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Welcome to the Smeargle’s Studio!

The Smeargle’s Studio is meant as venue for all users to share their original creative work, be it digital art, traditional drawings, paintings, sculpting, written works, music, and many more. Additionally, this is the place where many illustrations for projects and content all over the website are created! If you're new to this part of Smogon and want to learn what this forum has to offer, then this thread should hopefully hold all information you need to get started. Be sure to review the forum rules before diving right in, in order to avoid any unwanted surprises. Users dropping by specifically to request art can refer to the condensed directory here.

If you have any questions, feel free to make a post right in this thread or ask one of the studio’s staff members.

List of the studio's staff members


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Art by tiki

Smeargle’s Studio Rules

The Smeargle’s Studio is generally considered one of the more casual forums on Smogon, but nonetheless, there are a few guidelines that need to be acknowledged before participating. In addition to the global rules of the Smogon forums, the Smeargle’s Studio has its very own set of rules which help keep the forum organized and ensure everyone has an equal chance of presenting their art.
Take a moment to review these rules before getting involved in the studio! That way, you avoid unnecessary drama and the moderating staff doesn't have to clean up any potential messes. Not following the rules will either result in post deletion or thread locks, with a possibility for infraction for more severe and repeated offenses.

Posting an art thread

The thread needs to include at least three artworks: Those artworks can depict the same subject as long as they're not the exact same image. In the case of written works and poems, the thread must include at least three different works or works that together exceed 1000 words. If you don't have enough to create your own thread, there are several mega threads where people can post and share their work:​
The Smeargle's Studio is for original art: Only creative works which you’ve made yourself from scratch is allowed in the main forum. Graphical art that doesn’t fit this criteria, such as non-scratched sprites and photo-collages (artwork, avatars, or banners), should instead be posted in the Smeargle's Laptop subforum. Do note that you can use your already established art thread to share such graphical art on occasion, but regular postings usually warrant their own thread in the Smeargle’s Laptop.​
Only a single active art thread is allowed: Every artist is limited to a single active art thread in the main forum, even when working on multiple projects and in different media. If you want to create a new art thread, the old one has to be locked beforehand.​
Do NOT plagiarize: Plagiarism means claiming that someone else's work is your own, and will be met with hefty infractions, so don't do it. Traced images are okay as long as you openly admit to it, and preferably with a link to the original work.​
Keep your content appropriate: Please do not make posts that are hateful or racist in nature. In addition, refrain from posting pornography or explicit, gore-intensive images. Non-explicit works that are more suggestive will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Do your best to use hide tags and warn viewers if you're not sure your image is appropriate.​

Posting in existing threads

Do not advertise: Refrain from advertising your own and other people’s art in unrelated threads, and posting images and links from external projects and sites. Images and links to your own external projects and sites are only allowed in your own art thread.​
Do not necrobump threads: While we allow the creator to necrobump their own threads with new content, we ask that everyone else avoids bumping old threads with comments. There are plenty of users who would be happy if that artist was active again, so if they see the thread bumped, they can get their hopes up for nothing. If an art thread hasn't gotten any activity in a month, consider it a gray area. An exception to this are starred threads that aren't locked, which can be bumped by any user willing to add new content and thoughts.​
Don’t double post: Once again, exceptions are made for the creator of an art thread and starred threads when adding new content (within reason), but for all other cases the edit function should suffice.​


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Art by Bummer

Smeargle’s Studio Directory

The Smeargle’s Studio can be a big place at times, and certainly brings along a rich history of threads, projects and resources. So hopefully, this directory will be able to provide a comprehensive overview on what the current forum has to offer, and pinpoint all artists in the right direction.

The Smeargle’s Studio Hub
The Smeargle's Studio Hub was set up with the aim to conserve notable artwork and events from the past and feature the hardworking artists who contributed to the site. Additionally, many specific resources for the forum and community have found a permanent home in the hub. If you have ever wanted to know more about the history and inner workings of the Smeargle’s Studio, or just enjoy casually scrolling through artwork and contributions, this is the place for you!

As the forum activities carry on and new artists enter our community, the hub is ever changing and in need of regular updates. If you’re interested in helping out or have any concrete suggestions, we’d be happy to hear from you in our thread for Improving the Studio's Hub.

Chat Channels
Our official chat channels on Discord (#smeargle) and the Pokemon Showdown (Art room) are some of the best platforms to get involved with the community and receive feedback from other artists in real time. Art and Pokemon are of course popular topics, but you will find that the discussions can cover really anything beyond that scope.

General Info and Resources
If you have further questions on how to use this forum or if you are looking for technical advice for your art, these threads might be worth checking out.

How to contribute to the forum – It can be hard to find a place to start contributing in a big forum. This threads will cover the basic venues, demands and finally rewards for those willing to lend us a hand.​
Where to request art – If you’re looking for custom art around the Smeargle’s Studio, this thread will guide you in the right direction.​
Professor Smeargle – How does that artist choose her colors? How does that guy get his lines so smooth? Professor Smeargle is a collection of tutorials by Smogon's leading artists, who have graciously decided to share their techniques. Feel free to add your own tips and tricks.​
Showcase your work!
You want to get feedback without having to setup an entire art thread, or want to draw more general attention to a certain piece of art? No problem, since anyone can use the following threads to showcase their work!

Writing Thread – The Studio's writing thread is suitable for all forms of fiction, nonfiction, prose, and poetry. Share your written works and give feedback to others!​
Music Thread – If music or other audial art is more of your thing, feel free to post your creations here for others to enjoy!​
Collaboration Thread – Collaborations between two or more artists are always something special and fun, and is a thread to present the results of such endeavors. You can also submit the first half of an artwork and wait it to be completed by another artist.​
Fakemon Central – Everyone loves Fakemon, so of course we have a special thread dedicated to showcasing all the creative designs. Artwork is required, but feel free to also share additional flavor details about the design, such as stats, lore and inspiration.​

Wanna get involved with the community? These threads are popular venues in which you can interact with other artists in a fun way. Extensive art skills not required!

Battle, Free For All! – Draw a Pokemon of your choice defeating the former entry in any manner you see fit. No artistic talent or superb wit required, just have fun and be creative!​
Picture Telephone Megathread – In this game, a set of artists will attempt to pass some starting information along through a series of images and descriptions to their best capacity, despite limited time and words. Most of the process takes place through forum PMs with a host. If you plan to host a new round, be sure to read up on previous hostings in the thread to get a grasp of the process.​

Contribute Art!
Ever wanted to try your hand at contributing art? You can find out what's currently needed on Smogon here, though the latter two threads are reserved for Approved Artists only. For further info, check out this thread.

The Workshop – A thread dedicated to creating images and banners for various discussion threads across the Smogon forums or similar locations.​
Art for Social Media – The social media team from Smogon regularly features custom artworks to spice up certain events such as their traditional Facebook Giveaways.​
Art for Articles – There are a multitude of articles that are already on-site, but plenty of them sure could use some improvement by having an illustration to go alongside them!​
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So the resource threads for the studio have been under reconstruction for a while, and not all of the original information have been compiled yet. We're working towards a thread that provides a standardized overview of how contributions and rewards work in Smeargle's, including guides, badge standards and approved artists. For the time being, the latter part will be accessible here, since we regularly get approached about the approved artists list and it's good to have a visible place to keep track of them until the final thread is ready.

Art by Bummer

Info about Approved Artists

As of this year, I've introduced something relatively new to the artist community: to be an approved artist. This does not refer to artists that are already badged, but instead artists that have shown that they understand the basics and are well prepared to make adequate illustrations and images for various purposes around the site. This has technically already been around for some time, as the people we approved to illustrate for The Smog first needed to go through a quality check before they could enter the hidden workshop forum. But seeing how Smogon now has several outlets to distribute articles and information, it's a given that the images that goes along with them must be of good shape in order to make a good impression. Granted, we don't expect professional masterpieces here. As long as you can make decent images that well illustrates the point you were trying to make without containing too many distracting flaws, we're good for the most part.

If you're interested to contribute with your art to Smogon and would you like to see if your art is of good enough quality to warrant becoming approved, make a new thread in this subforum titled with your username, and LifeisDANK and tiki will have a look at your application and offer any advice if necessary. But if you have an art thread of your own and it's clear that your art is of good quality, they can choose to approve you directly!

Being an approved artist is a position, and not a commitment. If you want to contribute art to some of our more demanding areas of the site, you're now free to do so, but as we're all doing this for free, we simply cannot expect anyone to do this against their will. But we appreciate any help we can get, as we're pretty much always running short on artists.

New contribution outlets for Approved Artists

Smogon's Flying Press - This is a community project that's spanning several years (initially known as The Smog), where users from this very forum join together to write, check, code, and illustrate articles of various subjects. The artists obviously help out with the latter, so if you're interested, just contact LifeisDANK, Quite Quiet or The Dutch Plumberjack, and they'll be glad to set things up for you. Once you have access to the hidden workshop area, this thread will be of great importance for you in order to see what articles are in need of art.​
Art for Articles - This thread is the Studio's portal to the magical world of Contributions and Corrections (C&C). This project is pretty self-explanatory: there are a multitude of articles that are already on-site, but plenty of them sure could use some improvement by having an illustration to go alongside them! If you want to contribute, just placehold an article in the thread, although do read the OP first to make sure you get a good idea of the project.​
Facebook - Plenty of various site updates and analyses are featured on Smogon's Facebook page, and sometimes those updates could use some art to spice things up! If you would like to volunteer for such tasks, contact vzxt or P Squared, or check out the currently open requests that's posted in this thread!​

If you're an artist that's been directed to this post to get a better idea of what being an approved artist means, then we thank you for becoming more involved with our community, and we hope that we'll see more of both you and your work around the place! If you choose to help, we'll greatly appreciate it, and we'll definitely seek for opportunities to reward you with an artist or community contributor badge whenever possible. If you have any further questions, just ask me. Have fun! :)

List of Approved Artists

If approved artists receive an art badge, they're removed from this list, as the badge itself is proof of their skill. Users who haven't visited Smogon for two years are removed as well.

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