CAP CAP 29 Playtest Tournament - Round 2


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CAP 29 Playtest Tournament

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Tadasuke is currently a bit busy so I'll be taking care of this round.​


 vs  zeefable
Voltage  vs  iNoLife
Lasen  vs  velvet
Birkal  vs  Dj Breloominati♬
 vs  2spoopy4u
SHSP  vs  Da Pizza Man
Maxouille  vs  Mr.Bossaru
Blui  vs  Sputnik
Heaven Jay
 vs  خسدڭۋە
crow crumbs  vs  Rat With Wings
IloveScaldBurns  vs  CallMeDrippyT
The Number Man  vs  S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
Atha  vs  Pitmore
slurpuffthebest  vs  quziel
Zephyri  vs  Rage.Spam.Quit.
Amamama  vs  Binacleisthebest


  • This is a standard [Gen 8] CAP tournament.
  • The format is best of three, single elimination.
  • Changing teams in between matches is allowed.
  • You are required to post your replays.
  • All Smogon tournament rules apply.
  • Any change in tiering will not take effect until the following round.
  • Matches must be played on Pokemon Showdown or Smogtours.
  • Please use this guide while scheduling with your opponent.
1st: 13 points
2nd: 10 points
3rd-4th: 8 points
5th-8th: 6 points
9th-16th: 4 points
17th-32nd: 2 points
33rd-64th: 1 points
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Swiss Style Tournament - August

CAP 30 Playtest
Single Elimination Tournament - October

:equilibra:CAP 2021 Championship
Single Elimination Tournament with the top 12 players of the circuit - December

Please complete your matches by Sunday, May 9th at 11:59pm GMT-5.

SS CAP Metagame Resources:
Intro to SS CAP | Viability Rankings | Sample Teams | Good Cores | Role Compendium | Sets
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OK so after half of the top players in this tour were knocked out in a really strange week 1 (SHSP should count his lucky stars for being handed the W) i figured i'd try my hand at some predictions

Nalorium vs zeefable - two non cap mains try to figure out what the hell these shitty fakemon do as they fight to the death. going with zee because he just got a banner and is still riding the plot armor
Voltage vs iNoLife - i really hate to predict against voltage but inolife will bring a stonjourner or some shit and it will probably get three kills
Lasen vs velvet - HL game, should be really fun to watch. mostly comes down to whether lasen's cracked ass HO has a good salazzle matchup or not
Birkal vs Dj Breloominati♬ - birkal is someone else who has a lot of plot armor right now. he just finished TLing for the latest CAP and pulled out the W against a top player last week, in 2-0 fashion no less. if he keeps riding this wave of momentum i think it's even possible that his badges could start being ungreyed (although unfortunately i cant say the same about his hair). HOWEVER, with that being said, i cannot in good faith predict against the 100% WR articuno. this one goes to spitfire
SHSP vs Da Pizza Man - SHSP is winning this tour -- the pieces were already in place, but D2TheW's untimely loss has only made this reality more certain
Maxouille vs Mr.Bossaru - maxouille will bring a single fairy type and bossaru wont know how to act
Blui vs Sputnik - don't know much about blui but sput's a good player and he has experience in this tier
Heaven Jay
(99.998%) vs (00.002%) خسدڭۋە - someone please just avenge d2
crow crumbs vs Rat With Wings - i don't know crow crumbs so could be wrong but im going with the cap vet
IloveScaldBurns vs CallMeDrippyT - IloveScaldBurns will get one (1) lucky scald burn and drippy will get himself perma'd
The Number Man vs S1nn0hC0nfirm3d - another great match between two great players, going with tnm though as he's got more experience in the tier
Atha vs Pitmore - pitmore managed to beat darek last week but i don't think he will be able to repeat the success against a player of a similar caliber. ngl it would be pretty funny if he won though, lowkey rooting for him
slurpuffthebest vs quziel - quziel good
Zephyri vs Rage.Spam.Quit. - 55/45 in rsq's favor if zeph brings dhelmise again. 80/20 otherwise
Amamama vs Binacleisthebest - binpin plays the meta more but all ama has to do is bring tran and it should be quick work
Nalorium  vs  zeefable - I embarrassed myself last week by predicting against zeefable, not this time
Voltage  vs  iNoLife - Hard one. I'll go Voltage because I feel like I've been predicting against him a ton against my will recently. INolife is a dangerous opponent though.
Lasen  vs  velvet - Lasen's style doesn't seem to match up well against velvet. If he shifts a bit I'll still favor him
Birkal  vs  Dj Breloominati♬ - Would be funny if Birkal won the tournament. Never too late to have a strong prime. Not going against my man spitfire however
arn.av136  vs  2spoopy4u - arnav uses spitifre teams, which is never a good idea if you're not spitfire
SHSP  vs  Da Pizza Man - Unless pizza guy randomly sweeps with Cawm shsp is heavily favored
Maxouille  vs  Mr.Bossaru - Max impressed ma last week, also ALLAIENT LA FROONCE
Blui  vs  Sputnik - Superior vaccine
Heaven Jay  vs  خسدڭۋە - I fucking warned you d2
crow crumbs  vs  Rat With Wings - crow vs rat, looks like some fable de La Fontaine
IloveScaldBurns  vs  CallMeDrippyT - I think scaldburns guy is a bit better, and that's not meant to be an insult, it's simply true.
The Number Man  vs  S1nn0hC0nfirm3d - There is only one number man, how dare you put some numbers in your name and pretend you're him
slurpuffthebest  vs  quziel - Nostrathamus
Zephyri  vs  Rage.Spam.Quit. - I'll love to bold Zeph but he'll need an upset
Amamama  vs  Binacleisthebest
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Nalorium  vs  zeefable - zee has rabia support so they have an edge over everyone else by default
Voltage  vs  iNoLife - Voltage just vod review my series vs inolife to see how you slay them and you'll be good to go lol!
Lasen  vs  velvet - highlight match spotted !_! bolding vs because we're all winners here :)
Birkal  vs  Dj Breloominati♬
arn.av136  vs  2spoopy4u
 vs  Da Pizza Man
Maxouille  vs  Mr.Bossaru
Blui  vs  Sputnik
Heaven Jay  vs  خسدڭۋە
crow crumbs  vs  Rat With Wings
 vs  CallMeDrippyT
The Number Man  vs  S1nn0hC0nfirm3d - The Number Man if you lose to ho I will call you slovakian for the rest of your life
Atha  vs  Pitmore
slurpuffthebest  vs  quziel
Zephyri  vs  Rage.Spam.Quit.
Amamama  vs  Binacleisthebest

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