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  • It should be fine, since you aren't actually modifying the Pokémon, but be careful what code you use - one I found just actually turned all balls into Master Balls, so I had to redo everything again with the proper balls. You could always just play around with save states until it succeeds, that's what I usually do.
    I believe PokéRNG doesn't handle Method H very well, try doing it in RNG Reporter and see if you get results.
    hola, que tal, vaya ya había pasado algo de tiempo desde que me conectaba, decidi alejarme un rato de todo esto porque me desconcentraba de la universidad pero alfin ya regrese, ¿Ya tienes bw?
    la verdad ya no me acuerdo cada de eso...preguntale a rockinx,deseguro el si lo sabe dado ke el me enseno a usarlo
    Internal, I guess. I never had to do anything with the save type on DeSmuME to get it to work.
    que raro porque aún así deberías poder editar el save independiente de como lo tengas, aunque personalmente no he intentado con una partida nueva. Estás intentando abrir una partida o un pokemon?
    Just copy the .sav to your DeSmuME folder, you can do it without risking any of your original files.
    If you don't have a way to send your .sav to a retail cart, DeSmuME has Pal Park functionality (some users have reported that it messed up the trash bytes, but I haven't had that problem personally), then you can extract the .pkm files and send them to your game through a distribution server.
    Well, you'd probably spend more time trying to get it to work than you'd save from the extra speed, so...
    I dunno then, I've never tried doing that. Is there any particular reason why you need to move the save states to a different emulator? Maybe there's another way to do what you're trying.
    Well, if my target is on a high frame then I recalculate my target frame every so often since the lua script doesn't always track it accurately. Otherwise, I treat it pretty much the same as any other capture.
    A pokemon that is obtained by "jumping" frams and landing to the exact frame of your target spread. It's illegal here in Smogon
    The firts one is your frame. It doesn't matter just reset until you get a frame near your target
    It does not matter. You just reset until you land on a near frame from your target and you advance from there
    I already explained to you that i ckecked on which frame i was by checking the Pokemon's IV's. If you put the exact iv's and search using pokerng it tells on which frame you are
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