VGC '12 United States National - Indianapolis - WON by Cybertron and Wolfey

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We're 50/50 on attending as Pokemon Nationals this year are on the same weekend as Yugioh Nationals. All depends on Shinkou getting his yugioh invite or not, and maybe other things, we'll see.

Expert Evan & Shinkou
Anyone know where they're staying yet?
The Crowne Plaza :3 Also yeah, like I said on the Facebook event wall, the hotel that the winners are booked for is the Crowne Plaza this year instead of the JW marriott (and I am displeased by this because the super bowl players stayed in the JW this feburary /rage)
Liesek said it was 4 earlier at Rhode Island this year. Personally, I'd really like to see Top 8 trips with Top 16 invites like they did for Hawaii last year, but it should at least be Top 8 invites. Any less is just absolutely ridiculous :| I hope they announce it soon.


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We know there are going to be at least two World spots (even more of a bloodbath, lol), but most likely there will be four, so it's perfectly reasonable to say that..
Well of course, it's just it's just as reasonable to say that it will be top 8 trips top 16 invites, as Cybertron said. I only said that because, as Kingofkongs made a statement, I was trying to present that there was no detailed statement from TCPi on the matter(as far I as I know). Regardless, should be a fun bloodbath at the very least >.<


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I know Europe got 4 fully paid trips per Nation, with no invite only prizes, but looking back, the US have always had more invites that any nation in Europe. I know there's the Canada/US split, but I don't see how any less than 8sinvite seems at all sensible? Personally, I think 8 trips, 16 invites would be best, considering they're obviously trying to expand worlds attendance with more EU spots, and spots for Canada

That said, I think however many spots there are, it'll be a bloodbath for them, with Nats being open and all.. Will be nice to get some confirmation on the format though.
no way im gonna go. my parents thought it was too much going to philly on a sunday when we all had school and work the next day. regionals was good enough for me