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  • "you acted like an absolute dickhead in the fitness thread". You know that can be said about you as well. You acted like an absolute dickhead. in fact just take a look at your last vm to me, "a forum mods have to be witty/funny or intelligent, which you aren't". its like you are always slinging insults in one way or another. What you said didnt bother me, but its something to point to.

    No offense nos, but you sometimes just come across as an asshole/bitter angry person.

    anyways, what bothered me after your post in rodans thread was the thought that you might still be mad about that whole thing, but you have made it clear that you are not so that's good. Nothing like one party in a heated debate being left in anger. i rarely get into arguments, but even i know that it never leads to anything good.
    Did the picture not show up just fine on your end? well that sucks, sorry man. at least it sounds like you put in that little extra effort to see what the picture was so this had a happy ending

    also glad to hear you are not mad. i genuinely thought you were

    still mad?
    there was a year when I rode in the tour de cure in austin so even though i didn't donate to the miscer who does it, they rep pooled me to like 800

    after that just rep trading 5min/day
    What about cold drinks? After the game tonight a few of my friends wanted to get some Mountain Dew but my bro said it's a bad idea and we were arguing about it on the way home.I mean it does contain sugar...
    Lol yes just from frustration after suarez shouted at him but still he is the one who fucked up, what can you do eh
    you realize after all those negs he will undoubtedly message your wag

    please stay safe....
    Yeah I get some great ideas for pokemon teams while doing some tough cardio or benching
    No it's animalguy001, youtube countdown artist. I only wish to be as studly as him with his masterful knowledge of pokemon and starfox.
    emotionally unstable? i was convinced he was a robot for years. it feels as if he was more of a messenger for GS though, either way this is elementary school shit and Jabba got done dirty. Cool to see a vet though come in and take a stand.
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