Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 1

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Activity Win Request

uhh i dont want to do this but i have to. My opponent agreed to play me at 2pm my time today, and when I got on at 1:30 I saw that he vmed me at noon asking me to play, and said that he would wait for half an hour. This might have been a mix up converting time zones, but I gave him my correct timezone and the time I would be on, so the match not getting done isn't my fault.
Requesting activity win
Scheduled for Dec 13th but he ended up saying that he meant the wrong date
I explicitly told him on the 11th
"Hey man we've been matched up for OST9 r1.
I'm gmt -5 and I'm free within the next 2 days. Let me know when you can play!"
Got a reply on the 14th saying
"oops sorry I meant that I was gonna be active those time today not yesterday"
I was on a trip friday and sat so i was unable to battle.
We then scheduled for today at 10:30 pm GMT +1 which is now, but he's not online.
I'll give him until 45 before I head out.

ps. this is all vms so its on our walls if the admins want to varify

Edit: it's 10:50 gmt +1 so hes missed the scheduled time yet again. Nuff said

so you're saying that a simple typo and some tiredness on sunday (pretty late time for me) are the only things that are going to make me lose?

I was generally more active during not only friday, but saturday and during most of these three weeks
I have looked through every matchup and either coin flipped (for matches where nobody requested an activity win, or neither player made a strong enough case for their activity in their activity win request) or awarded activity wins (only for players who explicitly requested them).

Here is a list of the matches that I coin flipped; if you didn't complete your match and it doesn't appear on this list you can assume you were awarded the activity win (unless your opponent stated that they were forfeiting):

TWEWY vs POtaTO123
LuckOverSkill vs Frog
Staraptor vs Novaray
November Rain vs M Dragon
MOET vs Kazak
Solace vs fatty
zfs vs mkolpnji
Underteaker vs Kojes
TheEpicFly vs SethZiBritannia
Alakapimp vs IceCarAdler
HellPowna vs sheep
Fantasy vs DarthChocoboz
ObScuryty vs Hyperbeem
Faint vs Articanus
kenny s vs Scimjara
WDFAmatt vs DrMohammadLi
futuresuperstar vs Skwayz
V4Victini vs PasY_G
Sojiro Aionis vs Wafflez
mastermind vs doublenikesocks
tehy vs darkvide
little gk vs bro fist
Zephyr101 vs Anno nyme
Royal Flush vs blaaz
Razza vs SexyNosepass
Giga Punch vs Ashley11
Nunchuck vs Roie
Cry A7X vs kokoloko
pokegod10 vs B. [R]
Tangela vs uslowbro
Hill vs Zebraiken
Nauar vs razi3l

Round 2 will be up shortly.

edit: Also, I assume some people will be curious about why I made a certain decision about their match so feel free to PM me on the forums or on IRC and I will respond when I can.
Not open for further replies.