The Second Tournament of Second Chances (Round 1)

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Approved by Iconic ~ Co-hosted by Philip7086 and jumpluff ~ Last Won by JabbaTheGriffin

You feelin' lucky, punk? Well, unfortunately for you, you're going to need a lot more than luck to win this tournament. The Tournament of Second Chances is designed to promote skill above all else as the deciding factor on who wins. If you think the only thing preventing you from winning a major tournament is your bad luck, then now's your chance to prove it.

Hi, everyone! Just more tl;dr to go and we can get on with it. The following are notes submitting logs, the tournament structure, and people who haven't submitted teams. Fortunately we won't need to post those next round!

Standard Rules (Reference):

  • Species Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Battle Timeout
  • Wi-Fi Clause
Non-Standard Rules:

  • Each player must submit up to 5 teams to jumpluff before the tournament starts
    • You can only use one of these 5 teams in every match for this entire tournament.
    • You cannot change any part of any of these teams at any time throughout the tournament.
    • If you do not have 5 teams to submit, you are allowed to enter with less, but just note that you will not be allowed to submit more teams later on in the tournament. In other words, you will be restricting yourself to however many teams you initially submit.
  • Best of 3 Matches
    • Only the loser may switch teams for the next match.
  • Double Elimination
  • In order for your signup post to be counted, it must contain all three of these words in it: "count", "me", and "in". You may post these words in any order you want, or in the middle of a sentence even, so long as I see those three words somewhere in your post. I'm only doing this to ensure that everybody who signs up has actually read these rules.
  • All logs must be saved and turned in to verify that both players used an exact team from their team bank. If you cannot provide a log, you will be asked to do a rematch. This obviously makes it the winner's responsibility if they want their win to be counted! DON'T FORGET TO DO THIS!!!

Log verification process

It is the winner's responsibility to send in logs.

Losers may still send in the logs on behalf of the winner, but the winner should consider that the loser has little incentive to and avoid the risk where possible.

To verify you used your teams as submitted, the winner of each bo3 needs to save the logs of their battles and submit them either as replays or in text (in-PM or in a pastebin that does not expire until after the round, preferably in-PM as it saves us some work). R1, I am dividing the matchups in half. Send the logs to the person in charge of your section. R2 and thereafter, I will take the loser's bracket and Philip7086 will take the winner's bracket.

Double elimination schedule

Each round will last a week. The structure of each round is listed in the hide tag.

Key: Round #. | Winners Bracket # of Players | Losers Bracket # of Players

128 Man
1. 128 | 0
2. 64 | 64
3. 32 | 64
4. 16 | 48
5. 8 | 32
6. 4 | 20
7. 2 | 12 (Winners Bracket does not play round)
8. 2 | 6
9. 1 | 4 (Remaining Winners Bracket player does not play round)
10 1 | 2 (Remaining Winners Bracket player does not play round)
11. Finals

People who have yet to submit their teams


Ulyaoth Sultan

If your opponent tells you they have submitted their team but I haven't updated yet, battle them; it's their problem, not yours. Once you've PMed me your teams (ASAP!!!), go find your opponent and battle them. Don't wait around for me. If you are on here mistakenly, send me your teams again if you have them on hand, or else just let me know and I'll try to find them (first one guarantees I get them, second one less so).


With all that out of the way, here are the match-ups!

Round 1

Send to jumpluff

-okara vs -Manu-
Aeromence vs Disposable Puppets = Aeromence didn't send in a team.
badabing vs yondie
Bartman101 vs Agammemnon
BIG loven vs blarajan
Blue_Star vs Vinc2612
By Myself vs JabbaTheGriffin
Charizard92 vs KnightoftheWind - activity
davidansor vs NoJohns - activity
DetroitLolcat vs DittoCrow
emirinho vs Rewer - activity
fatty vs Rockhp31
FelixMinamimoto vs Ojama
Freze vs Mynism
Go10 vs Orichalcos Owl
H-C vs Razza
HSA vs toshimelonhead - HSA has not sent in teams
IceCarAdler vs Hantsuki
idiotfrommars vs Lowgock
Lady Bug vs gr8astard
LizardMan vs Chacal
Malfunction vs McMeghan
Nexuz vs xtrashine
Novaray vs Frizy
pokemonrocks777 vs undisputed - coinflip
Rydro vs Eo Ut Mortus - Rydro has not sent in teams
SethZiBritannia vs mostwanted
Smith vs Hyperbeem
Taylor vs Brotom
The Kyle vs Limitless
wilson46 vs Kojes - activity
_AlexiS_ vs Temptation

Send to Philip7086

AlphaJolt vs EspyJoel
B-Lulz vs pokebasket
Blightbringer vs Krack
Bloo vs Kennen
bubbly vs SOMALIA - activity
CheezitKing vs complete legitimacy
D4RR3N vs Eustatic - coinflip
Darkdiglett vs Omicron - activity
DarkLoïc vs TheMexican
Dark_Psiana vs Alice
Dk Law vs Ningildo
dragonuser vs HBK
DrMohammadLi vs dragonboy52
Eranu vs BrickBreak - activity
freedom2 vs MarceloDK
Heist vs Floppy
Lady Alex vs Quagsires
Lady Salamence vs Max212 - Max212: 'SUB ME OUT"
Lamppost vs TalkingLion
LuckOverSkill vs NatGeo
Nachos vs WhiteQueen
NightFox vs Scimjara
Noodlez vs HellPowna
PasY_G vs Tomahawk9
Princess Bri vs kuja20
reyscarface vs Amell - rey did not send in teams
SGV vs eaglesrock
SoulWind vs Joeyboy
Steven Snype vs Zebraiken
symphonyx64 vs Iconic
Ulyaoth Sultan vs lapras6666
~GreenCore vs Tiffanyy - activity

Deadline is 08:00 AM, Sunday the 25th of March, 2012 (GMT).

To convert this to your timezone, click here.

You don't need to build teams, so get to arranging a match quickly, please! Neutral luck, everyone! ^_^
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