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  • Well how far could i be if i breed one say bagon which i was aiming for and hatch it in the proper game and mimic glitch the move. How far from legal i am?
    Can you tell me anything about the Wish events? Do you know anything about their ddescription or the ivs?

    Edit: Regarding the Salamence it is easier than other shadow pokemon but it would still be difficult to find a spread as there would be a lot of manual searching involved.
    Naw I got it taken care of. I don't think it is currently possible to get a good Rapidash though... any shadow pokemon generated after two or more non-shadow pokemon are pretty much impossible at this time. Hopefully that changes in the future.
    I did the second way. I dumped my memory card file to use on the emu, did my stuff, extracted the save, deleted the save on the memory card and imported it. As far as I know there is no way for Dolphin and VBA to connect.
    I'll have that dodrio ready for you as soon as I can, sorry for the delays. Are there any 3rd gen tutors you want on it besides body slam and double edge?
    I've got to run in about 2 minutes, so not atm. I can only trade on 4th gen if we can trade using .pkm files, does that work for you?
    Funny you say that, since I've just cleared normal yesterday. Extra is meh, but fun to say the least. Miko's non-spell's are fucking annoying, but p easy to get through.
    Hey man, haven't spoke to you in awhile, how's it going?

    I've been playing Ten Desires like crazy, it's p awesome. I'm not all that worried about the non-stop glitches, since a patch can hopefully fix the majority of em.
    You mentioned that you were debating SRing for a Zapdos or an Articuno on XD. I would like to SR for those myself, but don't know how to with the forced save after beating Greevil. How do you do that?
    Well, I might have gotten my salamence:

    Adamant 18-19 / 26-27 / 24-25 / 10-13 / 24-25 / 28-29

    It's not +spe and no 30-31 speed, but it's really decent for a SR :)

    EDIT: Kept; I'll have more XD runs that I can go for +spe (Just about to start run 5 too)
    I did that and boy am I glad I didn't save; it turned out to be naive 12-13 / 30-31 / 10-11 / 30-31 / 0-1 / 26-27

    if the speed were 30-31 I would've kept, but as it is I think I can do better :)
    just hope you get lucky then, I have been in similar situations before, but I always just not save and grab all of them in one go without saving.
    He's got other stuff with him, since I killed all 4 of the mons held by eldes :/ And a few more, but not too many. I'll just collect all the battle sims and see if I can't get lucky along the way.
    Ok I'm at a bit of a dilemma; I just accidentally killed a salamence that outsped vappy. That means that it has at least a 26 IV in speed and a + spe nature (26/27 iv ties with vappy) The problem is, it did 59 damage to my 361 hp / 131 def vappy as well, which, if smogon's damage calculator is correct, means a 24+ atk IV and a neutral nature. What I'm wondering is if I should try to get it in one go and recatch it, or save and bother with it later. I know it's also either naive or jolly and not hasty due to how much lick from ursauring did to it. (it did slightly more than it did to a 18/19 hp iv / 30-31 def iv salamence that I caught earlier)

    so the question is.... what should I do? we're looking (if everything I've theory'd is correct) at something like a 22+ / 24+ / 22+ / ? / ? / 26+ naive/jolly salamence :/
    I'm at sally essentially (just need to raise up my one under and I'll be good to go!)
    How come I find you replying to every resetter by bragging about your own shit?
    Good to know. I thought that's how it was since I was able to SR for better stuff..

    DW was nice to me today (after three SR's).

    Tangela - #114 (Calm)
    Female (♀)
    HP: 29
    Att: 22 - 23
    Def: 31
    SpA: 12
    SpD: 29
    Speed: 0 - 1
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