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Just because. I don't know why Clefable looks like it's a different color. I even re-did it thinking I used the wrong color and still looks the same.


Sketches, including unused poses and sizes since they lose quality from resizing. Used an old sketch of arcanine I had done, just took a screenshot of it since I was too lazy to open up the file, which is why it has white and no others do.


Sometimes I question whether or not I can draw, like with that clefable abomination in the upper right

Original layout idea I had w/ unused Stonjourner sketches.


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Today is a BIG giveaway for the PS! Wi-Fi room celebrating the Crown Tundra.

There wasn't a lot of time to find out what pokemon, aside from legendaries, would be coming back to be able to give them away. So to help with that on a time basis for drawing, there's 11 breedable pokemon hiding in the art this time.


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Today is the December official Wi-Fi Giveaway over on PS! There's also a thread now so you can watch that to be notified about upcoming giveaways.

The theme this time is based off the 12 Days of Christmas song/memory game. The song is over 200 years old and depending on which version you reference the numbers and lyrics differ. I based this off the Swortzell 1966 version.

On the 12 hours of Pokemon the helpers gave to me 12 Ludicolos dancing, 11 Lord Helixes a-leaping, 10 Rillabooms drumming, 9 Poipoles piping, 8 Milktanks a-milking, 7 Cramorants a-cramming, 6 Eiscue a-skating, 5 Golden Klefkis, 4 Corvi birds, 3 fighting hens, 2 turtle and dove, and some Pokébirds in a berry tree.


Texture was free to use without credit


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Been lazy about uploading sketches and now I have a very big post

The container changed a few times during the process and the final result suffered because of it

Year of the ox sketches included the rejected ones


used an old sketch I had done of solgaleo

the st. patrick's art almost looked very different


I'm not sure where the eyes for two of the hitmonlee went

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