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Metagame 1v1 Old Gens


formerly SilvioGiovanna
BW VR Nominations

Infernape to A+

This mon is absolute bonkers, and it doesn't belong in B+ tier. It has a very good speed tier, outspeeding most non-scarfed high tier Pokemon. It can run both Physical and Special, with moves like Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Blast Burn, Grass Knot, Focus Blast, Earthquake and others. Its already good physical and special attack stats can be boosted more throught Swords Dance and Nasty Plot. It has rare access to Fake Out, beating sturdies and adding more damage. Fire/Fighting in general is an amazing typing duo, and it also gets access to good utility moves like Substitute. All of this allows it to beat mons like non-scarfed Kyurem-Black, Jirachi, Custap Porygon-Z, Rhyperior, Genesect, Heatran, Tyranitar, and these all in the A-S tiers.

Conkeldurr to B+
Conkeldurr (F) @ Custap Berry
Ability: Iron Fist
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 84 HP / 200 Atk / 152 Def / 28 SpD / 44 Spe
Impish Nature
- Endure
- Mach Punch
- Drain Punch
- Ice Punch

The bulkiest fighting type in the metagame that boasts a huge 140 base attack stat. It gets access to the very good ability Iron Fist, which paired with Drain Punch makes him an unkillable beast. Also gets Mach Punch for priority and can use Custap to bypass its awful speed. Beats Kyurem-Black, 60/40s Jirachi, Porygon-Z, Rhyperior, Sawk, Dragonite, Tyranitar and others. This thing bashes on physical attackers like its nothing.

Vaporeon to B
Vaporeon @ Water Gem
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 112 HP / 190 Def / 206 SpA
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Yawn
- Protect
- Fake Tears
- Hydro Pump

Vaporeon is a very bulky Pokemon that is very similar to Manaphy. It trades off the high speed and 1 more stat increase for better bulk, better natural special attack and the ability to rely on sleep. The trade-off isn't as bad, considering that sleep allows it not to worry about the difference in speed.

Celebi to B-

Its base 100 stat spread is nice, don't get me wrong, but its dual typing is the worst. Grass offensively is a very shitty type, and psychic is not good in Gen 5 either. Life Orb/Specs barely beats anything in the higher tiers, and it doesn't really have any other niche sets that justifies its presence in B tier.

Chandelure to B+

While chandelure has lost its good matchup against Whimsicott, it still remains a very good Pokemon. It has good defensive and offensive stats which allow it to run a multitude of sets between Scarf, Specs, Custap Berry and Fire Gem. Fire and Ghost are both very good typings, and the mon has access to good coverage and utility moves like Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp, Energy Ball and Taunt. It beats Cresselia, Jirachi, 50/50s Rhyperior, Sawk, Dragonite, Genesect, Latios and many others.

Gallade to B+
Gallade @ Fighting Gem
Ability: Steadfast
EVs: 248 Atk / 8 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Skill Swap
- Ice Punch
- Close Combat
- Bulk Up

Continuing the trend of Fighting types being very good in gen51v1, Gallade is a pretty good mon. Already very good special bulk, access to moves like bulk up to boost itself and skill swap to beat Pokemon like Dragonite and Snorlax. Decent speed tier and very good attack. The thing beats non-scarf Kyurem-Black, Keldeo, 50/50s Rhyperior, Sawk, Dragonite, Heatran, Tyranitar, Genesect, Chansey, Snorlax, Scrafty and others.
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the adv 'vr' (barely a vr in my honest opinion but thats what they call it kek) needs some overworking

worth ranking
-jumpluff (does what it does in every generation, its an established niche)
-flygon (u beat aero, hp grass electrics, ground immu, good speed tier, valid rock resist)
-rhydon (strong as fuck)
-machamp (better speed tier than yama, good enough bulk to beat cele, eving for zam is possible too without much sacrifice really)
-donphan (could be worth a mention, have had fun using it even last cup, beats meta ttar zap and so on, essentially bulkier wak w counter)
-slowbro (one of the better stallers, growl/curse+cm/amnesia)

I'll leave the list of awful things that dont deserve to be on there for another day
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Oh hey, 1v1 old gens. I remember these. Here’s a set I ran back last time I played bw 1v1
Latias (F) @ Choice Specs
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 240 SpA / 64 SpD / 204 Spe
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Draco Meteor
- Psyshock
- Trick
- whatever
The spdef w/ calm nature guaranteed lives a scarf/custap modest porygon-z hyper beam. The speed outspeeds timid specs pz and you only need 216 in spatt to ohko max hp pz. Putting the rest in spatt is best imo to give you the best chance to ohko other stuff plus the extra speed doesn’t outsped much notable. It beats most of what specs latios usually beats while also beating pz.
You can run the same set with Latios, but it does come at the cost of some defense to hit all the same benchmarks. The defense is the only noticeable difference so I guess the only reason to run Latios w/ this set would be to bluff a different latios set and lure pz. Here is that Latios set.
Latios (M) @ Choice Specs
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 80 SpA / 224 SpD / 204 Spe
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Draco Meteor
- Psyshock
- Trick
- Whatever

Also, the custap set in the pz pokepaste for gen 5 is missing 4 evs just to let you guys know.
SolarflareRo has decided to leave the BW 1v1 Council. Good luck in the future. Replacing him will be ryyjyywyy.

The BW VR was also updated.

Conkeldurr: UR to B+
Garchomp: UR to B+
Metagross: B to A-
Vaporeon: UR to C
Chandelure: B- to B
Hydreigon: B- to B

Celebi: B to B-
Magnezone: B to B-

All of the following are now unranked

By the request of many, I’ve done ORAS Stats. I honestly should have included last year’s classic as these stats are quite weird, with significant amounts of ties. Maybe I should have done more weighting. Nevertheless, here are the stats:

#1 dom

PL Score: 2.0
WCUP Score:2.0
Total: 4.0

#2 Whaleeeee

PL Score: 1.333333333333333
Wcup Score: 1.333333333333333
Total: 2.666666666666667


PL: 1.0
WCUP: 1.333333333333333
Total: 2.333333333333333

#4 Motogp and Corporal Levi

PL: 0.6666666666666666
WCUP: 1.333333333333333

PL: 0.0
WCUP: 2.0
Total: 2.0

#5 ggopw

PL: 0.3333333333333333
Wcup: 1.333333333333333

BTW, #6 is a tie between osra, catalystic, alakazam, kard, GA, deg,and PA.

As always, thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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