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  • You're welcome. :) Okay. ^^ If you want me to change it then just tell me. x) If you want I could give you also my other XD sprites or (re)make new ones.
    Good luck with your thread. ^^
    Greevil is done. I could start today because I was earlier at home.
    I'm not 100% sure about the colors as I couldn't find a very clear picture. I hope this one will do. :)
    If there is something wrong or you want something different, tell me. Also, if you want another birdie sprite, tell me. ^^

    Hope you like it. :)
    Hi clear, could you please CMT for your XD Birds? I know I probably don't have anything that interests you, but I figured it was worth a shot. Thanks!
    The thing is i only have those pokemon as pkm files and i do not have a file to transfer them atm cause my mc crashed and i bought a new one. So until i fix it you ll have to wait a while. Is this ok with you?
    Oh, well you may check my thread and post what you like in VM/PM if you'd like.
    ok so to clarify, (not being a noob, just wanted to be 100% sure) can you still check threads? like CMT?
    Custom trainer sprites are harder than other custom sprites, but I'll give it a try. :) I will start making the sprites on tuesday. I don't have time untill then.
    tbh, I honestly didn't know you, nor knew what you do (now I know). So, in around this time, since I didn't know, I basically didn't go on bad nor angel on you, but you know, its not that bad.
    Hey, I see people below are already interested in your birds, any idea when they will be traded (or creating a trade thread)?
    Hey. Thanks! :) Of course I can. :) Do you mean the XD birdies?
    I don't need anything in return, but I would appreciate it if somebody asks about these sprites that you'll link them to me. ^^
    Tell me what you got in mind for the birds. :)
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