[Experimental] Final Fantasy V - Game Over!


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Hey guys I suggest you do a self-count for how much experience you believe you should earn this cycle as it may help with how quickly we can update (props to Daenym for this suggestion).

Deadline will be whenever I can talk to Acklow about this game.
UncleSam is the best

New mission, right? No?

Well, either way, Acklow worked hard on this game.

Anyway, regarding the exp self-counting. The biggest thing you should consider doing with it is linking to any posts you are trying to count for the pc++ missions (post X times during <timeframe>). That's a largely subjective thing, and I think it's the most likely to get screwed up in the long run.


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Upon reviewing the thread, I have decided to change my voting because it already looks like Lady Salamence is going to take 4 damage. Going to instead lynch another random in order to hopefully spare good allies. Lynch pok101

Now, if anyone is still struggling to finish words, find me on IRC or just PM me here. My letters are O, R, and Y.

And of course, time for the obligatory


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OK guys as I announced in the channel, I am voiding all "post 15 times substantially" and "worship host X" open missions because I don't want a game that revolves around postcount++.

I still need Acklow to update and he hasn't been online in two days, but I think I am starting to figure out how most things work so there is still hope we will see Cycle 1...


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Sorry guys, I'll be updating at around 1:00 AM EST. UncleSam, glad to have you onboard. I'll see you all on IRC hopefully by then. THIS GAME WILL NOT BE ABANDONED.


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Cycle 0 endeth!

You were excited, having formed your various alliances and decided on various attacking strategies....for a while at least. Then, when you called out for the blood of such souls as smashlloyd20, Lady Salamence, or capefeather (among others), nothing happened. The gods simply didn't respond. Until one day...

"I'm kinda tired. Later."

With that, the god Johann vanished before he had even begun his task of adjudicating this conflict.

"This sucks" was the general consensus, and the lot of you sat around to rot in the doldrums of #ff3 while Johann sat around and ate watermelon.

But then, when all hope was lost, a new god appeared.

Is this my birthday present? A group of squabbling, bloodthirsty mites?

Clearly, UncleSam was in the house.

"I don't really care to write a story, a poem, or even a lousy haiku for someone who manages to get offed the very first night, so I guess I will just make fun of him and let you guys do the rest."

And the butt of today's joke is...smashlloyd20!

He probably would've tried to Dance out of the way of the Dark Breath that hit him square in the face (among his other various attackers), but he idled so "meh". (Note: This was not a godkill)

Acklow said:
Dear smashlloyd20,
You are a Dancer.

“Fighters whose smooth moves confuse enemies, leaving blood on the dance floor”

Level: 1
HP: 5
Atk Power: 1
Exp: 0
Next: 7

Abilities: None

Letters: OTU

You are holding Excalibur. The holder of this item boosts his attack power by one. Weapon.

Your enemy in this game is the Bard.

You have no Unique Missions at this time.

Form an alliance that spells the word, "Zero" (1)
Form an alliance that spells the word, "Cox" (1)
Form an alliance that spells the word, "Tub" (1)
Form an alliance that spells the word, "Syrup" (1)
Form an alliance that spells the word, "Fantasy" (1)
Form an alliance that spells the word, "Three" (1)
Form an alliance that spells the word, "Poke" (1)
Form an alliance that spells the word, "It" (1)
Form an alliance that spells the word, "Uni" (1)

"Well, that was exciting!"

"I'm probably not trying to compensate for my lack of flair with excessively large font right now."

And with such words of wisdom, the god UncleSam vanishes.

He left behind a helpful piece of paper though! It read...

Oh and a reminder: You can all attempt to pick up the new Excalibur in the freebie pile. To do so, send a PM like any other action (it's in the rules). Doesn't mean you'll get it though...

And one last thing: Everyone will receive three extra experience due to not being able to do the open missions I canceled, as the level-up thresholds were designed with those in mind but I want everyone to get an equal chunk of the pie regardless of PC++ up to this point, so this is what me and Acklow decided on.

PMs being sent out now (by Acklow). It is now Turn 1. Deadline for Turn 1 is in 45ish hours, at 23:00 EST on Wednesday, July 6th. Anyone who does not send in an action may suffer a fate similar to that of the poor Dancer...


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Alright, all PMs are out. If you did not get a pm, you still received Exp. UncleSam or myself will let you know how much. (There were only a few of you who did not get a pm)

Why not Lance capefeather in the face (not anymore)? He was hit yesterday, so if everyone still wants to throw rocks at him...

Also, @smashlloyd, either someone had 2 Atk or there was some behind-the-scenes attack.

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