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  • *lol* *hahahahahaah...* xDxDxD
    You can't turn Rotom into a calculator. xD

    It's just my own joke, a made-up thing. xD

    *lol* you should VM me, not to your own account xD
    If you wanna change Rotom's forms, go inside Shopping Mall Nine's Inner Room on the right side of the ground floor.

    And unlike in Platinum, you can change its forms in an infinite number of times.
    You should see my "profile caption" below my avatar (I meant my "location")
    And you'll know what my Rotom is like ;)
    Long time no talk :)
    Nothing much to say...
    Except that I know a bit already in shiny RNG-breeding ;)

    Non C-Gear is easy :)
    Oh, yeah. Um... Over on skarmbliss.com/forum/ in the World Championship section stickied at top is the usage for the skarmbliss server on PO. It's got detailed movesets/EVs/HPs/What they're paired with. It's a great place to tell you what people are using a LOT.
    Stalking your profile, and convos,
    But I heard that there is no delay, but impossible to check your Seed. :/
    Or it is much harder to check.

    And non vgear comes out next week! Yay! :)
    I hope the breeding RNG is not that very hard, but those stupid NPCs are there in Route 3 where the Daycare is.
    Yeah, and I blew it on some annoyed post telling people to stop asking about the RNG until they've finished the damn game. :/
    I couldn't find it and was going to just use the normal OU ban list but ETE said that those 4 weren't banned. I would ask him about it if I were you.
    As I said - I have 1 that has passed a hack check - IE, everything looks good on it.

    There are a few other wish chansies on this forum, but I can't recall who has them. Look around.
    I have a wish chansey that has passed through a hack-check (and 1 that has failed, and 1 we're not sure on).

    There is someone w/ a better blissey than mine on smogon - I think I'm trading w/ him this weekend. When we're done trading, if I check his and it's good, I'll forward you his name and you can contact him for it.

    In the meantime, do you want a copy of the wish chansey I have?
    I saw your post in the SQSA thread. I have one with fairly good IVs that I am looking for someone to legit check it. I can VM you when I find someone....
    Thank you very much. I now know what must be done in my XD game. I only need to get to the point where I can get togepi to try it out.
    Hi there old buddy!
    Look what I got...
    My CPs for today...

    1. Groudon


    2. Rayquaza


    Not really the best, but hey...
    They were my 4th and 5th Legend CPs...and they're that difficult sometimes.
    I love it man! I'm only just before the E4. I would have beaten the entire game by now, but I've stopped to help out with RNG Research (probably gonna be a while). Basically, it's the same old pokemon we've always loved, BUT, they've added soooooooo many new features (new mons, new attacks, new abilities, new mechanics, new world, new items, new battle styles, new characters, new storyline, online play, random wifi, dream world, multiplayer missions, etc, etc, etc). It definitely feels like a NEW pokemon game, not a "third version rehash" (Platinum) or a "straight up remake" (HG/SS). Even with my very limited familiarity with Japanese (never taken a class), using all the guides out there, it's easy enough to get through, and even still know what people are talking about.

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