry/Shuca Berry
    Trait: Heatproof
    Nature: Brave (+Atk, -Speed)
    EVs: 252 HP, 252 Atk, 6 Sp.Def
    -Trick Room
    -Iron Head

    Lv. 1 Duskull @ Wide Lens/Focus Sash/Lum Berry/Sitrus Berry
    Trait: Levitate
    Nature: Jolly(+Speed, -SpAtk)
    EVs: Zero
    -Destiny Bond

    Dusknoir @ Lum Berry/Leftovers/Colbur Berry
    Trait: Pressure
    Nature: Careful(+SpDef, -SpAtk)
    EVs: 252 HP, 58 Def, 200 Sp. Def
    -Night Shade

    Due to the nature of Double Battle Castle, I can't really use my usual Trick Room game. Battles being 3 vs. 3 gets rid of my extra support in a second bulky bomber, and the fact I need to pay for healing and held items makes things a problem. If I went with things normally, I'd have to pay 10 CP to heal Bronzong after every Explosion and another 20 CP every time I want to replenish a Focus Sash on my level 1. So I went with a Duskull as my Level 1 of choice here. Leer is used to aid in Explosion KOs. Destiny Bond is used to take out the opponent's third Pokemon. The last move, Forsight, allows Explosion to hit Ghosts and renders Double Team useless.
    I'm working on getting a new streak with this team at the moment, using Pain Split instead of Forsight (using Soul Silver Pain Split Tutor because I didn't feel like rebreeding). This will allow the team to get around Focus Sashes easier, while cheapening the cost of using Focus Sashes on my Duskull, since Pain Split = 2x Recover + Super Fang in one attack.

    The strategy is pretty simple:

    Turn 1: Trick Room + Protect
    Turn 2: Leer + Explosion
    Turn 3: Destiny Bond


    Turn 1: Trick Room + Protect
    Turn 2: Destiny Bond + Attack
    Turn 3: Explosion

    No Focus Sash is necessary. More importantly, no healing is necessary for the Duskull. If all things go according to plan, Dusknoir essentially just sits on the bench and does nothing aside from have enough HP to not be taken out in one hit so that the opponent will actually go for the bait Duskull.

    If all goes well, I gain 34CP per battle, while using 18-22CP rigging things in my favour. A net gain of 12-16 CP per battle. This allows me to skip one battle in a set of seven and still gain about 30CP in the end of the set.

    With these points I gain, and the fact that this team can technically run just fine with no held items at all, I use extra points to tweak my held item to adapt to my opponents.

    Lax Incense?
    -Equip Wide Lens on Bronzong and if necessary, Duskull as well if you need leer to defeat the Pokemon in question

    Quick Claw?
    -Either Switch to Dusknoir, or heal Duskull and equip Focus Sash

    Intimidate, Muddy Water?
    -Equip White Herb on Bronzong

    Bulky Pokemon?
    -Equip Life Orb on Bronzong

    Blizzard, Hypnosis/Swagger without damaging moves?
    -Equip Lum Berry

    Bronzong can be OHKO'd by an enemy earthquake?
    -Give Bronzong a Sash


    Unfortunately, there isn't too much you can do against Focus Bands, Sashes, Flinching, Damp or Rocks/Steels in terms of item changes, and even with Wide Lens, there is a 1% chance you will miss against a Brightpowder user.

    Destiny Bond can be used as a way to bypass some of these problems. By use of Focus Sash, you can target the Pokemon slower in trick room to be KO'd. For example, the opponent has Salamence 3 and Latios 3 as a starting line up, I can use a Focus Sash to make Duskull survive Salamence's attack, and have Latios take itself out by Destiny Bond, therefore removing the worry of the 10% chance of missing, as Bronzong required to equip a White Herb to bypass Salamence's Intimidate.

    One major downside to the team is that it is pretty easy to screw up. It is pretty much All or Nothing with Bronzong's Explosion and battles tend to be decided in 3 turns, the first turn being the same regardless of the opponent. I have to know when things are guaranteed to die to Explosion, and sometimes will have to think a bit creatively with rigging the battles in my favour to get around road blocks. Things survivng Explosion often ends up with Dusknoir in a 2 vs 1 situation, often being a certain loss. Also, most importantly, I need to know when a battle just isn't worth taking and skip past it. A lot of battles can look easy, or really tempting to go ahead with, but can end up horribly wrong due to poor timing in luck.

    Extra Notes

    Do not raise level of:
    -Dragonite 4 (if Ally flies or Levitates, or if on bench)
    -Opening Gastrodon 4
    -Opening Nidoking 3
    -Opening Swampert 3
    -Opening Rhyperior 1
    -Opening Rampardos 3
    -Bench Honchkrow 3
    -Bench Tyranitar 1,4
    -Bench Absol 4
    -Bench Staraptor 4
    -Bench Rampardos 3
    -Bench Crawdaunt
    -Bench Sharpedo

    This is mostly a precaution to avoid pushing a Pokemon above the threshold needed for them to have a chance at OHKOing Bronzong (or Dusknoir). Bronzong seems to still be able to tank Overheats, even from enemy Moltres, so the only things I have to worry about are STAB/CB Earthquakes off things with 130+ base attack, OHKOs, and Earth Power from certain Pokemon. Focus Sashes on Bronzong can also be used instead of not raising their level.

    Lower Level of:
    -Walrein 3
    -Dewgong 3
    -Lapras 2
    -Mamoswine 3
    -Abomasnow 2

    For obvious reasons

    Skip against:
    -Torterra 3
    -Opening Hippowdon 3,4
    -Opening Rhyperior 4 + Levitate/Flying
    -Opening Marowak 3,4 + Levitate/Flying
    -Opening Mamoswine 4 + Levitate/Flying
    -Opening Hariyama 1
    -Opening Ambipom 2
    -Opening Absol 1
    -Opening Tyranitar
    -Things with Rock Slide
    -Rock/Steels with Quick Claw

    Hippowdons cause Sandstorms, one has Quick Claw, and the other has a White Herb. Neither of them are OHKO'd by Bronzong's Multitargetted Explosion so they're often more trouble than they're worth to fight against.

    Rhyperior, Marowak, and Mamoswine are able to OHKO Bronzong with Earthquake, but will only do so if they don't whack off their ally in the process.

    Hariyama 1 and Ambipom 2 have no attacks that can hit Duskull, but have Fake Out. Thus, they are guaranteed to Fake Out Bronzong, messing things up.

    Absol 1 cannot hit Duskull except with Sucker Punch, but CPU AI acts oddly when trying to use it, so it may end up using Taunt instead, disrupting Trick Room.

    Skipping against things with Rock Slide shouldn't be done every single time. It depends on how daring you want to be.

    Quick Claw Rocks/Steels are often difficult to take out with Destiny Bond without risking the 20% chance of them getting the jump on you.

    There are other reasons to skip battles, although most of them are by combinations of complications.

    Explosion Chart
    Based off of an explosion with 152 Atk against Level 55 Pokemon
    Position in a category means that they are guaranteed to be KO'd by the attack from full HP unless stated otherwise. It's been quite a helpful reference for me so I don't throw myself into situations where things survive the initial attack wave, kill off Duskull, and make it a 2 vs 1 where I'd lose.

    Killable with 75% Explosion (0.75)
    Ampharos 1,2
    Breloom 2,3,4
    Claydol 3.4
    Drifblim (Requires Forsight)
    Electrode 1,2,3
    Froslass (Requires Forsight)
    Gastrodon 2
    Gengar (Requires Forsight)
    Glaceon 1,2 (1/16 chance to fail)
    Golduck 2
    Gyarados (Requires White Herb)
    Houndoom 3,4
    Jolteon 2,3,4
    Kingdra 1,2
    Lopunny 1,3,4
    Ludicolo 1,3,4
    Mamoswine 3 (level 45)
    Milotic 3
    Mismagius 1,2,3 (Requires Forsight)
    Mr. Mime
    Nidoking 3,4
    Pinsir 2
    Politoed 1,3,4
    Raichu (KO'd by Leer 75% EQ)
    Salamence (Requires White Herb)
    Shiftry 1,3,4
    Skuntank 3,4
    Slowking 3
    Staraptor (Requires White Herb)
    Tauros (May Require White Herb)
    Tentacruel 1,2,4
    Venusaur 1,3
    Vileplume 3
    Wailord 1,3,4
    Weavile 1,2,4

    Killable with Life Orb 75% Explosion (0.975)
    Abomasnow 1,3,4
    Ampharos 3,4
    Articuno 1,4
    Claydol 1,2
    Dragonite 1,4
    Drapion 3,4
    Dusknoir (Requires Forsight)
    Exeggutor 1,2,4
    Garchomp 1,2,4
    Gastrodon 3,4
    Glaceon 4
    Gliscor 2
    Golduck 1,3,4
    Kingdra 3,4
    Leafeon 1,2
    Lopunny 2
    Ludicolo 2
    Luxray (May Require White Herb)
    Machamp 1,3,4
    Meganium 4
    Milotic 1,4
    Miltank 2,4
    Nidoking 1,2
    Pinsir 1,3,4
    Politoed 2
    Quagsire 1,3,4
    Regice 1,4
    Shiftry 2
    Skuntank 1,2
    Slowking 1,2,4
    Ursaring 2,3,4
    Venusaur 4
    Vespiquen 1,3,4
    Vileplume 1,4
    Weezing 3

    Killable with 100% Explosion (1.0)
    Abomasnow 2
    Drapion 1,2
    Suicune 2
    Vespiquen 2
    Vileplume 2

    Killable with Leer + 75% Explosion (1.125)
    Articuno 2,3
    Dragonite 2,3
    Gliscor 1,4
    Gyarados (without White Herb)
    Leafeon 3,4
    Meganium 1,2,3
    Miltank 3
    Quagsire 2
    Salamence (without White Herb)
    Slowbro 2,3,4
    Torterra 1,3,4
    Venusaur 2
    Weezing 1,2,4

    Killable with Life Orb + 100% Explosion (1.3)
    Hippowdon 3,4
    Milotic 2
    Miltank 1
    Rampardos 4
    Regice 2,3
    Regigigas 3,4
    Slaking 3,4
    Slowbro 1
    Suicune 4
    Tangrowth 1,3,4
    Torterra 2
    Umbreon 1,2,4

    Killable with Life Orb + Leer + 75% Explosion (1.4625)
    Cresselia 4
    Hippowdon 1,2
    Rampardos 1,2,3
    Regigigas 1,2
    Scizor 2,3 (1/16 chance to fail)
    Slaking 2
    Suicune 3

    Killable with Leer + 100% Explosion (1.5)
    Armaldo 1,2 (1/16 chance fail)
    Cresselia 3
    Tangrowth 2
    Umbreon 3

    Killable with Explosion Life Orb + Leer + 100% Explosion (1.95)
    Armaldo 3,4
    Cresselia 1,2
    Scizor 4
    Slaking 1
    Tyranitar 1,2

    Not Killable
    Bastiodon (Bastiodon 1,2,3 KOable by Life Orb Leer 75% EQ)
    Heatran (Heatran 2,3 KOable by Life Orb Leer 75% EQ)
    Magnezone (KOable by Life Orb Leer 75% EQ)
    Probopass (KOable by Life Orb Leer 75% EQ)
    Scizor 1
    Tyranitar 3,4

    Things that Have Focus Sash
    -Aggron 4
    -Bastiodon 4
    -Breloom 1
    -Electrode 4
    -Exeggutor 3
    -Garchomp 3
    -Gastrodon 1
    -Glaceon 3
    -Gliscor 3
    -Heatran 4
    -Houndoom 1,2
    -Jolteon 1
    -Machamp 2
    -Mismagius 4
    -Rhydon 2
    -Rhyperior 3
    -Suicune 1
    -Tentacruel 3
    -Ursaring 1
    -Weavile 3

    I've played a couple runs, a lot of the time I end up overlooking a small detail which ends up biting me back. Something like forgetting to heal PP, or risking to take on a battle where I really should have skipped on, or not preparing for something that goes beyond my expected "worst case scenario" for a battle. I can't really remember how I lost on this particular streak, I think it had something to do with Quick Claw Empoleon 4 getting a well timed quick claw activation, and me being a bit too concerned with Torrent Hydro Cannon to be able to do much with Dusknoir when it came down to a 1 vs. 1. In which it managed to special def drop Dusknoir with Flash Cannon, and then get a critical hit.

    Platinum+SoulSilver Multi Battle Arcade
    Team Rocket Elite + Team Rocket Elite (7) - Garchomp, Zapdos, Yanmega, Gyarados

    Do you guys really need a picture or movesets? <_<

    Now that I have SoulSilver, I can see how the Multi Battle Frontier facilites work out. Apparantly, Battle Arcade allows 4 Pokemon (2 on each team), and either player can stop the roulette. I also went and tried out Multi Hall and Multi Factory. Multi Hall = Double Hall, except that you're forced to have animations on. For Multi Factory, each player chooses 2 Pokemon from separate sets of 6, after every battle you may swap one of the 4 Pokemon between the two trainers for one of the opponents' 4 Pokemon, each game side can only swap from the two that they have, so if you are playing with another player (instead of you just playing both sides) be sure to communicate with each other on who to swap out. I haven't tried Multi Castle yet.
  6. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    damn, that´s awesome TRE

    and good to see Swampert up there, it was actually my first Battle Hall theorymon (that I didn´t complete)

    thanks for the great post on the anniversary ;)

    you rock
  7. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Whoa, good job Peterko and TRE! You guys are pretty amazing!

    Glad to see some love for Duskull too hehe. Your analysis is undoubtedly much more in depth than mine. When I was theorymoning Duskull (for Tower, not Castle, so obviously the deal with the sash is different), I wasn't sure which move to not use out of Leer, Pain Split, Foresight, and Destiny Bond (Protect is obviously a must), and ended up ditching DBond just because it was another egg move on top of pain split lol. I did not really consider Foresight (it was between Leer and Pain Split), but actually it does make sense since Pain Split + Iron Head KOs non-Dusk ghosts anyway.

    By the way, TRE, (sorry if this was in your explanation already... I did not seem to see it though) do you just skip all the potential Damp pokemon battles or do you do something to get around that?

    As for me... I haven't been playing in the past week. Happy anniversary!
  8. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    There are a couple options to deal with Damp. If the Damp pokemon is the CPU's 3rd, it doesn't matter that it has Damp. If it's the faster of their starting two, I Destiny Bond it with Duskull after setting up Trick Room. If it's the slower of the two, I but a Focus Sash so Duskull survives the first atttack and Destiny Bond's the slower damp Pokemon. If complications I don't like appear, I skip the battle.
  9. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    Oh, that's brilliant! I really feel dumb not having Destiny Bond on my Duskull now haha.

    One more question... I understand the other items, but what is the importance of Sitrus Berry on Duskull???
  10. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    greetings from scotland! i havent been on for a while because of crappy internet in hotels, but now i have good access :)

    awesome :)

    nice!! interesting that you're trying a pokemon that has so many weaknesses (in terms of pokemon that can beat it). but it's cool that you really want that one to win :)

    now THAT is interesting! i'm gonna guess that the overall feeling here would be that it would be a no-no. OHKO machamp etc would be a bit broken. fast things with spore..... or maybe peterko could make a new list lol.

    still, maybe i'd be tempted to get brave bird onto a salamence!! i might perhaps try and catch a bagon in emerald in a great/dive ball and get dragon dance. at least it would still be a legit moveset etc. (technically speaking, you could get a salamence like this in XD lol.) gyroball registeel?? lol - this is more broken than rng-abuse :S

    at the very least this idea raises a new concern: "hey i just lost battle 7001 - here's the video of my loss" - while battles 1-7000 were really done with [insert broken team]. i spose this could always have been done simply by hacking a 999/999/999/999/999/999 wondertomb etc. after discussions with DrDimentio, and the whole 100+ battle castle scam (and some other streaks i dont have much "respect" for) i dont know what to believe here. there are several people whose detailed descriptions etc make me believe them - i'm sure you know who you are.

    EDIT: there is a 30/31/30/11/31/31 adamant frame at about half-a-billion in emerald. i might try and get a bagon with that - the 30's and 31's will still get me the same stats as flawless with 252 atk / 6 sp def / 262 spe. great, i found another obsessive thing to do in pokemon....
  11. thelaytonmobile


    Jan 26, 2010
    This does not seem like a good idea even to have a separate list using the glitch. After all, with this, the only difference between teams will be abilities and stat spreads, and once the optimum movesets are found, each record will be exactly the same.

    I can see some use for getting "legal but rare" movesets though, like XD and event moves from Japan or something.
  12. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
    is a Pokemon Researcher

    May 3, 2005
    Sitrus Berry is a cheaper way to get around Sandstorm or Hail. It costs 5 CP less than healing HP. My Duskull will heal 2 HP at the start of the battle which buys it time to get off Destiny Bond. If I don't think that's enough time, I can skip the battle or pay the 5 extra CP to heal HP.
  13. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    updated the list and added a few words to the rules

    as for the question about the HG/SS glitch being utilized to get records, feel free to do this, noone can prohibit that, but I am against listing such records in the first post

    I could only see them as some kind of "fun" runs :/ (with stuff like spore drum and priority attacks, for example)

    so posting such streaks in the topic itself, probably yes, listing as actualy "records", nope
  14. Bozo


    Mar 28, 2008
    i agree that those kind of things are pointless in the extreme. i mean think about this:

    ninjask - focus sash (in case lead has berry etc)
    spore, substitute, baton pass

    machamp - leftovers (recipient of baton passed speed)
    sub, spore, sheer cold, gastro acid


    also, in doubles, thunder is now a possible move for kingdra and ludicolo etc...

    another doubles idea:

    lead 1:
    blissey - 252hp 252 def
    transform, 3x filler

    lead 2:
    shuckle - 252 def 252 sp def
    cosmic power, ??, ??, ??

    nothing funny about a shuckle with 352 hp!

    seriously though, not that i really have a use for it, but what would people think about things like wish-bliss?
  15. Darkflagrance


    Jul 26, 2007
    Battle Factory Level 50 Single: 36

    I beat Thornton with Sword Dance Crawdaunt, Will-o-wisp Dusclops, and Sneasel.

    I happened upon a machamp with focus sash and counter that basically guaranteed me two kills per battle.

    The next round, I picked Gliscor with counter and sash, elemental punch ambipom, and then traded for a magnezone. Next trainer used water pokemon. Magnezone beat espeon, lost to feraligatr, and then kingdra swept the rest of my team with brine.
  16. RdRdGhD


    Apr 8, 2010
    Battle Tower- HeartGold - Singles - 141

    I figured since I quit WoW ( filled with too many jerks to handle, and sucking my life away! ) I'd pick up pokemon again and try out the battle frontier. I figured trying with a team consisting of Umbreon, Kingdra, and Garchomp, with an average specific strategy to cripple the opponent, and switch out to my two powerhouses to wail upon. With Umbreon's high defense and HP, charm, flash to cripple, yawn in order to put the opponent to sleep one turn, to switch out to either Kingdra to sweep, or Garchomp to Swords Dance behind his substitute, and wish from Umbreon to back up his allies. The one thing I can't stand, the OHKO'ers. My first mistake was to spam flash on said pokemon, such as Gliscor with Gullitone, Heracross with Horn Drill, and FFS, Dewgong with both Horn Drill and Sheer Cold? ( seems like the computer had bad experiences themselves to spam such cheap moves .. ) I believed flash was working, since a good 95 % of the time, they were missing. I tried to make Dewgong go into a struggle by wasting his first OHKO move, then he started to Sheer Cold, which got me. Kingdra and Garchomp instantly OHKO'ed by the other 2, leaving me with an attackless Umbreon to stall for a win, which did not result. Even a Choice Band Kingdra wasn't as effective as I thought. This happened around battles 42-49. At that time, I kept failing around the midpoint in order to get the silver trophy, switching in such pokemon as Dusknoir and Snorlax, until I looked at a few of your top spot players' pokemon and figured trickscarfing was a powerful combo. Up to 77 and hoping for the gold, this is my team so far.

    Latias /w Choice Scarf
    Levitate - Timid
    EV's : 252 HP, 182 Defense, 76 Speed
    Charm, Recover, Thunderwave, Trick

    I was hesitant about trickscarfing due to some situations that could be bad, but I overlooked it, seeing as this pokemon is such a beauty and perfect in my opinion to do this strat, I see how powerful it is now. Doing such trickscarfing on pokemon that would use toxic as their first move ( Meganium ), then switching to Drapion since he isn't effected against poison, I'm able to Acupressure spam until the foe kills itself with struggle, and Black Sludge regain's Drapion's HP from the hits that should be weak due to random stat increases into defense from the spam. It also stops those OHKO teams in which I fought recently, you guessed it, the same Heracross, Gliscor, and Dewgong, which wasn't a problem trickscarfing the dangerous one, Dewgong. Garchomp was able to KO them with +3 Sword's Dance 'd Outrage, thankfully the OHKO moves missed, so you could say RNG was good to me that battle. >_< I use Recover instead of Flash, I noticed a trend to spam heal Latias when it's a weak attack that obviously isn't supper effective, as the foe struggles and kills itself!

    Drapion /w Black Sludge
    Battle Armor - Adamant
    EV's : 252 HP, 252 Attack, 4 Special Defense
    Acupressure, Crunch, Rest, Substitute

    Most of the time after trickscarfing, and the opponent crippled by Latias, Drapion sets up nicely with the basics, and hammers in. If it's a certain move he cannot take, Garchomp is the other alternative, sets up in the same way, and hammers through with an overpowered Outrage.

    Kingdra /w Leftovers
    Swift Swim - Adamant
    EV's : 4 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed
    Dragon Dance, Outrage, Substitute, Waterfall

    Always loved this Pokemon. Instead of Salamence, I went for this alternative as he is pretty intimidating himself. Drapion's new backup, where this guy sets up pretty fast, having two STAB moves to compliment Dragon Dance, leftovers as an alternative regenerate item to be behind with substitute, and striking pretty hard.

    Example Battle Video displaying some overall battles ~ .: 34-16068-28721

    Finally lost to probably absurd chain of events. My Latias was crit killed from a Weavile's Ice Punch after tricking, was able to kill it with Kingdra after setting up fine, Garchomp was sent out, Outrage MISSED, he used Outrage and critical'ed Kingdra, -_-, Drapion was left but it didn't seem like there was any hope left with the opponent having a full HP Garchomp and something else, so I select an attack, and my game freezes, the battle music still going on, but nothing happened after I selected my next attack. So it looks like I was destined to lose that one. =\ I'm probably going to make a sweeper Kingdra instead, alongside other things which hopefully will do better .. and hopefully I won't run into that game freeze again. -_-


    Mar 9, 2010
    You can watch Battle Vids inside the Global Terminal in Goldenrod City. It's on the leftmost part of the city after the Radio Tower.
    Nice streak btw.
  18. Cl0wn


    Jun 13, 2005

    Many months ago I caught mespirit. I decided to check his stats (i dont RNG) and was happily surprised to find out it had 31hp / def and 29 spd / sdef only "down" side was that it was quirky but nothing down nothing up is still acceptable. Back then i didnt know what to do with it and boxed it away waiting for a use. Then Jumpman came up with the brilliant combination of Drapion and a levitating psychic pokemon. My first pokemon for my new battle tower team was found.

    And i could go on for the next pokemon and started to breed for at least 2 31 iv's on skorupi.
    After receiving SS by post I rushed to golden rod city traded a few rare candy's and 3 power items and continued to breed on my skorupi. I can actually say that SS is so nice to breed pokemon in it goes so fast as 90% of the pokemon always have 31 hp from the father and the 50% of the time they also have the right nature, anyway I hatched a 31 hp / def / sdef 28 att and 13 spd adamant one.

    The last pokemon in the team of Jump man is a Garchomp, of course i would love to have this pokemon on my team but on the otherhand it takes 5K steps (after a lava poke) to hatch his eggs let alone breed the first 31 ev's to the parents. So i started out with Scizor as I already had (BP/SD/X-scizor and AA). I always liked AA on scizore for those Double team users and hitting Fire flying pokes with a 90 flying attack isnt that bad either. However the first testing round i was killed by an Aerodactyle around round 70. (made a mistake by just tricking him receiving his choice and being stuck after that. And of course because I was in experienced with this team so I decided to try it again and i was killed again around 70, this time it was a Yanmega. Of course it kills my mespirit in 2 hits and scizor was not really able to kill it as it took too much damage from bugbuzz followed by an airslash, and eventhough drapion is ev'ed to the max for special attacks he cannot do a lot to yanmega :(.

    So i had to find a new poke for the last slot, something that would be able to take hits from water attacks as Surf from vappi deals quite alot of damage. In addition i wanted to have intimidate and levitate or flying to be able to juggle between drapion and the poke so i could bring down the attack in order to safely set up drapion on eq's. Lastly it had to resist that Yanmega's bugbuzz both of my pokes cannot handle him without some help.

    Basicly there are 2 pokes who both have these characteristics: Gyarados and Salamence. I always loved Gyarados and i already had a decent breed (31att / 31sdef and the rest all around 24+ adamant and with 252 att 132 speed and rest in hp as i back then i wanted him to be able to take some hits so it could set up a bit better). The shitty thing about gyarados is that he is almost always 1-hit Ko'ed by electric attacks, salamence on the otherhand is only hit neutral. However most electric pokemon are easily handled by my other 2 pokes exept for special Raikou and if it is tricked into something else then T-bolt he is dead anyway. But this leads to the next problem water attacks, both salamence and gyarados resist water attacks but the problem is that most water types have ice attacks meaning the end of salamence. Gyarados has more sdef then salamence so in the end i chose gyarados because he also resists steel attacks.

    This team perfomed really well but at round ~80 my steak was ended again by a infernape, i tricked him and he used FLareblitz, hitting my Mespirit for more then 50% so i had to switch to gyarados, but after the second DD I was still slowed and in the meanwhile that dude burned me so i was more or less...lost.

    It taught me to charm more often instead of just tricking all the time!

    I am now at 112 and still going strong and hoping to achieve 1000 some time.

    My team right now

    Mespirit @ Choice Scarf
    31/xx/31/xx/29/29 Quirky

    Drapion @ Black Sludge
    31/28/31/xx/31/13 Adamant
    252 hp 252 sdef 4 def

    Gyarados @ Lefties
    31 att / 31 sdef rest all around 24

    I am not 100% sure about the lefties for Gyarados, Lum would help a lot agains Fire attacks to remove the burn, on the otherhand i always want Gyarados to have AT LEAST 2 DD's to make sure I OHKO starmie with EQ, as I am always scared it turns up and i not able to kill it in one stroke. In addition I need the lefties in order to better handle Yanmega and other repeative hittings.

    *my Factory streak just got broken in the first battle =/. (35)


    Mar 9, 2010
    I might start to breed a Drapion soon too because I don't have access to a Registeel. Is Drapion worth it though?
  20. RdRdGhD


    Apr 8, 2010
    Definitely worth it. Most of the time I use him when the opponent is stuck using useless moves, and Im able to boost Drapions stats efficiently.
  21. Cl0wn


    Jun 13, 2005
    He is 100% worth it, like Jumpman mentioned: Battlearmor and acupressure are made for each other. Basicly if you charm twice with mespirit you won the game (if the opponent is a physical attack user that is :)

    The biggest problem are special attackers, clear body pokes with special attacks (read regice) and the randomness of acupressure.

    This is how i died:

    In comes Regice,

    Mespirit : trick
    Regice: Icebeam
    Mespirit t-wave
    Regice: Icebeam Crit, mespirit dead,
    Drapion, acupressure: Accuracy
    Regice: Icebeam (around 40% damage)
    Drapion, Acupressure: Sp. atck
    Regice, Para
    Drapion, Acupressure: Accuracy
    Regice, IB
    Drapion: Sub
    Regice, IB
    Drapion, Rest
    Regice: IB
    Drapion: sleep
    Regice: IB
    Now i switch to gyarados, but i should have stayed in because gyarados could have around 2-3 DD, anyway
    Regice: IB does around 35% and freezes
    Gyara: went out of freeze (phew!) DD
    Regice: IB
    At this moment i was really low and afraid i would be killed by the next IB so I use waterfall, regice around 30%
    Regice: ib and gyarados lives with 6hp
    I finist it and i know there is not much hope left
    In comes....Abomasnow
    Gyarados used Icefang because it hits neutral but will never do enough, but it crits! leaving aboma with 15% left
    Aboma misses his rock slide, thank god
    Gyarados finishes it with waterfall
    in comes Weavile
    Weavile: Nightslash
    Gyarados: KO
    I am not too scared about this poke because he is dark and might use dark attacks on my sleeping 40 hp drapion
    Weavile: Ice punch
    Drapion: K-O

    lost at battle 139

    For example a pokemon is locked into a special move with trick, if the opponent will not KO you with the next hit use T-wave, later on maybe flash and move on to drapion.

    -T-wave has 3 very nice functions here:
    1: paralyse not being able to attack
    2: Slow then drapion
    3: Not totally a third, but paralyse not being able to attack when struggeling.

    Basicly you want the opponent to paralyse as much as possible, not because you are afraid of the damage but more to have more boosts. BUT if drapion will not get his boosts in S-def or evasiness you are in trouble. On the otherhand, IF drapion gets his boost in s-def or evasiness it is good game =)

    I might rebreed drapion with a carefull nature, because you do not need really the extra attack if you are on +6. And you will need the extra sdef to set up :)

    -Edit: Just did a damage calc, with a carefull nature on drapion the IB of a 31iv 252 ev non boosting nature regice does 32.6% - 38.7% with an adamant nature on drapion IB does 35.8% - 42.2%, ok i have to go breed again
  22. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    Hi guys. I've been sorta absent, b/c my computer is shit and Serebii actually had something worth doing for once (shock, horror!).

    Random stuff I wanna say:

    - Jumpy, congrats on the new record. You definitely deserved it.

    - lol Terry T. being stupid

    - And: Wat. Why is my savegame gone? Great, I have to start all over again. Yay.
  23. Oberon


    Mar 29, 2010
    Got a streak to post. This is my first time doing this, bare with meh.

    1. Platinum, Battle Castle, Singles, 54 win streak.
    2. Team used: Togekiss, Umbreon and Salamence
    Togekiss @ Kings Rock (Calm)
    IV's: 31/14/31/31/31/31
    -Thunder Wave
    -Air Slash
    -Heal Bell

    Umbreon @ Leftovers / Lum Berry (I switched a lot) - Sassy
    IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    -Taunt Correction: Curse

    Salamence @ Lum Berry - Hasty
    IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    -Fire Blast
    -Draco Meteor

    My Strategy was fairly simple. Togekiss lead my team to paralyze and flinch out the opponent at 90% flinch rate. It was kinda broken. If it was threatened or whatnot I would switch to either Umbreon or Salamence to handle it (usually Umbreon due to curse/payback and wish). Salamence was really for an emergency like when dealing with any stallers (Cradily especially).

    4. Was destroyed/swept by Cacturne; kinda pathetic.

    5. I hope this is right. lol
  24. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    @ungulate: Did I miss something? When did Jumpman have a new record?

    @Darkwatch: The flinch rate for King's Rock Togekiss Air Slash is actually only 64%, not factoring in the 5% chance to miss. 90% would be beyond ridiculous. See: http://www.smogon.com/dp/items/kings_rock

    It would seem that Leftovers would be more useful on Togekiss in that case (but it does cost more I believe).

    Also, did Umbreon have Taunt or Curse? It says Taunt, but then when you're talking about it you mention curse. if it has taunt wouldn't it be a better pokemon for dealing with stallers compared to Salamence?

    I'm done school next Monday, so I should finally be able to play Pokemon again soon and buy SS.
  25. Griffard


    Aug 12, 2007
    I just got sheer cold'd twice by Lapras, thank god I had a sub up the second time. I'm on battle 59 with the Jumpman team if anyone cared.

    edit: twice in a row, which makes it slightly more painful/hilarious

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