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  • naw, you don't get it man.

    Just get a Mew, any Mew and trade it to XD and see if the tutor shows up, I would find out myself, but I couldn't transfer a flash files over to a real cart.
    hey, we have a pending. Are you still interested in that trade? If so, I could trade now. Do I use your new FC?
    hey eppie, would you like to trade now? and yes the palkia is nicknamable. You want it nicknamed "Palkia" correct?
    by the way, VM me the Desired Nickname just in case I don't finish it now.
    I might be going out in a bit
    It is NN'able, but give me a while though as I have to search the ROM

    I know it is the crappy ability, no technician, no No Guard, no Snow Cloak (Ability 0)
    Just a quick question. Once you get the Mew are you going to nickname it Mew or are you going to leave it's name in japanese? If possible could I get it from you with it's original japanese name please.
    o yea, never thought of it the other way.

    you can just redo the gengar instead of growing your ID/SID database.

    so would you look for something else to have a trade? my list grows pretty fast
    yea, I haven't had time after to redo the palkia as I was doing other stuff.

    So does this mean you could can hatch it shiny?
    Afterall, there are exactly 8192 combinations of the XoR combination, 3000 aint enough :P

    Can we do the trade minus the Palkia?
    I believe the perfect hasty is 1 SpD or - 3 Def.
    Eppie, do you mind to tell me if the English version of XD have the Mew tutor?
    I always wondered about that since the Japanese version had it.

    If you are not sure, I'm pretty sure you can find out. Lead Mews with Fake Out is awesome.
    Nee! :D
    Mag niet! :D
    Ghehe. :D
    Heb je weleens goef gekeken hoe hij zo daar staat..?:D
    hij staat er echt zo van: Ik ga je pakkuhh!! :la: :a
    Ghehe :a Togetic is cool<3 :a Net als jij. :a
    Naahww niet opeteuhh!! D: :D
    Dan ga jij van de fietsie afvallen D:
    En dan heb ik pijntjes. D:
    Nahw. D:
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