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The grey text for (away) or (idle) is glitching. I've seen a few people actively talking with the grey text on even while not marked as busy.
Tapu Surge Speed Tie Bug
So apparently if a Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini has the same speed, Like Primals Bug I Mentioned in the thread, The Right side (2nd slot) is the one that wins the speed tie, so for example: I want a Misty Surge, So I will put the Tapu Fini in the right side, vice versa which should be random. This only happens in T1. Fortunately, this speed tie doesnt effect in game too so the speed tie of the explosions are random. After 4 Explosions, The terrain switch speed tie comes back to normal as it is shown in Game 2.

Evidences :

Game 1 :

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Input Logs:

Im trying Singles with AldrichYan always challenging Zamazzenta for the terrain speed tie.
AldrichYan uses 5 Tapu Bulu 1 Tapu Fini in this experiment
Zamazzenta uses 5 Tapu Fini and 1 Tapu Bulu in this experiment
The terrain always go in favor of Zamazzenta.
But the speed tie in the game is RNG
I think that might be the problem

Create blackjack game, and then end it.

"The bame of blackjack has been ended by tlouk, and there are no winners because the game never started."

(Spelling typo)


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Create blackjack game, and then end it.

"The bame of blackjack has been ended by tlouk, and there are no winners because the game never started."

(Spelling typo)
Reserving this fix for some new devs I'm training thank you!


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So that was a weird one to me. I just lost due to inactivity, while not beeing able to make inputs. The timer was still going down, even after i made my inputs, while they were executed. Now i lost in the middle of my pokemon being switched out by roar. It was a gen 3 ou game. If that helps to pinpoint the bug.


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I think I found a bug with Speed Boost when conflicting with Sky Drop. Here's the battle: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randomdoublesbattle-959503069

In Turn 8, Blaziken mega-evolves and then is taken up by Sky drop. At the end of the turn, despite being on the field for a full turn, Speed Boost does not activate. It does then activate at the end of Turn 9.

I may have missed something, but I can't figure out what it is.


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