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  • Hey, Alaka wants me to be his ghost player. I am on a lot and can get a hold of alaka. Just message me back.
    hey, dude, read my last post on the PRNG help pls, I am having troubles, trying to get a HP fire latios.
    Front page of the thread, some posts down. Right after Wild Eep talks about RNGing for Honey Tree Pokémon.
    Please post it there. It should be 4 files though. The tester class FRLGSeedFinder.m (containing the test code from my post on the FRLG thread), FRLGSeedFinder_prefix.pch, which is the file with 3 lines of code, then pRNG.h and pRNG.m.

    Is it giving you a reason for the error?

    Also, I now have it fully functional, as in spitting out PID and all that good stuff, plus IV's and Hidden Power. I think tonight I'll add in the gender in "M-M-F-F" format instead of just Gender Number. Also, I'm trying to build a GUI for it but I've never used Cocoa before so it's all new to me.
    Name the project FRLGSeedFinder, so the test class will be that name. Then import the pRNG files, or whatever has to be done in your IDE.
    Okay here's something that might help. When i created the new project, it created a file that looks to be rather pointless, but it might affect something. Here's some more details:
    The project is called FRLGSeedFinder, so the testing class (the default class that contains main) is called FRLGSeedFinder.m. It also created another file called FRLGSeedFinder_Prefix.pch:
    // Prefix header for all source files of the 'FRLGSeedFinder' target in the 'FRLGSeedFinder' project.

    #ifdef __OBJC__
    #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

    Try creating that file and changing the tester file to FRLGSeedFinder and see if it compiles
    Um I was more wondering if u could SR once u had advanced the frame and just been able to reader instead of having to advance it all over again
    I'll PM you the 3 actual files. As far as compiling them with only the tester and the .m and .h files, I haven't had any success :-/
    hey, I was I was wondering if u set the game up for a shiny egg, can u somehow SR for it to be shiny? I saw something like that mentioned in the guide and was wondering how to do that.

    Also, I wish I could give u a 10/10 for your help last night, otherwise I woulda restarted everytime I accidenally didnt make them jump, now I have a shiny wooper and piplup :)
    Those files were off the top of my head, but I should be home in an hour or so and then I can email you the actual files. Also, I had a little chance to try running the PkmnGen class and I was able to generate pid's and get gender/ability/nature with a loop of seeds. I am moving so much quicker with this then I ever got with Java.
    ok, thanks, I am just trying the basics of shiny egg hatching and was wondering if you tap it and they dont jump if it does anything
    When RNGing, does it wreck the IRNG if you only hit the happiness checker once accidentally? I dont know so I thought Id ask a expert, thanks.
    Yessir. I'm writing the code for the PkmnGen class right now but I'm trying to figure out whether I should do a C array or Objective-C array (NSArray class) for the IV's. Other than that, the PID generation should work just fine, once I get a chance to compile this stuff, probably this evening.
    I made a big post on the FR/LG RNG thread. It's mainly intended for you as it more or less shows the code I was writing last night, but I put it out for others to see too. The code uses the Cocoa libraries which are Mac only, but I did some research and I'm pretty sure GnuSTEP supports the Foundation library, which is all a command line application needs anyways. Just change the first line from #import<Cocoa/Cocoa.h> to #import<Foundation/Foundation.h>, and it MIGHT compile on windows.
    Nah, not a chance bro! xD Hawaii is just too expensive to get to, what with me having a wife and daughter and mortgage and a car that needs a little work ($$$). Had I won the "paid" invitation and not the "unpaid" invite, yeah we'd be there, but meh, whatevs :)

    However, I'm not upset about it at all. I played well, met tons of great people, and won a SECOND invite to the PWC. I have no regrets bro. ;)
    Yeah, at around the same time as our last battle, maybe a little later - 1 or 2 pm for you.
    Yeah! Got the room all booked. Teams been ready too. Oh, still gotta mapquest it lol.
    BTW, what does "redistributable" mean in trading and stuff?
    Does it mean it can be traded to others after the first trade?

    I'm planning a bit about making a trade thread, but it takes time, plus I have to make some banners to make the thread "cool" and nice.
    And to think what rules to make...
    I only plan to do some breeding services, whether shiny or not, shiny with my Trainer ID / shiny with other's TID (which also requires them to let me know their SID).

    What pokes I want, maybe just a few, especially event legends...
    Not exactly. I was reeeeeeeeeally hoping for another St. Louis stop (20 mins away). but nope. Georgia (900 miles) Indiana (500 miles).
    Oh yeah, don't be like me and RNG every idea that pops in your head x_x Test them first
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