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  • I am all new to the seeds stuff. I explained you how i checked my frame. I checked the Pokemon's IV's.
    You can't control your initial seed in FRLG, even on emulator. I usually just keep resetting the game and checking each new seed for good spreads, but I'm not sure how long that would take if you're looking for a specific PID.
    I didn't use initial seed to hit my target frame. If i was abusing a legendary i soft reset catcht it check it's IV's and use those IV's to check on which frame i am. If i am close to my target frame i advance the frame from there. If not i soft reset and re do this procedure until i land near my frame
    Either wait for it to die or take apart the cart and carefully remove the battery. It's the big round thing on the right. It's quite difficult to remove so you may want to look up how on Youtube or something.
    Live battery is tough because you need to know the exact date/time stored by the internal clock. There is no easy way to find this.
    Hi, I don't RNG in Emerald from 3 months.
    In every game I RNG IDs in tons of sav and then I RNG Pokémon.
    In this way I forget how to RNG IDs, sorry.
    It's really pretty straightforward. Just put your target frame into the target frame box, SR when the first timer ends, press A to get your ID/SID when the second timer ends. If you don't get what you want, use Pandora's Box to see what frame you hit, then put that in the bottom box and hit Update. Repeat until you get it.
    I'm done with helping anyone do emulator stuff. I suggest you remove yourself from the Anti-emulator group as you do not belong anymore.
    I need the sid on hex: 51FF or 51FC etc for my spread can be shiny, i need search for a seed with a 51FF etc. on the first 4 digits of the seeds shown in the lua script?
    You enter the PRNG value before your target spread and it will calculate possible seeds that would give that spread eventually.
    Yeah, I know how to do it, but I don't really feel like helping. Try to google it. It's not that hard.
    It wouldn't modify the Pokémon, but I think it might be technically illegal if it's impossible to get that result normally. I could be wrong though, the rules on AR are pretty confusing.
    Unless you're adamant about not gaining any experience, you could just use an EV-reducing berry instead.
    It'll use the date on the DS when you Pal Parked it. And I don't think it's possible to clone in Ruby except with codes.
    Well, if you can lose your first battle against the rival, then you just have to catch something once you get Poké Balls and box it after that.
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