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  1. Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion Thread v5 (usage in post #547)

    Pretty cool wallbreaker I've been playing with Coalossal @ Power Herb Ability: Steam Engine EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Meteor Beam - Fire Blast - Ancient Power - Earth Power if you switch into a fire attack you're basically guaranteed a kill. Meteor Beam + earth...
  2. Official NBA 2010-11 Season Thread

    Oh agreed Deng is definitely the Bulls best #2 option, but the reason they picked up Boozer in the first place was because (not to discredit Deng as he is one of my favorite players, a monster on D, and a great situational score) they needed a more reliable #2 option than Deng. But yeah, Boozer...
  3. Official NBA 2010-11 Season Thread

    Agreed, a defensive philosophy which Rose played a large part in executing. And what about the Celtics and Heat, they both have great defensive philosophies as well, with the Celtics having equally good if not better defensive stats for the regular season, and the Bulls still earned a better...
  4. Official NBA 2010-11 Season Thread

    I don't understand this. The MVP is awarded based on regular season. Why should his poor play off performance change what he did in the regular season. If anything to me, it magnified what he did. The playoffs showed that the Bulls were clearly not the best team in the league. So Rose leading...
  5. Official NBA 2010-11 Season Thread

    Congrats to the Heat, and congrats to the Bulls on a great season. My only advice for the Bulls: Loose Carlos Loozer. Eating 15 mil to be a liability on defense, be an unreliable second option at best on offense, and arguably blow these last 2 games thanks to his flagrant fouls.
  6. Official NBA 2010-11 Season Thread

    My God it was sweet.
  7. Samurott

    Whoah let's not get carried away here, just because they're both pure waters with megahorn does not make them at all the same. Samurott has better stats in every category bar SpD (which is negated by Samurott's superior HP) he has access to Swords Dance, which when paired with Aqua Jet and his...
  8. Volcarona

    Gotta love this guy, all he is is set-up fodder for double dance Terrakion =D
  9. Darmanitan

    Encourage boosts Flare Blitz because of the burn chance, not the recoil.
  10. Chandelure

    I'll agree that the sub set is great. I used to think this thing was trash because all I saw were choiced sets that got ruined by decent prediction and SR, but after seeing a couple sub ones and playing around with it, I'll say that chandy still has troubles with rocks, but is a force to be...
  11. Rotom Forms

    Also modest/252 Genesect can't even ohko rotom-h with techno-water, and even with sr support only ohkos him 15% of the time, and obviously Gene gets wrecked by Rotom-H in return.
  12. Rotom Forms

    Well anyone using techo booster is an idiot so you should have an easy win anyways.
  13. SmashPass

    What about a Skuntank that carries punishment for Espeon and roar for everything else?
  14. Genesect

    Life orb hp water outperforms water technobuster. Cassettes are useless.
  15. Porygon2

    Why would you be happy he's ou?