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Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

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Yesterday I saw this replay in the help room and I don't think this is intended behaviour.

It shows a metronome battle ending because both sides used a single Leppa Berry they started with and endless battle was triggered even though it didn't seem to be one. I also notice mons being in an "endless loop" when they just eat their first Leppa in the official Metronome Battles too.


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Related to the damage calculator :

Nature power doesnt have a z move calculation available. Damage displayed of " z nature power" is same as nature power's original power.
My battle display didn't seem to update PP correctly after the opponent lost its PP to Grudge but then ate a Leppa Berry. It was stuck at 0 PP even though he still had PP and it knew the Leppa Berry was eaten.


My bad, then you can guess its not listed because its banned universally ( Banned anywhere but ag ),because it is no longer a clause.
That also does not make sense. Evasion and OHKO moves are also banned everywhere except in AG, but they are listed anyways. Moreover, Baton Pass is not banned everywhere as it is legal in LC.

I think the correct answer is that specific banned stuff like abilities are not mentioned in such a clause in general such as Shadow Tag or Arena Trap in OU battles. But I agree with sumwun that it is highly inconsistent, since Moody and OHKO moves are mentioned.

I discovered a bug when battling in the Hackmons tier.

I had a Protean Torkoal. I used Curse, which changed my typing to Ghost and put a curse on my opponent (or so I thought). At the end of the turn, it was my Torkoal that was afflicted by the curse, fainting it. Screenshot is attached below.



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I discovered a bug when battling in the Hackmons tier.

I had a Protean Torkoal. I used Curse, which changed my typing to Ghost and put a curse on my opponent (or so I thought). At the end of the turn, it was my Torkoal that was afflicted by the curse, fainting it. Screenshot is attached below.
This is one of the most obscure mechanics, but it is correct. Here's a video of it below.

In regards to the Linked OM: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7linked-737568855

On turn 4, I used aqua jet, while my opponent used fake out + close combat. The CC and fake out went first, even though by the OM priority rules, linked moves follow the lowest priority bracket. On turn 5, I used aqua jet again, and was outsped by a thunderpunch. I assume this glitch is due to something with fake out being in the second slot messing up priority calculations, or something about ditto being messed up with priority moves, which I find less likely.
A problem with Ditto seems more likely to me.

From turn 2, we know Azumarill has Belly Drum and Aqua Jet (in that order) as its first two moves for a link, and from turn 3 (based on the fact that Ditto used only Aqua Jet without also using a Belly Drum beforehand) we know Ditto is scarf. Belly Drum + Aqua Jet is likewise a 0-priority combo, so it seems that Azumarill had some sort of state info written along the lines of "your Aqua Jet really counts as 0 priority", and when Ditto transformed into it, it blindly copied that state info without realizing that because it's choiced and the original source of that moveset isn't, Ditto won't use the link, and isn't beholden to the 0 priority of Belly Drum.


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If you try to join a groupchat using the /join command, if you put a space after the room name it doesn't accept it.

Most likely caused by toId not being used when the room you're trying to join is a groupchat, so the space doesn't get eliminated.

Not a huge bug or anything, but seeing as my phone likes to put spaces at the end of words, I have problems with it about once a week
I had an Ampharos with ability Plus, and mega-Manectric with ability Minus (before mega-evolve). However, the plus and minus don't work upon entering in double battle, not boosting anything.
They don't give a tangible "stat boost" level, such as green "1.5x SpA" or "1.5x SpD" info boxes. They simply apply the adjustment to whatever your current special stats are (which you can see by hovering over the Pokemon in battle), but only for as long as your active pair retains the Plus/Minus abilities. If either of those goes mega, its ability is no longer Plus or Minus, so no one gets the 50% boost from that anymore.
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I already reported it multiple times, but never got any response - there's a visual bug regarding Illusion. And I am not talking about the fact that when the illusioned pokemon faints, the pokemon it was disguised as is displayed as fainted.

In this battle, Regigigas was disguised as Luigia. When it fainted, Lugia was shown as the fainted pokemon. But when Lugia fainted, Aggron was shown as the fainted mon - which clearly is wrong, Aggron is still alive as you can see in this screenshot and had nothing to do with the Illusion.
example: in gen 5 ubers battle with a beartic, the abilities shown for "opponent sees" includes slush rush, which isn't a thing in gen 5... sorry if already posted, didn't notice anything
There appears to be a user with the ominous rank "undefined" in the userlist.
I am not sure if this is merely a visual bug or if it causes trouble in other ways. Esteemed user asgdf is already aware of it, but a report won't hurt nobody.
The user itself doesn't know what's causing the bug.

A screenshot it attached to this post.


Bug report: Generation 1 Clamp's PP rollback glitch

Match: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen1ou-738569334
Turn: 48

Bug: Clamp's PP went to 63 PP after switching in Chansey. That's supposed to happen when Clamp has 0 PP before the switch. However, it happened when Clamp had 1 PP before the switch.

Under cartridge mechanics, Cloyster is forced to use Clamp everytime I switch my Pokémon. If Clamp has 0 PP before the switch, Cloyster will still be forced to use Clamp, and its PP will rollback to 63 (as it had 0). That's never gonna happen at 1 PP.

In the game, you may notice that Clamp's PP was rollback to 63 on the 16th time it was used. Since Clamp has 16 PP, that should have happened on the 17th time.
The transfer system that exists for 3->4 and 4->5 did not let you send a Pokemon forward if one of its moves was an HM move. Unlike Defog, which was safe to go via HGSS (because the HM restriction didn't apply to ordinary trades within the same generation, and because they changed HM5 to Whirlpool instead of Defog), Surf was an HM in all games, so there was no getting around the fact that if you wanted to send it forward, you had to delete Surf. Relearn moves were not a thing until 6, so deleting Surf from those games meant deleting any indication that it ever had Surf to begin with, and once you do so you can never get the move back. Thus Surf + Nasty Plot is actually incapable of coexisting, and the sim is properly recognizing as much.

Note that if you try to validate a Pichu with Surf (but not Nasty Plot, since that move didn't exist yet) against Gen 3 OU, it shows up as legal, proving that Showdown acknowledges the existence of that event, but if you try to validate against Gen 4 OU, it's illegal, which likewise proves that it knows about the inability to send HM moves forward. Normally this isn't an issue since you'd be able to simply re-teach the HM in the newer game if you really wanted it, but the whole Surfing Chu premise is anything but normal.
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