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  • And the save type is correct? Not sure what else might be the problem, you could try again with a fresh .sav file.
    I remember having a similar problem with Emerald recently, although I complete forget how I resolved it. I think you need to have the .gba file in the same folder as a .sav file which actually contains save data (by that I mean once you have played through to getting an ID/SID). If that doesn't work, I guess I could just help you with transferring if you need it.
    I doubt it - there's others who legitimately catch Pokemon with a 100% catch rate. If you do use that code, should you put it up for trade, you have to list that it's caught via that code.
    You can extract the .pkm files with Pokégen, and then send them to your game using this site or another distribution server.
    oh por cierto, ¿porque no pones tus captures de emu en tu thread?, son cosas muy buenas.
    Si tienes tiempo/paciencia intenta capturar un chansey o scizor en la zona safari de 3rd gen.
    no hay problema, :) un usuario (hozu) hizo una guía para hacer breeding en cartuchos, se que esta algo difícil pero voy a intentarlo
    i have no idea. it doesnt even seem to give me an option in my version of desmume (i am using 0.9.7)
    For Emerald, I just use what the lua script says. For FRLG, the script isn't perfectly accurate, so every so often I pause it again and update Reporter with the current PRNG value to see how many frames are left.
    ...tu lo conseguiste?,pues primero que nada felicidades ese tipo de cosas son muuuy buenas, y otra cosa; ¿Dejaste que tu computadora corriera millones de frames?, o las saltaste?, aún así te quedo bien :)
    Yo por lo mientras trato de capturar un vibraba con mi spread adamant (en hg) en la zona safari y otros pokes (bagon,croagunk y larvitar)) , con el lanzamiento de bw2 bastantes cosas se devaluaron (como mi beldum :/ ) porque ahora ese juego tiene muchos de los move tutors de 4ta generación, lo que sigue siendo de valor son las cosas de tercera generación, captures de hg/ss en apricot balls, cosas de la zona safari y legendarios .
    Lo que quiero aprender más que nada es hacer breedings en emerald, lo voy a intentar
    I'm not sure if I will be explain it well enough, but you might as well think of method H-x as method J in DPPt or method K in HGSS. Method H-1 is 3rd gen's method J for method 1 spreads, method H-2 is 3rd gen's method J for method 2 spreads, and method H-4 is 3rd gen's method J for method 4 spreads. If you have the method 1 spread shiny the method H-1 spread will be shiny too, and the same thing goes for method 2/H-2 and 4/H-4.
    Mewtwo has a very low capture rate, like most other legendaries. All I can really say is keep trying.
    Make sure you are always throwing the ball on a different frame. You don't have to go through every frame individually, what I usually do is I load the savestate and let the frame advance for a bit (about a second or so) and then throw a ball. After something like 50 attempts, I let the RNG run for about 10 seconds to ensure that I won't hit the same frames again, and make a new savestate.
    no, i dont use 100% capture rate or rebattle or anything like that at all
    I don't see the point, especially when you already using savestates (the main reason why i pretty much only use emulators is so I don't have to use rebattle for different balls and stuff)
    It does take the piss because you are adding like half an hour onto an rng you could probably do i something like 2 minutes, but at least for me it isnt too much trouble. I usually get the pokemon to 1hp and asleep, make a savestate and then just keep reloading that state until its caught. There might be an easier way by just looking into the capture rng, but I doubt anyone can be bothered with that lol
    All that matters is that you throw the ball on a different RNG frame every time. Personally, I make a save state at the beginning of the battle in case I accidentally KO it, get it down to low health/status, make a second save state, throw a ball, then go back to that second save state if it fails. Keep going back to that second save state until it works.
    Nope i do not use any catch rate code. Just make a save state until i catch it
    I don't remember what code that was. Just check the summary page for Pokémon you caught, see what ball they're in.
    It's up to you if you want to use it, I haven't been able to find any codes that work properly personally.
    En ese caso lo que estás alterando es el catch rate de la pokeball y no del pokemon. De todas formas si usas ese código debes mencionarlo en la descripción si lo ofreces después.
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