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  • ouch. this means I have to wait necessarily for long to reach my target spread and seed?
    because the frame is 176,562,488.
    I can give it to you in both gens if you want. Can I get the Porygon nicknamed or is Trojan.exe the only name I can have? I don't mind, it's not a bad one, but I'd like to know if I'm able to.
    On emerald i can do the same method enabled the RTC? because i search some shiny spread on time finders
    The Quiet one would be perfect! I've been trying to get either a Modest or a Quiet one, but I can't abuse natures because of how many pokés there are in the Entralink Forest. It doesn't help that I haven't been hitting seeds all day.

    Let me know when you make a decision, please.
    Hey Hozu sorry to bother you again and thanks for your help with the tutors but is it possible to RNG in Pokemon XD on a retail cartridge on the cube? And is there a guide on smogon for it?
    Thanks you so much Hozu you are a great guy, if you need anything in return let me know:)
    Hey Hozu if you are able to tutor the pokes today can you let me know thanks alot if not today maybe another time kk ^-^
    Ok thanks maybe tomorrow or another day it is the same time by me too lol I will have to make a CMT here though might just do that tomorrow :)
    okay, I see. But what i need to turn the battery dead?. and after if i need the a live battery for a RTC how i can do this on retail cart?
    Hey Hozu do you own a B2 or W2? If possible will you be able to teach my Blissey and Donphan Stealth Rock? I can always pay you pokes for doing so if you wish ?
    Hi Hozu I triying rng my ID/SID on my retail cart Ruby but I dont know how to do with a Live battery, ¿It's the same that Dead battery or what is the diference?
    edit: I finally abuse different sids on emerald, really it's not hard with the help of Lua script. thanks for all Hozu
    Hey Hozu if I want to RNG wild Dragonite in Dragon Spiral Tower via fishing in the bubble spots what is the Encounter type must I use in RNG reporter? Is Wild Pokemon Bubble Spot or is it Wild Pokemon Fishing?
    oohh i see, I have my retail carts emerald, Ruby Sapphire. FR/LG, but i want know how to rng on a emulator only to better understand everything , after i can try rng on my retail carts. but for the moment i don't udestand the poit od rng SID on emrald.
    I need the sid on hex: 51FF or 51FC etc for my spread can be shiny, i need search for a seed with a 51FF etc. on the first 4 digits of the seeds shown in the lua script?
    pls Hozu you can say to me waht is the function of this Lua.script

    rs seed reverser to a RTC seed running via VBA's Lua
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