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  • Hmm, I can easily replace some of the pokemon you already have in your thread such as that I have the same scyther except that it is an EV'd scizor now. How about that? Just list me the pokemon you want tranferred and I might give you one on my Black that will make a suitable replacement (ie same natures and similar ivs).
    Alright, how much pokemon do you plan to have transferred? (This is Ooh_shiny on Flute's account, btw) Flute just likes doing art here, she's not on much because she likes to troll, and smogon is against it. She's good though.
    So do u still need me to hold on to your pokes for you? DS works now
    If it's THAT much, you'll have to wait the weekend or sometime around there. I know I might be busy tommorrow and I don't know what times you're online.
    If I borrow a friend's DS, but I didn't this weekend. We just finished a huge transfer fest. I can under a certain time frame ie 3-5 days.
    I hate to ask this, but will you be available tomorrow? See I was suppose to get my DS back from my friend, but he was so close to beating Pokemon Black that he wouldn't take no for an answer. I'm getting it back tomorrow, and as for your second question, no I cannot, I don't have the games. :(
    Hello, I can help you transfer all your pokemon. This seems like a long task to do, but I'll be willing to do it. I understand if you don't trust me since I joined less than 3 months ago, but I'd be glad if you let me do it.
    If your interested, add my Diamond FC. c:
    Wow, guess you're a bit unactive :( I thought of you because of a native land claims debate I will be having for school. You sent me that doccument, right?
    hello i heard you were on hiatus for a bit if you chose to come back check out my cmt thanks
    I got someone to do banners for us. Talk to Waffles101 and he can make some for you
    Hi! Has your cubone/marowak giveaway been cancelled? I was on the 'winner' list but I haven't heard about it in a while so I was just wondering. :)
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