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Welcome to the DOU oldgens hub! This thread is intended to house resources around DOU's oldgens (mainly their respective threads) for easier access and will likely be updated periodically as a result. If you have any suggestions or anything of the sort feel free to dm me either here or on discord at hisuianzoerua.

Oldgen threads
:rillaboom: SS :urshifu:

:metagross-mega: SM :incineroar:

:landorus-therian: XY :gengar-mega:

:thundurus: BW :kyurem-black:

:hitmontop: DPP :tyranitar:

:latias: ADV :metagross:

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Oldgen Mechanics Overview

This post details changed mechanics between past generations.

Each section uses hide tags in order to make the post look nicer. Some mechanics are only listed in the generation before and after they change, such as Sandstorm's SpDef boost to Rock types. If you wish to look for a specific mechanic, it is advised to open all of them and use control + F (or whatever your system's search function is). If you just need a refresher on one generation, simply open that section.

Many moves have had changes over the years. Important ones are listed where they should be, but a full list can be found here.

Sword and Shield (Generation 8)
- Turn order now updates dynamically during the turn. For example, if the fastest Pokemon uses Tailwind, its partner will have its speed doubled in that same turn.
- Many Pokemon have been removed from the game. A full list can be found here.
- Many moves have been removed from the game, including some notable moves like Hidden Power and Pursuit. A full list can be found here.
- Some of the cut Pokemon and moves are present in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. However, this generation uses Sword and Shield, so Pokemon and moves only present in BDSP are not considered.
- Pokemon first discovered in Legends: Arceus cannot be transferred to Sword and Shield, and are thus not legal.
- Megas and Z-Moves were removed (and Dynamax was banned).
- Terrains have been nerfed and only boost by 30%.
- Pokemon with Inner Focus, Oblivious, Own Tempo, or Scrappy are now immune to the effects of Intimidate.
- The ability Transistor boosts the user's Electric-type attacks by 50%.
- The abilities Protean and Libero change the user's type every time it uses a move.
- Dracovish, Arctovish, Dracozolt, and Arctozolt's signature moves, Fishous Rend and Bolt Beak, have doubled power if they move before their target. This damage doubling effect also applies to a target that switches in on that turn.
- Grassy Glide gains +1 priority in Grassy Terrain. If Grassy Terrain is then removed, such as by switching in a Pokemon with Psychic Surge, Grassy Glide will return to neutral priority.

- Dynamax has a host of unique mechanics. However, Pokemon are forbidden from using Dynamax in SS DOU. Therefore, Dynamax mechanics will not be listed here.

Sun and Moon (Generation 7)
- Terrains boost their respective types of moves by 50%. Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini set each terrain automatically when sent out. Psychic Terrain was introduced in this generation.
- Z-moves were introduced.
- -Offensive Z-moves are replaced with a generic move (or a specific new move for those Pokemon with unique Z-crystals), and deal 25% of their normal damage when they hit a Protected Pokemon.
- - Status moves are not replaced when used as Z-moves, but instead gain additional effects. Notably, status moves can be used as Z-moves even if the base move could not be selected that turn, perhaps as a result of Taunt or Encore.
- - Z-Crystals cannot be given to or removed from a Pokemon.
- When a Pokemon Mega Evolves, its order in the turn changes to reflect its new Speed stat.
- - Pursuit has a strange interaction with Mega Evolution. See the X and Y section.
- - If a Drizzle Pokemon switches in the same turn Swampert Mega Evolves, it will receive the Swift Swim boost immediately.
- Figy, Iapapa, Wiki, Aguav, and Mago Berry all heal for half of the holder's max HP when the holder drops below a 1/4 of its max HP.
- Dark-type Pokemon are now immune to status moves boosted by Prankster.
- Paralysis now only reduces Speed by 50%.
- Confusion's self-hit chance is now only 33%.
- Diamond Storm now has a 50% chance of boosting its Defense by two stages as long as it hits at least one target. This chance is rolled twice if Diamond Storm hits a Substitute. This behavior was removed in Scarlet and Violet. (Thanks for the Diancie nerf, Gholdengo!)

X and Y (Generation 6)
- Mega Evolutions were introduced. A Pokemon that Mega Evolves will move when its base form would move that turn.
- - Pursuit has a strange interaction with Mega Evolution. Normally, all switches are resolved, and then Mega Evolution occurs. If a Pokemon uses Pursuit on a switching Pokemon, Pursuit will happen before all Mega Evolutions. If a Pokemon Mega Evolves and uses Pursuit, first the switch message will play, then the Pokemon will Mega Evolve, then Pursuit will be used, then the switch happens (if the target wasn't knocked out), then other Mega Evolutions happen.
- - Mega Stones cannot be given to or removed from a compatible Pokemon. They can be passed around to incompatible Pokemon - for example, Knock Off will fail to remove Kangaskhan's Kangaskhanite, but Knock Off will remove the same Kangaskhanite held by a Pikachu.
- Fairy Type was introduced. It hits Dragon, Dark, and Fighting super effective. It is resisted by Fire, Poison, and Steel. It resists Bug, Dark, and Fighting, and is immune to Dragon. It is weak to Poison and Steel.
- Steel no longer resists Dark and Ghost.
- Several special moves received slight nerfs to their base power.
- Assault Vest and Safety Goggles were introduced in this generation.
- Mail items were removed in this generation.
- Electric types are now immune to paralysis, and Grass types, Pokemon with the Overcoat ability, and Pokemon holding Safety Goggles are now immune to powder moves such as Spore and Rage Powder.
- Pokemon with the ability Oblivious are now immune to Taunt.
- Drizzle, Drought, Sand Stream, and Snow Warning now only set weather for five turns. Damp Rock etc. will increase that time to eight turns.
- Follow Me and Rage Powder now have a priority of 2, as opposed to 3 in previous generations.
- Electric, Grassy, and Misty Terrain were introduced in this generation. (Nobody except Fangame10 uses them.)
- Hidden Power's base power is now locked to 60.
- Diancie's signature move, Diamond Storm, has a 50% chance of boosting its Defense by one stage for each Pokemon it hits.
- Sleeping Pokemon in this generation (and all future generations) sleep for 1-3 turns before waking up, and the timer does not reset when switching out.
- Paralysis reduces Speed by 75%.
- Confusion's self-hit chance is 1/2.
- Starting in this generation, Protect only has a 1/3 chance of succeeding when used consecutively. See "The Protect Counter" below.

Black and White (Generation 5)
- Steel and Dark resist Ghost.
- Team Preview was introduced in BW.
- Most Pokemon now have hidden abilities - simply an extra ability. Some of these abilities introduce move illegalities, particularly with transfer moves; use the PS validator to confirm your sets are legal!
- Gems are single-use items that boost the power of an attack of the corresponding type by 1.5x. They are only consumed when the attack connects, and they are a key part of BW.
- Mental Herb now cures the holder of Attract, Disable, Encore, Heal Block, Taunt, or Torment.
- A Pokemon holding Mail is immune to the moves Trick and Switcheroo. This is true in older generations as well.
- Drizzle and Drought are available on non-Uber Pokemon for the first time. All weather abilities summon that weather until it is removed, either by another weather ability or a weather move.
- Electric types can be paralyzed and Grass types are not immune to powder moves.
- Fake Out now has a priority of 3 and Extreme Speed has a priority of 2, both increased from their priority of 1 in DPP.
- Follow Me and Rage Powder have a priority of 3. This means that Fake Out and these moves have the same priority.
- Selfdestruct and Explosion no longer cut the targets' Defense stats before dealing damage.
- Tailwind now increases speed for four turns.
- Quick Guard and Wide Guard are introduced, and can fail when used in succession.
- Protect has a 1/2 chance of success when used in succession. For more information on this, Wide Guard, and Quick Guard, see "The Protect Counter" below.
- Knock Off has 20 BP.
- Feint now has a base power of 30 but always succeeds.
- Sleeping Pokemon in this generation sleep for 1-3 turns before waking up. This timer resets when switching out.
- Hidden Power has variable base power ranging from 30 to 70, based on IVs. A select few Pokemon can intentionally reduce their IVs to get a Hidden Power boosted by the Technician ability.
- Ties are no longer possible.

Diamond and Pearl (Generation 4)
- Steel and Dark resist Ghost.
- All moves are now individually classified as physical, special, or status.
- Team Preview is not present.
- Almost all damaging priority moves have a priority of +1.
- Feint has a priority of +2. It has a base power of 50, but only succeeds if the target uses Protect or Detect.
- Selfdestruct and Explosion cut the targets' Defense stats in half before dealing damage.
- Starting in this generation, fainted Pokemon are only replaced at end of turn.
- Sleeping Pokemon in this generation sleep for 2-4 turns before waking up.
- Choice Specs, Choice Scarf, Life Orb, and type resist berries were introduced in this generation.
- Damp Rock, Heat Rock, Icy Rock, and Smooth Rock were introduced, and increase the duration of weather conditions to eight turns when summoned with a move.
- Mental Herb only cures the holder of infatuation.
- Sandstorm now boosts the Special Defense of Rock types by 50%.
- Trick Room was introduced.
- Tailwind was introduced, and increases speed for three turns.
- Taunt lasts for 3-5 turns, unlike the set 3 turns in later generations.
- Pokemon with the Magic Guard ability cannot be paralyzed.
- A Pokemon holding Life Orb does not take recoil if its attack hits a Substitute.
- Damage of spread moves is evaluated one Pokemon at a time; if all other targets of a spread move are fainted, the final target takes full damage from the attack (e.g. if Rock Slide KOs the right slot, the left slot has no spread move penalty)
- If all remaining Pokemon faint at once, the game ends in a tie.

Ruby and Sapphire (Generation 3)
- Steel and Dark resist Ghost.
- ADV DOU does NOT have the physical/special split introduced in generation 4.
- - Normal, Ghost, Fighting, Rock, Ground, Flying, Bug, Poison, and Steel moves are physical, and use the user's Attack stat.
- - Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice, Psychic, Dark, and Dragon moves are special, and use the user's Special Attack stat.
- Spread moves have a harsher reduction of 0.5x, but moves that also hit your ally such as Earthquake do not have their power reduced.
- When a Pokemon faints, its replacement is sent in immediately, and in most cases the turn continues.
- Team preview is not present.
- Sandstorm does not boost the Special Defense of Rock types.
- Lightning Rod does not redirect Electric moves used by allies.
- Counter will always succeed when Hdden Power is used, and Mirror Coat will always fail.
- If all remaining Pokemon faint at once, the game ends in a tie.

Bonus section: "The Protect Counter"
- Several moves increment a counter and will fail when used in succession. They have a 1/2 chance of success when used in succession in generation 5 and earlier, and a 1/3 chance of success if used in generation 6 and onward.
- Baneful Bunker, Detect, Endure, King's Shield, Mat Block, Max Guard, Obstruct, Protect, Silk Trap, and Spiky Shield increment this counter.
- Quick Guard and Wide Guard also increment this counter, but as of generation 6, they cannot fail. Using Wide Guard after using Protect will always succeed, but using Protect after using Wide Guard will only have a 1/3 chance to succeed.

If you see that a major mechanic is incorrect or missing from this thread, please send me or another moderator a message on forums, PS, or Discord. (I am almost definitely missing a bunch, especially in DPP and ADV)
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