Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Just so you guys know, this is my 500th post! Yay!

Anyways, I plan on writing more updates soon, as soon as I FINALLY get settled in to second semester (should be maybe a week max longer(I hope)).

SCLG001ZIP the Bulbasaur
  • Must learn and keep Sweet Scent before evolving into Venusaur. Sweet Scent must be kept from then on.
  • Must not fight Erika at all.
  • Against Lance, must use Sweet Scent because it loves your Rival's Charizard. Not required to use Bulbasaur against Rival's Charizard in the Champion battle though.

SCLG002ZIP the Zubat
  • Must keep Leech Life forever.
  • Must use Leech Life every time it is brought into battle.
  • Must use Leech Life if it's health goes down to yellow.
  • Must also teach it Giga Drain and Bite ASAP, and cannot learn any other move until learnt.
  • Other move must be STAB.
  • Must use Giga Drain when it's health goes down to red.
  • May not use any items on Zubat during battle.
  • May not use any health recovery items on Zubat ever.
  • Must have killed at least 3 pokemon at one point using Leech Life to evolve to a Golbat.

SCLG003ZIP the Clefairy
  • Must forever know a TM move bought from the Game Corner.
  • Evolve directly after soloing your rival at Nugget Bridge.
  • Forever know Metronome.
  • Solo Erika.
  • No HMs on Clefairy
  • Hold an item at all times.
  • Land the final blow on Lance's Main Pokemon.

SCLG004ZIP the Bellsprout
  • Must attempt to solo every grass type.
  • Must obtain moveset [pick move here]/Acid/Vine Whip/Sleep Powder.
  • When half of moveset is obtained, can evolve into Victreebel.
  • Must solo two of Giovanni's pokemon.
  • Must solo one of Blaine's pokemon.
  • Must solo 5 trainer-owned pokemon of each type super-effective to Victreebel.

SCLG005ZIP the Eevee
  • Evolve Eevee into Vaporeon.
  • Must solo one Gym Leader or E4 Member which either resists Vaporeon's STAB, or is super effective against your Vaporeon's STAB. (Lt. Surge)
  • May never switch out.
  • May never use items.

SCLG006ZIP the Tentacool
  • Must get and keep Ice-type move ASAP.
  • Must get and keep a cool (contest) move ASAP.
  • Must immediately switch out when hit with a Fire-type attack.
  • Solo at least 2 of Lorelei's Pokemon.

The Actual Adventure: (Warning: Updates will often be extremely long and rambly without much progress. If this doesn't suit you, please do not read this scramble challenge.)

Chapter 01: How is Having a Legend a Good Thing?

Oh look, doesn't this seem familiar... *yawn* I guess I better get this over with. Now let's see... *thumbs through pamphlet* Yup, I know all of the buttons and controls... *looks up* Ohh, heyy Professor Oak! How you doing? Nice? Well good for you. You can save the lecture, by the way. I've heard it from five different professors over five times each. Yeah, I'm a girl. *gasp* What, you guys knew that, right? Ooh, I don't look half-bad, probably 'cause I don't look anything like that in real life. My name, eh? Well it's not Zipo, but I'm totally saying it is. I'm not letting you guys know my real name. Now, I'm going to give my rival the benefit of the doubt and give him a good name: Gary. Why? 'Cause he has an awesome bag. Look at it, it's silver. Why don't I have one of those? I'm stuck with a stinkin' tan bag... Ooh, my own legend? Like all those Greek people? Sweet! I'll be awesome and famous and... awesome! WaitaminuteOak...didn't all those people in the Greek legends die in the end? NooooIwantarefundOakgetbackheredammitImalreadyshrinking...

Shoot, I've already shrunk. At least shrinking isn't painful, or else a lot less people would play pokemon and Nintendo wouldn't make any money. Well, I guess I better make the most of this. Ooh, an NES? Sweeet. Now, better go get that customary Potion I never get! You have to wonder how it gets there though. Maybe a trainer with a Porygon was sailing through cyberspace and dropped it there... Damnit, now that sounds like fun. Why oh why can't we do that? Gamefreak, make it happen. [/failattemptatimidation]

Oh look, our mom we look nothing like is downstairs. I mean seriously, the hair is completely different. Well, let's talk to her I suppose. All girls dream of traveling, huh? It said so on TV? Well, I would normally object to you getting childcare tips from television again, but then again it sounds like its gonna get me an adventure, so I suppose its fine by me. Then again, the other option is just staying home and playing my awesome NES... Fine, I guess I'll keep going with this adventure thing. Doesn't mean I have to like it though.

Well, I suppose I should probably go leave town to start this whole thing off, right? Even though I totally don't want to... Alright, no more negative attitude. Let's just go. The beginning of my adventure and the rest of my life begins... NOW! *steps forward and gets tackled by Oak* Agh! Hey Oak, a little warning would be nice! Yaddayaddayadda, wild pokemon live in tall grass... Oak, I'm pretty sure I can take a couple of Ratatta and Pidgey. *glances out and sees the sharpened teeth of some Ratatta and the razor-sharp beak and claws of some Pidgey*... Actually, my own pokemon sounds nice.

Oh, hey Gary. You got dragged here too? You forgot about your grandson's name, and now that you invited him here, eh Oak? Ah, you guys need to get your grandpa some pills for that memory loss. Forget the eyes, memory is totally the first thing to go. Or the last. Hard to tell with Oak. But whatever, he's giving me my pokemon first, that's all that matters. Hmm, this is a tough choice, but I suppose I'll go with Bulbasaur. I pick Squirtle way too much anyways, and Bulbasaur's just too adorable to resist. Nickname? Hell yeah! Uh, I guess I'll go with the obvious choice for a nickname: SCLG001ZIP. It means something, I swear!

Yeahyeah Gary, hurry up. I already know you're picking Charmander. How did I know, you ask? My super-mega-ultra-awesome-epic-of-epicness mind reading powers, duh. Wow Gary, you're kinda slow. Well, I'll just be leaving then. Wait, Gary, you want to battle? Dammit, I shouldn't have given you a good name. What in Arceus's name, of course I've had a battle before, Oak! I know what to do. Arceus, I've been the champion, like 14 times in my past lives. Seriously Gary, you better get on it with that medicine for your grandpa here. Well anyways, let's check out Bulbasaur (not using their nicknames, don't wanna utterly confuse ya'll) here. Mmm, Naive nature. Damn, male. Eh, whatever. Standard moves... Ohkay, let's start! Oh Arceus Gary, how is my Bulbasaur faster than your Charmander? I know its Naive, but still! Yours must really suck or something. I would ask Oak for a refund. He probably won't remember giving the Charmander to you in the first place, anyways. *Charmander moves first next round* ...Well shoot, we're speed-tied then. Oh well, we could still win this! Lady Luck, Gods of Hax, please shine down upon me! *gets a crit* Oh yeah, I got this. *easily finishes him off* What up, Gary? Nice, Bulbasaur leveled up. Now fork over the dough, Gary. ... What 80 poke? Cheapskate. (BTW, in my world: 100 poke equals 1 USD, so since we default have 3000 poke that's about 30 USD we start out with. And Gary just handed me only 80 cents. What a jerk!) Get back here and give me more money, Gary! ...And he's gone. *sigh* I'll live, I suppose. Now seriously, let's get this adventure started, take two!

Woohoo, I'm on Route 1! Exciting, isn't it. C'mon, let's train to level 8 before we get to Viridian City. Sorry guys, you mind waiting a while (or a skipped line)?

Mmkay, and we're back, right at Viridian City. Let's go heal before we go. *heals* Alright, let's go now. Wait a minute, why the heck is this guy blocking the road? Get outta the way, old man! What, you're tired? I don't care, now move! What, you won't move without some coffee? Dammit! *leaves* Its okay, I had to stop by the Pokemart anyways...

*cut to Pokemart* What do you mean you won't sell me anything! Just because I'm from Pallet Town? What the Arceus? What does that have to do with anything? Oh, you want me to be an errand girl and go deliver something to Oak? Why can't you do it, lazy? Oh, you're scared of the wild pokemon. Geez, if you jump over the ledges your facing a max of 5 patches of grass. Five. Whatever, you're on your own, sucker. I'll be moving on, thank you. If only that damn old man wasn't blocking the road... Waitaminute, you'll give me coffee to go get that old man out of the way? Fine, I suppose so...

*cuts back to Pallet Town* Geez, I didn't even face any pokemon. La-ame. How weak. Now let's go back to Oak and give this to him. Waitaminute, I see talking. Darn, this might take awhile. Let me just tune out and not pay any attention to what you're saying. Wait, you're giving us the Pokedex? Shiny... Cool, worth it. Just in exchange for us going out on a dangerous adventure that could possibly endanger our lives and safety? Of course! Now c'mon this is the adventure start take three, I want it to work this time. Third times the charm, I hope?

End of Chapter

The Team:

SCLG001ZIP (Bulbasaur)
Level 008
Naive Nature
@ Nothing
- Tackle
- Growl
- Leech Seed

My first and only pokemon. What more should I say?
Thanks, KS. Oh yeah guys, I found a problem. I can't complete that Eevee challenge. I have to solo either a Gym Leader or Elite 4 member that Eevee's type (I got Vaporeon) is either NVE against or the GL or E4's type is SE against Eevee. My only options (unless I'm being stupid and missing someone/thing really obvious) are Erika and Lorelei. I need to solo Clefairy with Erika, and solo at least two of Lorelei's pokemon with Tentacool. So yeah, something needs to get changed.
There's also Misty and Lt. Surge. However, the problem here is that you can't get a Water Stone until you get to Celadon City, after both of them. (Actually you can't get Eevee until then either). So I'll give you two options:

1) Skip Lt Surge (the Fly HM isn't necessary) and solo him with your Vaporeon. (Misty isn't possible, since Cut is needed).

2) Solo the rest of Lorelei's team with Vaporeon, and choose one of the following Gym Leaders / E4 members to solo as well: Koga, Sabrina, Bruno, Agatha.

Is this acceptable?
Scramble Compendium

After a while of scrambling, I have decided to make a compendium of my own...on page 96 of all places (well, what WAS page 96; apparently this new forum has more posts per page).
EDIT: Okay, it's page 96 again. Make up your mind.
Bear in mind that some of these challenges are hidden within the depths of mark I, so if you don't recognize them, that's okay.

Incomplete Challenges

Black Scramble: Original post here. Chapter 2 is up, and chapter 3 will be up as soon as I'm able to record the Gym Leader battle.

Completed Challenges

Platinum 5th Day 5th Month Scramble Challenge:
Official post can be found here. A sweeping Scyther gets the MVP award. Unevolved Monferno in the Pokémon League.

Emerald Mono-Water Scramble: First, last, and only update here. Water-less Ludicolo gets the MVP award. Unevolved Mudkip in the Pokémon League?

FireRed Scramble 2: First, last, and only update here. A limited Gyarados gets MVP.

Pearl Solo Run: 1 2 3 4 5 Final
A severely hampered Cranidos plows through Pearl version.

Pearl Scramble: No updates, but if you want a basic rundown, I had a non-evolving Misdreavus and Bidoof, a Torterra with a Hidden Power restriction, a Staraptor that could only attack with recoil moves, a Blissey with 3 offensive moves and Calm Mind, and a Gabite that could not evolve without holding a Macho Brace.

FireRed Scramble: Final update here. The images are effed up for some odd reason.

Unstarted Challenges

Il n'y en a aucun. (There are none.)

Abandoned/Failed Challenges

Pearl Scramblocke: Run failed because of Gardenia...
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Great work Zipo! You, like everybody else, has their own style of these updates, and for your type of formatting, I'd definately say yours are one of the best! Keep up the good work!
Wow I really like this Zipo, wish I could write as well as you (or anyone else on this thread, for that matter...)

Edit: Oh and I have decided that I won't document my Emerald Scramblocke, I really can't be bothered. Although I might notify you guys when someone dies.

Edit 2: Sorry GrassBlade, I realised that you asked me to catch my Skarmory with Magnemite. I won't do that since I find Magnemites long after Skarmorys. I'll make sure it has Magnet Pull though.


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Oh cmon people, you don't need to be surprised about Ziposaki. Did yah all forget her update of her Sapphire Scramble so quickly? Of course she's doing good!

I like the tiny text, reminds me of how they do the same thing on Animal Crossing whenever they're trailing off or saying it under their breath. Very effective.

As for my own update I should have it up tomorrow. Was a bit occupied today and yesterday writing up a warstory (will be posted in a half hour or so if you're interested in that) or it've been done sooner. Sorry to keep you all waiting for so long, it's been a week since my last one now.
I didn't read her (O.o) Sapphire Scramble, but that was awesome!
Btw, you have my eternal respect for calling it Poke, not pokedollars or yen :)

Anyways, another update of Diamond coming soon! (page 100 HINT HINT is not going to be fun... Yellow... -cries-)
EDIT: meh... maybe not. creativity slump today :(
At long last, my FireRed Scramble 2 final update (from LVP to MVP)

Bob_Squob said:
Noob, for firered I assume?

Just to be safe, catch a Machop named Ghandi. He can't use any fighting attacks. He may evolve into Machoke whenever, but never machamp.

Gender: Male
Lv.50 Quirky nature
Stats: 148/136/78/61/74/59 (format: HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe)
- Rock Tomb
- Earthquake
- Thief
- Secret Power

Being a second-evolution ‘mon with no STAB, poor Ghandi was hardly anything but dead weight. However, it managed to KO Agatha’s Haunter and Arbok. Still, though, Guts-boosted Rock Tomb was a 3HKO on her most powerful Gengar.

Arcticblast said:
@Newby n0Ob: Take a Bulbasaur. Name it $#%%!& or something to that effect. It may not know Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Earthquake or Giga Drain. It cannot battle Brock's Onix.

Gender: Male
Lv.50 Rash nature
Stats: 146/104/97/135/106/105
- Cut
- Growth
- Poisonpowder
- Razor Leaf

Only four of its moves were restricted, but those four were vital moves to 3rd gen Venusaur. I can’t believe Sludge Bomb is only available post-game because Cut was the only thing I could find to hit Flying- and Grass-types. Still, though, it’s always good to have an HM user on the team...and a Grass-type attacker.

loudkirbyking said:
Newby Noob: Take on the ultimate challenge of Firered. Nidoran!

Catch a Nidoran Male. Get it to Nidoking as soon as you get your first Moon Stone (As in, Nidorino before you exit Mt. Moon) This is the ultimate King of Nido's, so it must be one heck of a powerhouse. It must know Thrash, as beating up everything in it's way is always good, Megahorn to show off it's amazing ramming skills, Thunder to destroy all Water types and show it's power of nature, and Toxic, so it can watch all it hits slowly be tortured to death.

This Nido believes it can do everything, so it'll blast through Brock's Onix with just kicking(Double Kick), and destroy at least 30 trainer pokemon, and it must use Thrash on every Steel type it see's until it dies. Nickname it "KingNido"

Recap time!

Catch Nidoran Male, nickname it "KingNido"
Must know Thrash, Megahorn, Thunder, and Toxic sometime before E4
Must solo Brock's Onix with Double Kick Restriction removed
Must take out 30 trainer pokemon
Must take out every steel type with Thrash.

Lv.50 Rash nature
Stats: 153/114/95/106/82/115
- Thrash
- Megahorn
- Thunder
- Toxic

Sorry, but this moveset is really beyond the regular Nidoking that I use (well, besides Megahorn). I mean, no Earthquake? Despite that, however, it managed to KO one of Lance’s Dragonairs and the Champion’s Exeggutor. Toxic tried to be useful against Charizard (and would’ve succeeded if it weren’t for the Sitrus Berry...) and Dragonair (but, well, Shed Skin).

Magriz said:
@Newby n0Ob
you get pokEball the voltorb
PokEball is so angry that other pokemon mistake it for a pokEball that if it leads a wild battle, you must either solo the wild pokemon with pokEball or catch the pokemon (with a pokeball if you want to).
pokEball also feels the pain that other voltorb and electrode feel when people mistake them for pokeballs so it cannot defeat another voltorb or electrode. There are no other restrictions.

Lv.52 Calm nature
Stats: 143/55/93/115/110/171
- Spark
- Screech
- Return
- Light Screen

Honestly, the restriction involving wild Pokémon was such a pain. It prevented me from doing any sort of grinding and was a huge bother in Victory Road due to the many Ground-types that lurk therein. Thankfully, the restriction said nothing about the use of Repels. Anyway, that aside, pokEball was a supernatural defensive pivot with Light Screen, which helped KingNido to survive Charizard’s Fire Blast at about 2/3 HP. Its Electric STAB was also helpful, as a majority of Elite Four Pokés are weak to it.

user 18 said:
@ Newby n0Ob

Pidgey, must be the first Pokemon you catch.

This Pidgey has a superiority complex, and must always solo your rival's Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot. It may not evolve to Pidgeotto until soloing your rival's Pidgeotto, and may not evolve to Pidgeot until soloing your rival's Pidgeot. Bonus points if you solo Pidegot in the Champion battle as well, although this is not necessary. Must also solo at least 2 of Bruno's Pokemon.

NN: Haughty (yes, it is a play on words)
Gender: Female
Lv.58 Bashful nature
Stats: 168/138/112/104/88/144
- Fly
- Steel Wing
- Aerial Ace
- Quick Attack

This challenge had no severely hampering restrictions, though the evolution restrictions were no laughing matter. The fact that it had to solo Onix back at the first gym was a huge pain as well. Curse you, Gamefreak, for moving Nidoran(M) from Route 22. That aside, yes, I actually did manage to solo Pidgeot in the Champion battle with it, though it was with the help of a crit that I desperately needed due to the noob using Featherdance.

DetroitLolcat said:
Newby N00b, you get three choices of challenge:

1. A Staryu that cannot evolve

2. A Gyarados that cannot learn Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Hidden Power, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Double-edge.

3. A Golduck that must know one physical move, one Special move, one Status move, and one free choice move. If the free choice move is Physical, then no further restrictions, if it's Status, it has to solo one Gym Leader, if it's Special, it has to solo two Gym Leaders.

Pick option 1,2,or 3 as your challange.

NN: Limited
Gender: Female
Lv.51 Quiet nature
Stats: 170/145/99/90/115/100
- Strength
- Surf
- Taunt
- Dragon Rage

As you can see, I picked option 2 and I don’t regret it (though the Golduck would’ve been cool). Though it might have been cool to have some of the restricted moves (like Dragon Dance and Ice, first Ice-less challenge besides my Pearl Solo Run), Strength and Surf gave it coverage never to be messed with. Taunt actually helped me once, but the fact that it doesn’t tell you when it wears off in 3rd gen is really annoying. Also, this Gyarados was the bulkiest member of my team, and the only one who could stand face-to-face with Charizard and live for more than three turns.

So, that’s it for FireRed Scramble 2! Contrary to my prediction, it was no harder than the previous one, but it still was fun.