Showdown! Randbats Tournament - Finals [Won by MikeDecIsHere]

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Banned deucer.
Showdown! Randbats Tournament - Finals

Approved by Head Tournament Director Earthworm
Hosted by Steamroll & reyscarface
Taken over by Bloo

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Welcome to the Pokemon Showdown! Randbats tournament. This will be a 64-man tournament but if the demand is enough it very well could be raised to 96 or even 128 (maybe even 256, who knows?). As the name implies, all battles will be conducted on the Pokemon Showdown Simulator (linked above). The tournament's format will consist of a best-of-three, where the winner of two games advances to the next round.

General Tournament Rules

  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • All clauses are covered when challenging someone to randbats.
  • No johning please.
  • Best of three matches.
  • Please post the link of your battles, It'd be nice to know that no one is trying to lie about their battle result.

jrrrrrrr vs MikeDecIsHere
DarkLoïc vs jrrrrrrr
MikeDecIsHere vs DarkLoïc


There's no deadline but get it done as soon as possible, and be sure to let us know when the battle is taking place (also post links to the replays!). Good luck!
Lost to MikeDecIsHere 2-0

Game 1: his scarf Water Spout/Fire Blast Remoraid + his TR Duosion + several awful damage rolls for me

Game 2: my team was awful...Magic Coat/Taunt/Stoss/Recover Deoxys-D (useless), Slowbro with no STAB (useless), Swinub (useless), Gallade with no Close Combat (useless), Physical Lapras without Dragon Dance (useless)...vs his Lanturn and Ferrothorn core with Deoxys and LO Mesprit to back it up lol. I had no chance in this one.

I don't have the links but the matches weren't entertaining anyways. GG, Dec played well, I just wish the RNG could have made it closer!
So the original deadline for the Semi-Finals was this weekend, and it's also Labor Day weekend. So my availability has been a bit skewed since this round started so early. I should be ready starting tomorrow afternoon though. Acknowledging VM from DarkLoic.
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