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  • All right, I can do that. Just send me the links to the ones you uploaded to Pokécheck (make sure they're public so I can download them), then I'll send them to my game and trade them to you.
    erm... are you sure you are uploading it to the 4th gen gts?
    also, what are you using to extract the .pkm files?
    if you really need me to, i guess i could help you with transferring, as long as there aren't too many
    Well, Pokécheck gives you a clone ribbon when you download from there, so you won't want to download directly. But if you upload the .pkm file, it should tell you if there's something wrong with it that's preventing you from sending it through PokéGTS.
    Try to upload your pokemon to pokecheck and download it as a .pkm file, then you can send it to your game with this. i remember i had the same problem when i tried pokegen.
    If you upload .pkm files to pokecheck, you'll get a premier ribbon when you send the pokemon to your game. Use instead.
    A few Internet providers don't allow DNS redirecting, but the router shouldn't affect anything. Just try it; the worst that can happen is it won't send anything to your game.
    Box doesn't matter, it'll go to the first available space in any box (starting with #1). Otherwise, that sounds correct.
    Pokécheck is currently unavailable (it's been going under a lot of maintenance lately, so it's down a lot), but if you're just sending the mons to your game then PokéGTS should be all you need.
    I have no idea what is happening there. I remember the same thing happened to me yesterday, but I just tried again and it worked.
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