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  • That should be fine, Sunday would probably work better depending on what time I can get back on. (been up since 6am so just woke up xD it's nearly 4pm here :x)
    I actually just registered for SkarmBliss (at last c'=) so I might go on the IRC at some point today. I noticed the tournament on the forums but I wasn't sure if it was only for regulars or not since I've yet to actually post there. (else I'd probably want to give it a try) XD Ah well.
    ((Posted this on my page instead of the convo >>;; ))
    Yeah, you were the first person I thought of when I saw that. What EVs did you give Groudon to take Palkia's Spacial Rend like that?
    C: Ah, sounds good, any spesific time that'd be best? I'm pretty much in the same situation, i'll be free to battle most of the weekend.
    Hey, remember me? ;P *shot* You be up for a '10 VGC battle sometime? I'm trying to get back into the scene before next month and PBR just isn't cutting it. xD;
    Hey dude, do you happen to know any good YouTube videos showing how to RNG in HeartGold?
    wich video were you looking for cause all i have is

    ok, 5:30-6:00 Eastern good for you? I'll be on earlier of course, but I have to watch the Phillies opener, and that takes precedence. :)
    Ahh, you're viewing the thread already. You want to do both VGC's or OU 6v6 and 2010 VGC?
    Sorry about yesterday something did come up. My return flight is tomorrow afternoon so saturday night or later I could battle.
    Almost. I'm having a problem with Groudon and Ho-Oh as well, but I'm still training. Hey maybe we should battle on Friday or something to see what we have so far. :)
    It might be tough for me to be avalible because I'm vacationing out of state and alot is going on. I'm free tomorrow afternoon but I don't know if something will come up, nothing should but it has happened this week. As for the order of battles, I like it.
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