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  • Ok sure, I would like them actually.

    EDIT: I just saw your Timid Zapdos, yes, I would love it very much >.<
    c l e a r, is that XD Moltres for trade? I really like and though I'd ask, I've also added you because I edited my profile to friends only. :p
    I am actually interested in all XD birds so vm me when they are transferred and we will work something out. Thanks:)
    I do not usually give out 2 mons for one and those you asked aren't my RNG's so i don't feel comfortable giving them out. If you are only giving it for 2 mons nvm. Thanks for the answer though:)
    Sure that's fine. Do you want them in 4th or 5th gen? And what's your FC? Mine is in my sig.
    Oh wow you have a lot of good stuff. I don't suppose there's anything else you're interested in is there? I have some XD resets of my own. Most are Dragonite though.

    I like your Careful Duskull the most but I would also like your Bold Lunatone as well.
    Ok. I do trade for XD resets but there are certain ones that I don't need. Basically I don't need Greevil's mons, and any shadow mons sent out after 0 or 1 non-shadow mon. I'll check that hall of fame post.
    Sure I'll trade it. I'm not particularly interested in the birds because well... Let's just say that I was the final straw in the rule against trading RAM hacked mons, even though they should have not been allowed a month earlier when it first came to light. I'll take a look at what you have.

    Edit: Uh... where can I see your stuff? D:
    Well done. Zapdos does need to have an attack, it can run Sub/Roost/Agility/BP or something. Tell me when you get a good Articuno.
    Interesting... I'll get it in when I get on my computer. (Damn you PSP internet)

    Edit: Go for Arty/Lugia if you can.
    I couldn't help but notice on serebii's DW page that azurill gets aqua jet AND ice punch (mistake??). When you breed a pokemon with a DW ability, do you always get that ability, or is it possible to get one of that pokemon's other abilities?? I'm asking because it could mean that aqua jet is now legal with belly drum on azumarill.
    I'm sorry for sending you VM but smogon is giving out warnings for really stupid stuff and I didn't want to accidentally say something stupid on a thread.

    Anyways, I was wondering. I was wondering where I can find a list that shows the release dates for DW pokemon?? If you don't know that's fine.
    Yep; lemme work on zappy first then I'll narrow it down and clone it/that stuff :)
    "If you ever set up to a +6 no Defense attacker without thinking, you deserve to lose anyways, that's what team preview is for."

    At +6 it really doesn't matter how much defense you have. You can have all the defense in the world and still lose to +6. o_O

    Also, nobody with a brain will even attempt to set up to +6 with a Ditto. Especially with a frail sweeper, because it will never reach +6 with the lack of bulk lol.
    Ok then. I'll give them all to you in anticipation of a good Articuno/another good Zapdos. I can't trade now though.
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