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  • sorry, i will be in class then.
    I can battle in like 24 hours from right now if thats okay?
    Remember - only do so if you have 2 games. The cloning code is "out there" (I can look it up for you if you like), but you'll need to update your AR's software first (google, or I can looki it up for you) - which is annoying.
    I use the action replay on my white to clone, and so I use an item duplication code to copy the feathers (makes 900).

    At that point, it's just math.

    If you only have 1 game, I WOULD NOT recommend using an AR on it, but if you have 2 games (or more - I'm thinking of picking up a 2nd white 2nd hand at some point in the future), and already use the cloning code - I don't see any reason why not to EV in this way. Then you get to level up w/o having to worry about EVs. :P
    Feathers (found on the drawbridge) give 1 EV each, and can be used past the 100 EV vitamin cap. So you can fully EV a lv. 1 pokemon.

    And wifi is terrible all over the place - BW didn't make alotments for the massive influx of new players. :/
    Sorry, I EV for myself - feathers make it incredibly easy on G5, and it's not worth the time trading them out (I can EV a guy in like 5 minutes... and with wifi connection issues, trading one takes longer. :P)
    If you had the knowledge to RNG in B/W I would have given you some credits for the mons you asked. I EV train all my pkm in B/W

    You can re-CMT when you get some gen.5th pokemon :)
    If you read my thread you would know I offer EV training so no I don't need any EVing done for me.
    Yes please. I don't have those berries to make it love me :/

    And about 5th gen, I can EV train there myself ^^
    ok forget it, I'll wait for my partner to get his material or find someone that will be happy to add pages in his dex
    I do not have a thread, I'm too lazy and overwhelmed with a lack of care to determine the IVs of my Pokemon. Though as previously stated I have nearly most pokemon 1-5th gen EV trained to offer, as well as some events and 2 shiny pokemon Im dying to get rid of (shiny=garbage imo)
    Well Im trying to get Elektross, Seismitoad and the 3 starters trained, those are the only single/final stage evolutions I need EV trained
    Hey, I have some Gen 5 Pokemon you can EV. Here is the EV training post in my thread...

    Only the spread and moveset have been listed there, but all my Gen 5 Pokemon are flawless, or as flawless as it gets for a Hidden Power ^^
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