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  • Hi! When would you like to battle for the RanBat Tourney? I'll be on vacation until the 6th, so I should be available most of the time then. I'm in GMT -5 btw.
    oh yeah, the other night you kept going on and on about how good lum berry volcarona and HP ghost keldeo were.
    someone was impersonating you on irc in #pokemon, might want to do: /ns set kill on
    temp says you got banned last night
    he also says that are you now unbanned due to a server reset
    fight me with a real team fuckre, not online and see what happens.
    even tho i almost cried when watching that. How dare you bring a hazer when 4/6 of my team are setupsweepers?
    Please don't remind me of the times i was terribad.
    Imagine if Topsy-Turvy existed in that gen.
    ok, thuesday work good, im free all day tuesday so i don't have any problem of time
    Despite being a complete douche to new people, I actually adore the thought of new people to tag along. Alot do it without any thought or knowledge on competitive though, and I really dislike that.
    That's what I thought was cool about you originally; you knew your shit, and you adapted quickly.
    That's why I respect you as a person, but more importantly, that's why I respect you as a friend, Bedschibaer.
    You will never gid gud enough for me to truly love you as my soul mate, Beschibaer. I need someone, who can accept me for being me. Someone who would never tell something hurtful to me. Someone who can truly express their love for me.
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