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 Picture Telephone Megathread

Ever played broken telephone (also known as "Chinese whispers"), where a group of people whisper a phrase down the line, and the final result is often completely different from the original? Well, that's the basis of this game, except with words and drawings instead.

How it works is the host will PM a phrase to the first player, who'll draw a picture based on it and send the drawing back to the host. The host will then PM the picture to the next player, who'll describe it, etc. The round ends when all of the players have had a turn to either describe or draw, after which the host will post the results in this thread.

Example of picture telephone:

If you'd like to participate in this round, sign up by posting in this thread and reading the rules below.

  • Your turn will be skipped if the host doesn't receive a response from you within 24 hours.
  • Descriptions should be no longer than one sentence or 20 words.
  • Images should be no larger than 600 by 600 pixels.
  • As a rule of thumb, try not to spend more than five minutes on a drawing.
  • Please use an image-hosting site such as Imgur to upload drawings (not forum attachments).
  • Keep it PG-13.
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Here are the results of Round 1!

I wrote:
Draw a well-known Smogon user getting in trouble.

Layell drew:

P Squared's wrote:
"A baby, a guy with stubble, and a kid are spooked by a flaming garbage can."

Reigaheres drew:

Integer Mova wrote:
"A family of townspeople are running from the blazing podium."

Bummer drew:

FellFromtheSky wrote:
"A burning opera house with its dignified patrons attempting to make a less than dignified escape."

Cretacerus drew:

The Dutch Plumberjack wrote:
"I'm seeing a bunch of people running from an opera house."

Jackii drew:

Most wrote:
"Monster with big teeth scaring away frightened villagers."

Tikitik drew:

Last but not least, Ssensenh concluded the round with this paragraph:
"rioting friends with pitchforks at a party scream for mercy as they flee from the animated pinch-pot monster towering over them, its gaping jaw lined with sharp teeth as big as the size of the friends' heads and its body wrapped snugly within a hot dog bread. a friend of the imminent pinch-pot monster looms in the distance."

And I just had to end the round there since Nico's description was perfect and I'll be busy for the rest of this week preparing for Toronto VGC 2017 (I love how the only thing that stayed consistent about this round was the freaked out people).


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I love how TDP got the gist of the picture perfectly ... and then proceeded to leave out the single most important detail in his description, which in turn led the chain in a direction noone could have forseen. :'D

Absolutely amazing, how quickly we went from a simple burning barrel to a full-fledged maneating monster with teeth bigger than a human's head.
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I just wanted to say that it's nice to see that all of you guys and girls are getting along so well and that you welcome opportunities to interact and collaborate with each other every now and then.
In my honest opinion I think that events like the "Picture Telephone" and the "Smeargle Studio's Annual Secret Santa" are considerably beneficial to the Smeargle Studio in the sense where they stimulate the beating heart of Smogon's artist community.

In other words, keep up the great work everybody!
I can't wait to see the results of the upcoming rounds!

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