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  • Yo Omari! What's up man? This is Milan, the Indian you were talking to after Top 16 matches were ending. Just wanted to say congratz man. You're one great player and I look forward to seeing you dominate at Worlds against the Japs! :D
    Dude, great job making it to Worlds. You have no idea how inspired I am to get my head into the metagame. Just in case you forgot, it's Rodrigo, and I gotta say I'm not surprised you made it this far. Keep up the excellent work, and you have no idea how cool it is to say "The first pokemon vgc's I ever went to, the first guy I met and battled just for fun, is going to world's". You better believe I'm gonna get better. Good luck, you won't need it, but congratulations and keep up the great work.
    Just curious, are you going to make a warstory about nats? Sorry if two of these get posted, but my netbook is screwing up on me.
    Nope, watching from afar... and extremely pleased to see you do so well. Send me a message at and I'll explain.
    Wow, an 09 players of vgc10 gets to worlds. Nice on you man because in the place where they drink a lot of tea we won with a guy who learnt the metagame in a month and the other with 3 months experience.

    You on the other hand went around America, searching far and wide, nice job man. Do me proud and win, if you ever need help with teams etc and want to play, you know who to call bro. Top job, top man!
    Hey man, I don't think I got to say goodbye in person, but congrats on your worlds invite and good luck in hawaii! You were a great guy to meet and were very chill and relaxed the whole time. You stayed calm even after you got unlucky in your matches, and I admire that. Me and a few other guys were talking on Saturday night and we all agreed that we would have no problem if you won the whole thing. You did not act arrogant or anything like that after your incredible performance on Saturday. Good luck at worlds and hopefully I will see yoou next year! Maybe on the finals stage ;)
    Hey bro! If you're going to watch the LCQ, I'll be the guy with a custom green falcons T-Shirt with tan shorts and sandles. I'll have a pokewalker on my side and I'm sure you've seen my red afro in the photos. ;D lol
    Hey, when are you going to arrive at the hotel for the LCQ? Due to how things work out, I'll probably be there between 7-9 Thursday night. Thanks,
    Hey bro. Have you been able to go to the skarmbliss channel on Mibbit? I keep searching skarmbliss but it says there's no channel available. :/
    Looking up a room now. Going for cheap as possible and close too. I"ll PM you the details.
    Yeah, I read your war story, and know you finally got your invite to nationals. You've been waitting on this since before last years VGC's. I don't know much about to many VGC battlers, so my support is with you, MattJ, and Greysong. Two of you three should go against each other in the finals of World's...Because I know all three of you are good enough to make it that far...If it happens though, I'm not quite sure who I'd cheer for, but it would be awsome to see.
    Long trip for you to go to AZ. Hopefully the dedication pays off. Go look in my trade thread, and let me know if there is anything that might help you out. I'll give it to you, free of charge.
    Not at all bro. Not at all. But I have no doubt whatsoever that you'll do GREAT this weekend. :)
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