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  1. Pokémon Guzzlord

    For something with such huge HP and so low defenses, it's better to boost his defenses (127 Def / 127 SpD instead of 252 HP, if you want even defenses)
  2. Pokémon Granbull

    Garchomp. Togekiss exist, though.
  3. Pokémon Alomomola

    Alomomola can switch out and restore HP with Regenerator...
  4. Other Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder: V2

    Competitive is much better in Doubles (Intimidate abuse, partner with Baby-Doll Eyes...)
  5. Pokémon Gardevoir

    Base 85 Attack (Mega) is "abysmal" now? Fun fact: Mega Gardevoir base Attack is higher than Talonflame's.
  6. Move Knock Off

    More like pseudo-STAB. Super-effective is 2.0x more damage, not 1.5x.
  7. Pokémon Avalugg

    And Recover, and usable offensive stats.
  8. Move Sticky Web

    Point is: NEVER use Galvantula (or Sticky Web user) like a suicide lead. Sticky Web works WAY better (in theory, at least) in the middle of the battle, when Defoggers and Spinners are crippled or fainted. Galvantula with Life Orb and Volt Turn, Volt Turn, Volt Turn, Volt Turn... and, in the...
  9. Move Sticky Web

    Poor distribution, predictable users... and Defog and Rapid Spin exist, you know. It's your fault if your team is composed enterely of speedy (not anymore :p) and squishy sweepers...
  10. Pokémon Mandibuzz

    After watching that replay... Overcoat actually doesn't block Leech Seed or it's a Showdown bug?
  11. Move Sticky Web

    Is this a thing? She's somewhat bulky (55-63-90-50-80-42) with Eviolite. Not necessarily a lead. Swadloon @ Eviolite Ability: Overcoat/whatever ability is legal with Sticky Web and tutor moves EVs: 248 HP / ??? Att / ??? Def / ??? SDef / ??? Spd Careful/Impish/Adamant? Nature - Synthesis -...
  12. Other Most overhyped or underated aspect this gen so far?

    Over-reaction much? I was trying to be helpful. Oh, well... Excuse me for killing your bunnies and poisoning your garden, my good sir.
  13. Other Most overhyped or underated aspect this gen so far?

    I don't live on Smogon, you know :/ Don't be a smartass.
  14. Other Most overhyped or underated aspect this gen so far?

    Mirror Coat isn't a "Other" move... is actually a "Special" move.
  15. Pokémon Pokébank changes discussion thread

    How you get Toxic Spikes on Koffing? ._.