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Update: Tutoring will always take 2 battles or more (if necessary).
News: For clarification, you don't have to go through this program to become a ref.


With the increase of population in CAP ASB, the necessity for more referees has grown. There has certainly been a couple of matches in the Battle Tower that have not received a referee, and there are even referees who accept a match, but cannot finish it due to whatever reason. Why is that? Is it because the person who would like to referee is too afraid to take it on? Is it the inexperience or fear of being judged on your writing and style? Whatever it is, surely that person should fear no more as he or she joins the Referee Tutoring Program!


A Tutor Ref will take on an Apprentice Ref (or slightly more if you can handle it) that I will assign and watch over the Apprentice Ref as he or she refs a battle at the Battle Tower. The Apprentice Ref will PM the Tutor Ref his or her update of the match before each round begins. The Tutor Ref will look over for glaring errors or mistakes (or even add some flavor!) and send a PM right back at the Apprentice Ref, who will correct them if necessary and then post the update. This will repeat until the match is over.

An Apprentice Ref should make PMs to their tutor ref in the following format:

Player A vs. Player B (Original Post) for the initial post.
ex: Deck Knight vs. Flora (Original Post)

Once the OP is looked over, the match title should be posted:

Player A vs. Player B. (AR: <Assistant Ref>, TR: <Tutor Ref>)
ex. Deck Knight vs. Flora (AR: 1337H0FFA, TR: Its_A_Random)

The same process occurs for each round, using the following format for the PM:

Player A vs. Player B (Round 1) for the round posting.
ex: Deck Knight vs. Flora (Round 1)

The round will be looked at and audited for calculations, effects, etc. and PMed back to the Apprentice Ref. The Tutor Ref will also be looking at things like consistency in effects over rounds, any creative elements that could be added/subtracted, and generally anything else that might be important.

If you didn't get all of that...
- I'll partner a Tutor Ref and Apprentice Ref together
- Apprentice Ref picks a battle to ref
- Before each round, the Apprentice Ref PMs Tutor ref his version of the update
- Tutor Ref finds errors and/or nitpicks the update and PMs the Apprentice Ref back
- Apprentice Ref posts the update and repeat until the match is over
- Hopefully everything goes well :)

IF the Apprentice Ref fails to complete the match for whatever reason, it is the duty of the Tutor Ref to finish it up.

Reffing Levels

Head/Tutor Refs: The job of a Head or Tutor Ref is to help and guide Apprentice Refs through an apprenticeship program. There will be additional compensation for Tutor Refs as a function of helping Apprentice Refs.

Who's a Head/Tutor Ref
- Flora (US) => [levren] [The Royal Guard]
- Darkamber8828 (US) => [BiGGiE]
- Fire Blast (US) => [Solstice]
- danmantincan (CA) => [DarthVader317]
- Engineer Pikachu (US) => [shadowbone66]
- Objection (England) => [Pokelol]
- Rediamond (US) =>
- HD (US) => [Pippy]
- DarkSlay (US) (BUSY) =>
- rewindman (US) => [TheMogRunner]
- Its_A_Random (Australia) => [Maxim]
- Son_of_Shadoo (Ireland) => [Arcanite]
- zarator (Italy) (BUSY) =>
- elDino (Asia | GMT +8) =>
- dogfish44 (England) =>
- TravelLog (US) => [Lady_Salamence]
- Alchemator (England) =>
- Gerard (Mexico) (BUSY?) =>
- Korski (US) =>
- deadfox081 (Australia) => [Orcinus Duo]
- Tortferngatr (US) => [EndQuote]
- Blazikenmaster-Zeo (US) => [Mr.L]
- Seven Deadly Sins (US) =>

TravelLog => [Blazikenmaster-Zeo]
Darkamber8828 => [Leethoof] (Inactive)
Rediamond => [Frosty]
Its_A_Random => [TEA_DEMON]
Objection => [Nightmare jigglypuff]
Fire Blast => [Glacier Knight]
Flora => [Ragnarokalex]
elDino => [Lyris1035]
GoldenKnight => [ShyGuy1221]
DarkSlay => [Pikapwnd] (Inactive)
dogfish44 => [iss]
Fire Blast => [Solstice]
TravelLog => [Metal_Bagon]
Flora => [TheWolfe]
GoldenKnight => [rickheg]
danmantincan => [DFrog] (Inactive)
Korski => [ToastTyrant13]
elDino => [SimonSays]
Alchemator => [LightWolf]
Rediamond => [Chris Teke]

Registered Ref: This is any ref that has passed or "passed" the apprenticeship program. Continuous active and high quality reffings will allow a Registered Ref to apply to become a Tutor Ref. The exact process by which this will be done will be decided at a later date (but being active in reffing is a good idea!).

Who's a Registered Ref
- Acklow
- Terrador14
- Venser
- Destiny Warrior
- Flamestrike
- smashlloyd20
- Steampowered
- Dummy007
- LupusAter
- Lord Jesseus
- Frosty
- iss
- Arcanite
- Solstice
- Spenstar
- C$FP
- Metal_Bagon
- TheWolfe
- Ragnarokalex
- Maxim
- rickheg
- GoldenKnight
- SimonSays
- Mr.L
- ToastTyrant13
- LightWolf

Apprentice Ref: This is a ref that is going through the apprenticeship program.

Who's an Apprentice Ref
- Leethoof
- DFrog
- Nightmare_jigglypuff
- Pikapwnd
- shadowbone66
- Glacier Knight
- Pippy
- Lyris1035
- TheMogRunner
- ShyGuy1221
- BiGGiE
- levren
- Pokelol
- Lady_Salamence
- Chris Teke
- EndQuote
- Darthvader317


If you're a Tutor Ref who has just finished watching over a Apprentice Ref, you will be awarded half of the tokens of that match. The Apprentice Ref will gain full ref tokens for their reffed match.

To claim/use them, just use the regular Prize Claiming Thread!

Notify me that you've finished tutoring by posting in this thread!


For you apprentices who will be posting, you will need some details. Sign up by posting in this outline:

Why do you want to be tutored:
Any extra comments about yourself:

For tutors, you will all be equally assigned one until the last available ref has someone to tutor. If someone finishes and there's some backlog going on, that someone may take on one of the backlog.

I've also been thinking of tutees who wanted to be tutored again. I'll allow it to happen if necessary, but you will receive a different tutor than your old one. It's good to get help and opinions from multiple people, right?
I was reffing a lot but had to stop recently because of finals but i think i could probably sit on the registered refs list and get back into it soon if that's cool

reffing is here
Ok so I've only reffed two matches to date with my third currently in progress. I believe I have enough of a grasp on the whole caper to grab a registered ref spot though, but feel free to tell me otherwise.
what deadfox just said, applied to me. I finished two refs, am working on a third, (a huge one nonetheless) and even gave flavor to one of my refs in a battle I was in when he didn't have the time! My reffing profile is in my sig. I'm applying for a spot as a Registered Ref. For the bit of flavor I gave to my ref, see my ASB profile. It's in my battle against Dark Pulse.
I'd like to apply to become a Registered Ref; I can ref pretty well then I put my mind to it (I'd like to think). My main problem is my lack of motivation to do pretty much anything, meaning that I've only reffed a few matches.


Guess who's back? Na na na! *breakdances*
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I'd like to be a tutor ref. I think I've reffed and orchestrated reffings enough to be considered (plus, as the one who suggested this, I'd like to help out as much as I can to make this succeed).
If i can put my name down here, right now I'd like to apply to be the first apprentice, if there is anything I need to do before putting my name down here tell me please! :)

edit: Okay, just getting my name down so I don't forget
I suppose I'll apply to become a registered ref, I haven't reffed a boatload of matches but the ones I have I believe and certainly hope went pretty well.


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I think I'll apply to become a registered referee as well. As of now, I don't really have the time to tutor an apprentice, but I'm good enough to be considered for it in the future, as my prolific activity showed.
I don't know what I count as, I just registered in the Referee Guide Tread and I'm in the middle of reffing two matches at the moment.

Anyways, I think that counts as registered ref
I'll apply as a registered ref. I've reffed three matches and have five in progress, so I think I have a pretty good grasp on reffing. (I would apply as a tutor, but I'm not sure if I have the time. If it turns out that we need more Tutors, I'll sign up for that.)


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Okay, I've finally came back home.

For you apprentices who will be posting, you will need some details. Sign up by posting in this outline:

Why do you want to be tutored:
Any extra comments about yourself:

The second part doesn't have to be that long. Even one "sentence" is fine! The extra comments is just optional. As for the Timezone, well, I don't think I'll be knowing you as well as the Tutors, so I'd like to see who I can pair people up best with.

Okay, I'll leave this up for a couple of days or more/less depending on how many peeps we get. Post away!
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